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The bridge network vision


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the vision of the church I have the priviledge to pastor

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The bridge network vision

  1. 1. What is the purpose of the Church? Matthew 22: 37 – 40 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with all your mind… Love your neighbour as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.
  2. 2. What is the purpose of the Church?  Matthew 28: 19-20 Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.
  3. 3. The Purpose ofThe Church A Great Commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church.
  4. 4. 5 Purposes of the Church  Magnifying God (worship)  Ministry to people (friendship)  Mission to the community and the world (ambassadorship)  Membership in the church (fellowship)  Maturity (discipleship)  Which of these is our greatest strength and which our greatest weakness? How can we become stronger in all five?
  5. 5. “Five Dimensions of Church Growth”  Growing warmer through fellowship  Growing deeper through discipleship  Growing stronger through worship.  Growing broader through ministry.  Growing larger through evangelism.
  6. 6. Purpose # 1: Worship/Magnify  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind.  This bible verse describes what worship is. When we express our love to God, we are worshipping.  The Bible says,“Worship the Lord your God and serve him only”.This implies that worship comes before service.  Worship should be voluntary not compelled or forced. It should be a lifestyle.  Romans 12:1-2
  7. 7. Purpose # 2: Friendship/Ministry Love your neighbour as yourself. This purpose can be described by the word ministry. The church exists to minister by demonstrating God’s love to others, by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus. The needs met could be spiritual, emotional, relational and physical.
  8. 8. Purpose # 2: Friendship/Ministry Unfortunately, very little actual ministry takes place in many churches. Much of the time is taken up by meetings and faithfulness is defined in terms of attendance rather than service. Members just sit, soak and sour the church is not the office or the organisation but the people
  9. 9. Purpose #3: Ambassadorship/Mission  Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.  This purpose is called evangelism.The church is called to communicate God’s Word.  The word “go” in the scripture should read “as you are going”.  This particular purpose – evangelism is more than our responsibility, it is our great privilege
  10. 10. Purpose #3: Ambassadorship/Mission I am sure that If you knew the cure for cancer, you’d do everything you could toget the news out as it would save millions of lives. However, you already know something better.You’ve been given the gospel of eternal life to share, which is the greatest news of all. Share it, if not by word by your lifestyle.
  11. 11. Purpose # 4: Fellowship/Membership  Baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Why is baptism so important to warrant inclusion in Christ’s Great Commission?  Probably because it symbolizes one of the purposes of the church – fellowship – identification with the body of Christ.  We are to belong to Christ’s family and be members of his body.
  12. 12. Purpose # 4: Fellowship/Membership  Baptism is not a symbol of salvation, it is a symbol of fellowship.  It symbolizes our new life in Christ and it visualizes a person’s incorporation into the body of Christ.  It says to the world,“This person is now one of us!”  When new believers are baptized, we welcome them into the fellowship of the family of God.
  13. 13. Purpose # 5: Discipleship/Maturity  Go and make disciples... teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  The church exists to educate God’s people.  Discipleship is the process of helping people become more like Christ in their thoughts, feelings and actions.  This is to help them become a mature person in Christ.
  14. 14. The Ministry of JESUS  Examining the ministry of Jesus, it is apparent all five of these elements are included in his work. (See John 17).  The apostle Paul fulfilled these purposes in his ministry and explained them in Ephesians 4: 1- 16.  The clearest example of all five purposes is in Acts 2:1-47.  They taught each other, they fellowshipped together, they worshipped, they ministered and they evangelized.
  15. 15. The Ministry of JESUS  Today, the purpose is still the same: the church exists to edify, encourage, exalt, equip and evangelize  The church is called not only to reach but to teach people, discipling them in order to bring them to spiritual maturity. encourage, exalt, equip and evangelize.  Each church will differ in how these tasks are accomplished but there should be no disagreement about what we are called to do.
  16. 16. The Kingdom Driven Church  1.The church fulfills its mandate when it changes society, not when it is confined to its sanctuary and Sunday school classrooms.  2.This isolation of the church from the world has led to ineffectiveness and failure to carry out the Great Commission.  3.The Great Commission mandate is to go out and disciple nations.
  17. 17. What are the qualities of a good church member? Answer from 2,000 leaders 1. Faithfull in attendance 2. Tithes and Gives to the church 3. Loves the Pastor & leaders 4. Quick to obey instructions  While these are admirable qualities they are not the qualities God is looking for in His saints
