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The word & worship


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Published in: Spiritual
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The word & worship

  1. 1. &WORSHIPFrancis E. Madojemu with notes from Rick Warren
  2. 2. God is back• John 4:20-26 KJV• (20) Our fathersworshipped in thismountain; and ye say,that in Jerusalem isthe place where menought to worship.(21) Jesus saithunto her, Woman,believe me, the hourcometh, when ye shallneither in thismountain, nor yet atJerusalem, worshipthe Father. (22) Yeworship ye know notwhat: we know what weworship: forsalvation is of theJews.
  3. 3. God is back• John 4:20-26 KJV• (23) But the hourcometh, and now is,when the trueworshippers shallworship the Fatherin spirit and intruth: for theFather seeketh suchto worship him. (24)God is a Spirit: andthey that worshiphim must worship himin spirit and intruth.
  4. 4. But the hour cometh,and now is,• We fail to see theimpact of our faithin this land becauseof our understandingof worship beinglimited to singingand church until thisparadigm shift wewill not see changes• Proverbs 9:10 KJV(10) The fear of theLORD is the beginningof wisdom: and theknowledge of the holyis understanding.
  5. 5. Missing PartsThe fear of the Lordis the integral partof wisdom & when wedont fear him weare not wiseIsaiah until chapter6 speaks woe untilthe revelation oftrue worship & inthis context hehears the God headsay who will go forus etc
  6. 6. Isaiah 6:1-9 KJV(1) In the year thatking Uzziah died I sawalso the Lord sittingupon a throne, high andlifted up, and histrain filled thetemple. (2) Above itstood the seraphims:each one had six wings;with twain he coveredhis face, and withtwain he covered hisfeet, and with twain hedid fly. (3) And onecried unto another, andsaid, Holy, holy,holy, is the LORD ofhosts: the whole earthis full of his glory.
  7. 7. Isaiah 6:1-9 KJV5) Then said I, Woeis me! for I am undone;because I am a man ofunclean lips, and Idwell in the midst ofa people of uncleanlips: for mine eyeshave seen the King,the LORD of hosts. (6)Then flew one of theseraphims unto me,having a live coal inhis hand, which he hadtaken with the tongsfrom off the altar:
  8. 8. Isaiah 6:1-9 KJV• (7) And he laid itupon my mouth, andsaid, Lo, this hathtouched thy lips; andthine iniquity istaken away, and thysin purged. (8) AlsoI heard the voice ofthe Lord, saying, Whomshall I send, and whowill go for us? Thensaid I, Here am I;send me.(9) And hesaid, Go, and tellthis people, Hear yeindeed, but understandnot; and see yeindeed, but perceivenot.
  9. 9. Revival• This brings revival orthis is revival wheneach person experiencea personal revelationof God.The revival we areexpecting is notcoming in the oldformat of crusades itstarts internallyRomans 12 present yourbodies a livingsacrifice holy andacceptable to Godwhich is spiritualworship.
  10. 10. Body & Worship• Romans 12:1 KJV• (1) I beseech youtherefore, brethren, bythe mercies of God,that ye present yourbodies a livingsacrifice, holy,acceptable unto God,which is yourreasonable service.• Romans 12:1 (ESV)• I appeal to youtherefore, brothers, bythe mercies of God, topresent your bodies asa living sacrifice,holy and acceptable toGod, which is yourspiritual worship.
  11. 11. LifeIf you think aboutit well worshipencompasseseverything we do• Look at fastingthat is the fastGod has chosen inIsaiah itsdifferent fromtodays fast inchurchYet men like Ghandiused it as a weaponto fight & win forthe people of India
  12. 12. Isaiah 58:5-8 KJV• (5) Is it such a fastthat I have chosen? aday for a man toafflict his soul? isit to bow down his headas a bulrush, and tospread sackcloth andashes under him? wiltthou call this a fast,and an acceptable dayto the LORD?• (6) Is not this thefast that I havechosen? to loose thebands of wickedness, toundo the heavy burdens,and to let theoppressed go free, andthat ye break everyyoke?
  13. 13. Isaiah 58:5-8 KJV• (7) Is it not to dealthy bread to thehungry, and that thoubring the poor thatare cast out to thyhouse? when thou seestthe naked, that thoucover him; and thatthou hide not thyselffrom thine own flesh?• (8) Then shall thylight break forth asthe morning, and thinehealth shall springforth speedily: andthy righteousnessshall go before thee;the glory of the LORDshall be thy rereward.
