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ReCLAIM is a Culture Resource Platform, Management Consulting, Research and Training Company with an innovative and ground breaking understanding and approach to culture and its impact.

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ReClaim Culture Brochure

  1. 1. THE COMMUNITY T H E C O M PA N Y A Community where creative expression is valued, welcomed and shared. A Community where all members and visitors have an opportunity to participate as audience, creator, consumer or patron. A Community that makes places together and experiences creativity synonymous with its growth. A Community that brings people together to define their aspirations and to build resilient and engaged communities. A Community that embeds creativity and lifelong learning into its identity. A Community with global connections that simulate the creation of new ideas that contribute to their long term economic stability. A Community with strong cultural assets that act as focal points for innovation and invention. A Community that attracts the brightest and best using its networks and supportive entrepreneurial environment. Curabitur leo NuStreams ReCLAIM is a management consulting research and training company with an innovative and ground-breaking understanding and approach to culture and its impact. We are committed to innovating, developing, researching, consulting and creating training & teaching platforms and experiences to establish us both as thought leaders and as expert practitioners in coming to grips with how to create cultures of greater positive productivity and accountability at every level of organizations, institutions, communities and establishments as well as Governments. RECLAIM NuStreams Conference & Culture Centre, 110, Abeokuta road, Opp. Alalubosa GRA, Ibadan. 0703-RECLAIM Reclaiming Positive, Progressive Culture Culture is an uncharted goldmine for implementing change and improving performance in Organizations, Groups and Nations. Either you will manage your culture, or it will manage you.
  2. 2. R E C L A I M I N G C U LT U R E I N L E A D E R S H I P, A C C O U N TA B I L I T Y, I N N O VAT I O N & M A NA G E M E N T ReCLAIM is researching, testing and refining the implementation of result-producing principles and technologies that assist individuals, organizations, leaders and teams in achieving their key results. We continue to research, innovate and develop results-focused approaches to leadership e? ectiveness that are used around the world. Pictures from The Ghandi, Mandela & Nigeria Exhibits ReCLAIM Life Exhibitions are part of our “Tools for Leading, Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century” It is a Program designed to assist Individuals, Families, Schools, Y outh Organizations and Institutions in teaching and inspiring using creative media, art and culture. These exhibitions include a curated walkthrough, life size exhibits and exhibitions, videos, documentaries as well as guided interactive activities and presentations. School trips are a great way to bring learning to life where students can come face to face with key figures from history. TR AIN IN GS, WOR KSH OPS & SEM IN AR S : “We love to offer you the chance to develop new skills, foster collaborative learning and thought leadership around topics that help you take your initiative to the next level". The purpose of the training is to help workshop participants learn how to take greater personal accountability for achieving key organizational results in spite of difficult circumstances and challenging obstacles. PL ATFOR M S & PR OGR AMS : ReCLAIM integrates 4 key areas: 1.T echnology, 2.Business, 3.Design & Visual Arts 4.Performing Arts and creates programs & platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs and personal expression. The purpose of a platform is to get you, your product, your service, your organization, your brand, or your cause noticed If You Have Something to Say or Sell and you would Like to Expand Your Reach, Influence or Impact. We Can Help. Afterwards, we have games and activities for : PER FOR M AN C ES, FIL MS &CAFE the children including electronic games and ReCLAIM hosts programs that showcase human beings living out the legacy of democracy, justice, hope, and love during difficult situations. These would be done on a regular basis and a schedule would be available on the website and all our related social media platforms. The Cafe is where artists and audiences meet. Fuel your creativity with delicious food, live music, exhibitions and chat. It's your space... and children are welcome! full length movies for all to enjoy. The guided tours for visiting groups take place on weekdays (and by special arrangements at weekends to avoid program clashes), and groups can propose their preferable date and time. Drama and Movies that empower a generation Eat, Drink and Play, enjoy your community.