  18. 18. What are the qualities of a good church member? Matthew 22: 37 – 40 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with all your mind… Love your neighbour as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.
  19. 19. The Kingdom Driven Church  4.Ministry is what you do to bring your life and your sphere of influence under kingdom rule.  5.We are not called to huddle inside the church sanctuary but to restore the kingdom of God to the world.  6.God holds the church responsible for societies.  7.The church is to be the training ground for people who will impact the society around them
  20. 20. NEXT What are the processes we need to fulfill these purposes and what is the purpose of The Bridge Network?”. The first place that purpose can be identified is in the vision statement. What is the vision of The Bridge Network?
  21. 21. The Bridge - The Vision Becoming a bridge for the gospel, through relevance and excellence in ministry, bringing people into an intimate relationship with God through faith in Christ and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit and bringing the will of God to bear in the 7 mind molders of society namely;
  22. 22. The Bridge - The Vision 1.Government, 2. Religion, 3.Media, 4. Education, 5.Business.Technology and Science, 6.Arts, Entertainment and Sports, 7.The Family.
  23. 23. The Bridge -The Mission Creating atmospheres where people can worship God and are accepted and accommodated the way they are in a dynamic community designed to bring God’s best out of them without compromising the task at hand; Reaching our world for Christ.
  24. 24. Summary Outstanding life and service to God, Transforming our world!
  25. 25. The plan for The Bridge Network SOULS -The Church is not just there to save souls but also to develop them
  26. 26. Why? To equip souls, be a blessing to the community to influence their world in these 7 categories, which are the mind moulders of the society.
  27. 27. Government - Politics & Justice. A Society possessing or displaying tact and shrewdness.
  28. 28. Media Mass Communication, media Telecast, Radio, Newspaper & Internet. To be connected & provide access to each other; sharing a good personal understanding.
  29. 29. Education Cultivation & Strengthening of the power of the Spirit, Social & Body. Impacting & acquiring of knowledge.
  30. 30. Economy - Business, Technology & Science. Prudent Management of Resources
  31. 31. Religion - Revelation of true worship. Freedom of Speech & Worship without restriction or interference
  32. 32. Social Reformation - Arts, Entertainment & Sport. To adopt a more acceptable way of life & mode of behaviour.
  33. 33. Family - Love, Unity & Purpose. A group whose members are related in origin & characteristics
  34. 34. Family Smallest Most Important Cell of Society “There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained” Winston Churchill
  35. 35. How are we going to do that? ??Continually developing basic infrastructure to facilitate these, we have identified7 directorates. Designed to develop the people in the We need to develop infrastructures that
  36. 36. Worship Relationship with God
  37. 37. Maturity Teach & Educate; workers training department
  38. 38. Mission Reaching out
  39. 39. Ministry Developing people in their area of expertise.
  40. 40. Membership Not Just a number
  41. 41. Junior Church Getting our children early
  42. 42. Administration Structure, Spine that holds everything together
  43. 43. With Strategies, Plans & Infrastructures Some of the practical outflows of these structures are expected to produce the following:
  44. 44. Commercial, Corporate & Individual Investment
  45. 45. Housing Scheme for private ownership, for members, staff & rental services.
  46. 46. Empowerment Strategies & Micro-credit Schemes
  47. 47. Commercial and Community Development
  48. 48. Health Scheme & Insurance for members & non members
  49. 49. Nursery & Montessori School Related Agencies including Employment Agencies
  50. 50. Specialized Small Groups together making it Home by connecting through friendships across the church
  51. 51. In-house Commercial activities including Restaurant & Bookshop
  52. 52. Children’s Church
  53. 53. Vision Statement Children’s Church Making Him their Hero!
  54. 54. Vision Statement Children’s Church Sharing the truth about Jesus in simple practical ways bringing them closer to God, believing in Jesus and His Holy Spirit.
  55. 55. Vision Statement Children’s Church We do this by making it easy for children to worship God, a comfortable place to bring their friends and a sensitive, creative group they can belong to, while carrying out the work of reaching everyone around them for Christ.
  56. 56. Summary Being the best in life and in service to God Changing the world we live in.
  57. 57. Our services
  58. 58. M o n d a y Prayer focus -Government Politics & justice
  59. 59. Prayer and other unit & group meetings
  60. 60. ThankYou for coming!
  61. 61. Health and Housing Scheme  Volunteers for Cooperative  Verify the data on your HMO and NHF forms and pictures at the Coop desk after service SEE Bro. Diran
  62. 62. Prayer Unit  Partners in prayer meet immediately after morning service. You are invited
  63. 63. Roadmap with Pastor Francis Madojemu Premier FM Every Mondays @ 1.15pm Every Wed. @ 2.16pm
  64. 64. Special Word Bank Series Pulling Down the Strongholds insights developed by Dr. Mensah Otabil
  65. 65. Women’s meeting Thurs 17rd May at 5.30pm Theme:
  66. 66.  Jazz – Edge: Friday @6pm.
  67. 67. The Bridge Movies  Sat. 19th May @ 5.30pm,  Sound of Music