  14. 14. What do we use oursfor?• Evangelism is alifestyle of worship weare to be witnesses orevidence not TO witnessthis is separate frompresenting the goodnews or the Gospel• Acts 1:8 KJV• (8) But ye shallreceive power, afterthat the Holy Ghost iscome upon you: and yeshall be witnesses untome both in Jerusalem,and in all Judaea, andin Samaria, and untothe uttermost part ofthe earth.
  15. 15. Evangelism• There are threeapproaches toevangelism that C.Peter Wagner, ofFuller TheologicalSeminary, has called1. PresenceEvangelism (I-P),2.ProclamationEvangelism (2-P), and3. PersuasionEvangelism (3-P).• Presence Evangelismseems to stem fromthe biblical wordwitness or testimony.
  16. 16. Evangelism• The presence of theChristian is anevangelizing factor,much like thepresence of salt isa preserving factor.• The Christian doesevangelism by livingthe gospel beforethe lost, whichinvolves being apositive testimony.• On the missionfield, presenceevangelism may occurthrough medical oragricultural work.
  17. 17. Evangelism• In some Muslimcountries wheremissionaries are notallowed to enter,Christianbusinessmen insecular employmentbecome evangelistsfor Christ by theirpresence.• When a personpossesses theattitudes andcharacter of JesusChrist, he or shecan witness thegospel by living anideal life.
  18. 18. EvangelismPresence evangelism isreflected in what isusually called charityor social action. itis "giving a cup ofcold water" in thename of Christ.When the Christian isinfluencing others orstanding for justice,it is presenceevangelism, whether ornot the unsavedrealize the evangelistis a Christian.
  19. 19. Evangelism• ProclamationEvangelism is makingthe good news ofJesus Christ knownso that the lostwill hear it andunderstand it.• PersuasionEvangelism is notonly proclaiming thegospel, but it alsoinvolves persuadingor motivating theunsaved to respond.
  20. 20. The Word &Worship• These two areinseparable!• In life as we haveall discovered fromexperience there areno rigid steps orformulas that onecan give formarriage,relationships,business andespecially worshipin a church settingas the key lies inthe complexity ofthe relationship andthe hearts of thoseinvolved.
  21. 21. Definitions• In order to beon the same pagewe must firstdefine what theword WORSHIPmeans in thisparticularcontext.
  22. 22. Terminology• For many of us, theword ‘dough’ meanscash. ‘I don’t haveany dough’ means ‘Idon’t have any cash’.• But the truedictionary meaning ofdough is actuallyflour.• And so many times weuse terminologiesthat mean one thingin one context, andanother thing inanother context.
  23. 23. Terminology• If you go to abakery to say, ‘Idon’t have anydough’, they willthink you don’t haveany flour that hasbeen mixed.• Is the word ‘dough’wrong to be used formoney? No!• Is it wrong to beused for flour? No!• Both words arecorrect but theircontexts differ.
  24. 24. Common Definitionsof Worship• Many times whenyou and I begin totalk about praiseand worship, ourdefinition ofpraise talks aboutthe exuberant partof our music, andworship seems totalk about thesolemn part of oursinging.• This is what mostof us are taughtto think.
  25. 25. Common Definitionsof WorshipFor that particularcontext we candefine praise andworship, and itsokay.• In musicparticularly inchurch services youwill have praise andworship presented assuch.But we must rememberthat the Bible talksmore about worshipthan we talk about.
  26. 26. Common Definitionsof Worship• In the Bible, worshipis more than singingslow songs. Even whatwe call “praise” ispart of biblicalworship.• And we are going intoan exploration ofwhat it means topraise and worshipthe Lord.• And to start, I’lldefine three thingsvery quickly –thanksgiving, praise,and worship.
  27. 27. Common Definitionsof Worship• Thanksgiving isgiving thanks to Godfor what He has done.• Praise is praisingGod for who He is.• But there is oneaspect of relationshipwith God that isstrange, and that isworship.• We all know how topraise men, because wehave done it before.• We know how to saythank you to men likeyou and I.
  28. 28. Common Definitionsof Worship• But worship issomething that onlyGod deserves becauseHe is Holy.• Worship is somethingthat is attributedto God alone.• We know good men, weknow faithful men,and we know men thatcare.• But one thing wehave neverdiscovered is a manthat is holy,
  29. 29. Common Definitions of Worship• To relate with God on thearea of worship isdifficult for us becausewe realize that this isone attribute of God thatwe rarely find theequivalent in man.• So we find out thatworship has no humanequivalent because it isto God alone that worshipis due.• Worship is a very strangeand mysterious thing,
  30. 30. Common Misconceptions• Depending on yourreligious background,you may need to expandyour understanding ofpraying, and listeningto a sermon.• Or you may think ofceremonies, candles,and communion. Or youmay think of healing,miracles, and ecstaticexperiences.• Worship can includethese elements, butworship is far morethan theseexpressions.Worship is a lifestyle.
  31. 31. Worship is aLifestyle.• Worship is alifestyle.• Worship is farmore than music.• For many people,worship is just asynonym for music.• They say, “At ourchurch, we haveworship first, andthen the teaching”• This is a bigmisunderstanding.
  32. 32. Common Misconceptions• Every part of achurch service isan act of worship:praying, scripturereading, singing,confession,silence, beingstill, listeningto a sermon,taking notes,giving anoffering, baptism,communion, signinga commitment card,and even greetingother worshipers.
  33. 33. Worship predatesMusic.• Actually, worshippredates music.• Adam worshiped inthe Garden of Eden,but music isn’tmentioned untilGenesis 4:21 withthe birth of Jubal.If worship were justmusic then all whoare nonmusical couldnever worship.• Worship is far morethan music
  34. 34. Worship predatesMusic.• Even worse,“worship” is oftenis often misusedto refer to aparticular styleof music:• “First we sanghymn, then apraise and worshipsong.” or, “I likethe fast praisesongs but enjoythe slow worshipsongs the most.”
  35. 35. Worship PredatesMusic.• In this usage, if asong is fast orloud or uses brassinstruments, it’sconsidered‘praise.’• But if it is slowand quiet andintimate, maybeaccompanied byguitar, that’sworship.• This is a commonmisuse of the term“worship.”
  36. 36. Worship predatesMusic.Worship has nothingto do with the styleor volume or speedof a song.God loves all kindsof music because heinvented it all –fast and slow, loudand soft, old andnew.• You probably don’tlike it all, but Goddoes! If it isoffered to God inspirit and truth, itis an act ofworship.
  37. 37. Worship predatesMusic.• Christians oftendisagree overstyle of musicused in worship,passionatelydefending theirpreferred.• There are nomusical notes inthe bible;• we don’t even havethe instrumentthey use in thebible times.
  38. 38. Worship predatesMusic.• Frankly, themusic style youlike best saysmore about you –your backgroundand personality– than it doesabout God.• One ethnicgroup’s musiccan sound likenoise toanother. But Godlikes varietyand enjoys itall.
  39. 39. No “Christian” music;only Christian lyrics• There is no suchthing as “Christian”music; there are onlyChristian lyrics.It is the words thatmake a song sacrednot the tune.• There are nospiritual tunes.• If I played a songfor you without thewords, you would haveno way of knowing ifit were a “Christian”song.
  40. 40. No “Christian” music;only Christian lyrics• Worship is not foryour benefit.• As pastor I receivenotes that say, “Iloved the worshiptoday, I got a lot outof it.”• This is anothermisconception aboutworship.• It isn’t for ourbenefit! We worshipfor God’s benefit.• When we worship, ourgoal is to bringpleasure to God, notourselves.
  41. 41. No “Christian” music;only Christian lyrics.• If you ever said, “Ididn’t get anythingout of worship today”you worshipped forthe wrong reason.• Worship isn’t foryou, it’s for God.• Of course mostworship services alsoinclude elements offellowship,edification, andevangelism, and thereare benefits toworship, but we don’tworship to pleaseourselves.
  42. 42. Biblical Concepts• He is worthy becauseHe is holy.• That is why worshipbelongs to Him.• To worship God meansto submit to Him.• It means to bow down,to stoop down, toreverence, to makeone low, and exaltthe Saviour.• Worship is biggerthan what we think itis.• Worship is the reasonwhy we live.• Worship is our life.
  43. 43. Biblical Concepts• In Daniel 3:8-10,• The king of Babylon had this great stature thathe wanted everyone to before every time thetrumpet is blown. He didn’t expect them to justcome and sing to the stature. He wanted thatanytime the trumpet is blasted, that thechildren of the nation will bow.
  44. 44. • Three men, Shadrach, Meshach, andAbednego said, “Sorry, you may killus. We will not serve your god, norwill we worship the golden image.”Worship is an attitude.• It is a position. It is a lifestyle.
  45. 45. Singing:Worship orPraise?• Hebrews 13:15• By him thereforelet us offer thesacrifice of praiseto God continually,that is, the fruitof our lips givingthanks to his name.• (YLT) through him,then, we may offerup a sacrifice ofpraise always toGod, that is, thefruit of lips,giving thanks toHis name;
  46. 46. God Feels too!We often forget that Godhas emotions too. Hefeels things verydeeply. The bible tellsus that God grieves,gets jealous and angry,and feels compassion,pity, sorrow, andsympathy as well ashappiness, gladness, andsatisfaction.God loves, delight, getspleasure, rejoices,enjoy and even laughs!Bringing pleasure to Godis called worship.• The bible says,• “The LORD is pleasedonly with those whoworship him and trustHis love.”
  47. 47. God Feels too!• Psalm 147:11• 11 The LORD takespleasure in those whofear Him, In thosewho hope in Hismercy.• Anything that you dothat brings pleasureto GOD is an act ofworship. Like adiamond, worship ismultifaceted.• It would take volumesto cover all there isabout worship, but wewill look at theprimary aspects ofworship in thissection.
  48. 48. God Feels too!• Anthropologistshave noted thatworship is auniversal urge,hard-wired by Godinto the veryfiber of our being– an inbuilt needto connect withGod.• Worship is asnatural as eatingor breathing.
  49. 49. God Feels too!• If we fail toworship God,• We always find asubstitute, evenif it ends upbeing ourselves.• The reason Godmade us with thisdesire is that hedesiresworshipers!• Jesus said, “TheFather seeksworshipers!”
  50. 50. Life Style• That is all we livefor. Worship is ourlife – the way wedress, talk, act,speak.• It has to do with theway we relate to ourloved ones, ourfamilies, ourenemies, our friends.• That is worship. Itis more than thesongs we sing.• My prayer today isthat we will see thatworship is deeperthan we ever thoughtit is.
  51. 51. That’s what we livefor• That is why I don’thave to tell somebodynot to wear a skirtthat barely covers her.• It is who you worshipthat will tell you howyou should look.• Worship is your life.• He made you forworship. Most of usthink that when we getto heaven we are goingto be singing songs.• I don’t believe that isall we will do inheaven. I believe it isa life that issubmitted to Him.
  52. 52. That’s what we livefor• Worship is inspired.Jesus said to thewoman at the well inJohn 4:24 “God isSpirit, and those whoworship Him mustworship in spirit andtruth.”• True worship isinspired by therevelation of God toour spirit by HisSpirit and by thetruth of His Word.
  53. 53. Because He isWorthy!• In the book ofRevelation the Biblesays, “He is worthyto receive glory,honour, praise, andblessing.”• He is worthy.Do you know that TheEnglish word“worship” comes fromthe Old English word“worthship,” a wordthat denotes theworthiness of theone receiving thespecial honor ordevotion.
  54. 54. Because He isWorthy!• Worship means Heis worthy.• In other words Hedeserves it.• It is Hisentitlement.• It belongs to Himbecause He aloneis worthy, and weare to worshipHim.• Giving worth toHim is what we dowhen we worshipHim.
  55. 55. Because He isWorthy!• Hallelujah! I bowdown and worshipYou. In otherwords I submit toYou. I give Youeverything I have.• I don’t know aboutYou but one thingthat is mostexciting is thatHe is the Lamb ofGod that takethaway the sins ofthe world.
  56. 56. Because He isWorthy!Without that, none ofus would be sittinghere today.• He is the Lamb ofGod.• Worthy of ourworship.• He is the reason wehave been saved.• He is the One thatsaved us. He gave Hislife for us. Is ittoo much for Him toask us to give ourlives to Him?• He is the Lamb ofGod.
  57. 57. Service is theconsequence ofWorship• The logicalconsequence ofworship is service,• Isaiah in hisexperience of God inthe temple, couldonly responds bysaying “Here am Isend me.”• In the temptation ofour Lord Jesus inthe wilderness,Jesus links worshipto service.
  58. 58. Service is theconsequence of Worship• Matthew 4:7-11”8 Again, the devil tookHim up on an exceedinglyhigh mountain, andshowed Him all thekingdoms of the worldand their glory.9 And hesaid to Him, “All thesethings I will give Youif You will fall downand worship me.”10 ThenJesus said to him, “Awaywith you, Satan! For itis written, ‘You shallworship the LORD yourGod, and Him only youshall serve.
  59. 59. Temptation of ChristJesus’ first temptation(to turn stones tobread) was to use Hisdivine power tosatisfy His ownphysical needs.• The second (to jumpoff the Temple) was toperform a spectacularfeat so the peoplewould follow Him.• The third was to gainpossession of theworld by worshipingSatan.
  60. 60. One motive lay behindall thesetemptations: Satanwanted to destroyJesus’ mission.• Because Jesus’ deathwould destroy Satan’spower, Satan wantedJesus to pollute Hislife and ministry.• The ultimate issuebehind thesetemptations wasidolatry.• The real purpose ofSatan’s temptationwas that he might beworshiped instead ofGod
  61. 61. Our motive is to bringglory and pleasure toour creator.• In Isaiah 29:13• God complains aboutworship that is half-hearted andhypocritical.• The people wereoffering God staleprayers, insincerepraise, empty words,and man-made ritualswithout even thinkingabout the meaning.• God’s heart is nottouched by traditionin worship, but bypassion andcommitment.
  62. 62. Our motive is to bringglory and pleasure toour creator.• The bible says,• “These people comenear to me withtheir mouth andhonor me with theirlips, but theirhearts are far fromme. Their worship ofme is made of rulestaught by men.”• Worship is not apart of your life;• it is your life.• Worship is not justfor Sunday services.
  63. 63. Our motive is to bringglory and pleasure toour creator.• We are told to worshipHim continually’ and to“praise Him, fromsunrise to sunset.’• In the bible, peoplepraised God at work, athome, in battle, injail, and even in bed!• Praise should be thefirst activity when youopen your eyes in themorning and the lastactivity when you closethem at night.• David said, “I willthank the Lord at alltimes. My mouth willalways praise Him. Psalm34:1
  64. 64. Naturally Supernaturally• Did you wake up as anunbeliever to ask thedevil what you should doto glorify and worshiphim?• You just did it naturallyand its supposed to be thesame with God and worship.• Every activity can betransformed into an act ofworship when you do it forthe praise, glory, andpleasure of God. The biblesays, “so whether you eator drink or whatever youdo, do it all for theglory of God.”• 1 Corinthians 10:31• 31 Therefore, whether youeat or drink, or whateveryou do, do all to theglory of God.
  65. 65. Naturally Supernaturally• Martin Luther said,• “A dairymaid can milkcow to the glory ofGod.”• How is it possible todo everything to theGlory of God? By doingeverything as if youwere doing it forJesus, and by carryingon a continualconversation with Himwhile you do it.• The bible says,whatever you do, workat it with all yourhearts, as working forthe Lord, not formen,’
  66. 66. Naturally Supernaturally• Colossians 3:2323 And whatever you do, doit heartily, as to theLord and not to men,This is the secret to alifestyle of worship-doing everything as if youwere doing it for Jesus.The message paraphrasesays, ‘Take youreveryday, ordinary life-your sleeping, eating,going to work, andwalking, around life- andplace it before God as anoffering.”Work becomes worship whenyou dedicate it to God andperform it with anawareness of His presence.
  67. 67. NaturallySupernaturally• When I first fell inlove with my wife, Ithought of herconstantly; whileeating breakfast,driving to school,attending class,waiting in line atthe market, pumpinggas- I could notstop thinking aboutthis woman! I oftentalk to myself abouther.
  68. 68. Naturally Supernaturally• This helped me feelclose to Kay eventhough we livedseveral hundredmiles apart andattended differentcolleges.• By constantlythinking of her, Iwas abiding in herlove.• This is what realworship is allabout – falling inlove with Jesus
  69. 69. Don’t Lead Worship,Simply Worship• We need to stop being the Gods director, theCongregation follows you as you worship.• We need to let the motive for the songs wesing be God-ward not an attempt to get theCongregation excited but if our assignment isto excite a dull congregational atmosphere,then go ahead but it cannot be defined asworship.• The Key is focus
  70. 70. Don’t Lead Worship,Simply Worship• Worship issubmitting to Godswill now and foreternity it is thekey to knowing andexperiencing God.• It becomes ourdriving force forLife• Worship Him, becausein worshipping Himyou enter into thelife that He hasoriginally purposedfor you.• Worship Him and youshall never lack.
  71. 71. Don’t Lead Worship,Simply Worship• Worship Him andyou shall neverdoubt.• Worship Him andyou shall receivestrength fromabove.• Worship Him, andyou will neverhave to look toman for help.• Worship Him for Healone is worthy
  72. 72. Application• With ourunderstanding ofWorship we need torealize that toraise ourcongregationalworship wouldrequire acombination ofthings which whenimplemented wouldreflect in thepraise of God andthe lives andservice of ourcongregation.
  73. 73. Application• Definitions• God is the focus ofworship.• Worship is as alifestyle; Songs andsinging are anexpression of worshipnot all of worship.• Atmosphere for worshipis crucial and it beginsin us• It influences allaspects of our lives• Worship is inspired bythe Spirit and by truth.• Service is a product ofworship not vice versa• Don’t lead worship justworship