Four words with scripture


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Four words with scripture

  1. 1. That Make Life WorthwhileJim RohnFrancis Madojemu
  2. 2. • Focus• YourProfession• YourOrganization• Your LifeThis Teaching:
  3. 3. 4 Powerful Little Words• Over the years, as I’vesought out ideas, principlesand strategies tolife’s challenges, I’ve comeacross four simple wordsthat can make livingworthwhile.• Four powerful little words:• Learn, Try, Stay And Care
  4. 4. Song of Solomon2:15 KJV(15) Take us thefoxes, the littlefoxes, that spoil thevines: for our vineshave tender grapes.
  5. 5. 1: LEARN!• First, life is worthwhile if youLEARN. What you don’t knowwill hurt you.• You have to have learning toexist, let alone succeed.• Life is worthwhile if you learnfrom your own experiences—negative or positive.• We learn to do it right by firstsometimes doing it wrong. Wecall that a positive negative.
  6. 6. 1: LEARN!• We also learn from otherpeople’s experiences, bothpositive and negative. I’vealways said that it is toobad failures don’t giveseminars.• Obviously, we don’t want topay them, so they aren’tusually touringaround giving seminars.But that information wouldbe very valuable.
  7. 7. Matthew 11:28-29 KJV(28) Come unto me, all yethat labour and are heavyladen, and I will give yourest. (29) Take my yokeupon you, and learn of me;for I am meek and lowly inheart: and ye shall find restunto your souls.
  8. 8. 1: LEARN!• We would learn howsomeone who had it all,messed it up.• Learning from otherpeople’s experiences andmistakes is valuableinformation because wecan learn what not todo without the pain ofhaving tried and failedourselves.
  9. 9. Titus 2:4 KJV(4) That they mayteach the youngwomen to be sober,to love theirhusbands, to lovetheir children,
  10. 10. Paul Zane PilzerRemember when you wereyoung and adults asked,“What do you want to bewhen you grow up?”The idea was that you weregoing to “be” one thing and“be” that for the rest ofyour life.How many people do youknow who have done thesame thing since theygraduated from school?Anyone?
  11. 11. Paul Zane Pilzer• You can no longer just picka job and keep it for therest of your life. All of theseestablished patterns havebeen swept away by theadvance of technology.• And you certainly can’t sitback and expect customersto beat a path to your door.• If you want your businessto be a viable fit in themarketplace, you have tostay current with yourpersonal technology.
  12. 12. Paul Zane Pilzer• You need threedifferent types of skills.• First are your basicskills, including yourability to read, write,speak, calculate andprocess information.• If you are limited inthese core skills, nowmight be the time toimprove them.
  13. 13. Paul Zane Pilzer• Next are your functionalskills, which include anyspecialized skill sets youhave learned to date.• Today, relying onmastery of onefunctional skill isbusiness suicide—because the area inwhich your skill set liescould completelytransform or disappearin a matter of years.
  14. 14. Paul Zane Pilzer• You need multiplefunctional skill sets.• Your business successdepends largely onthe third set of skills:adaptability.• To a great degree,you can define yourcompetitive edge byhow fast and howwell you learnsomething new.
  15. 15. Paul Zane Pilzer• You have to keep upwith your customers’needs and askyourself if yourbusiness is solving aproblem.• But it’s no longersolely about findingand filling a need;• it’s about imagining aneed and creating it.
  16. 16. Focus: CANICANI! means constant andnever ending improvement.The concept of kaizen, the“Japanese way of doingbusiness,” is the basis forsuccess…in business and in life.Combined with notions as oldas “seek and ye shall find,knock and it shall be openedunto you” and, “ask and yeshall receive,” all the way up tothe present day CANI!…themessage is the same:Success is a progressiontowards a worthy goal and/orideal…or whatever! As long asthe “whatever” is quite specificand the progression isconsistent and never ending!
  17. 17. 1: LEARN!• We learn by what we see,so pay attention.• We learn by what we hear,so be a good listener.• Now, I do suggest that youshould be a selectivelistener.• Don’t just let anybodydump into your mentalfactory.
  18. 18. Mark 4:24 KJV(24) And he said untothem, Take heed whatye hear: with whatmeasure ye mete, it shallbe measured to you: andunto you that hear shallmore be given.
  19. 19. 1: LEARN!• We learn from what weread, so learn from everysource.• Learn from lectures. Learnfrom songs. Learn fromsermons. Learn fromconversations with peoplewho care.• Always keep learning.
  20. 20. 2: TRY!• Second, life isworthwhile if you TRY.• You can’t just learn.• Now you have totry something to see ifyou can do it.• Try to make adifference.• Try to makesome progress.
  21. 21. James 1:22-24 KJV(22) But be ye doers of theword, and not hearers only,deceiving your own selves. (23)For if any be a hearer of theword, and not a doer, he is likeunto a man beholding hisnatural face in a glass: (24) Forhe beholdeth himself, and goethhis way, and straightwayforgetteth what manner of manhe was.
  22. 22. 2: TRY!• Try to learn a new skill.Try to learn a new sport.• It doesn’t mean you cando everything, but thereare a lot of things youcan do if you just try.• Try your best. Give itevery effort. Why notgo all out?
  23. 23. 3: STAY!• Third, life is worthwhileif you STAY.• You have to stay fromspring until harvest.• If you have signed upfor the day or for thegame or for the project,see it through.
  24. 24. Mark 9:23 KJV(23) Jesus said untohim, If thou canstbelieve, all thingsare possible to himthat believeth.
  25. 25. 3: STAY!• Sometimes calamitycomes; then it is worthwrapping it up and that’sthe end. But just don’tend in the middle.• Maybe on the nextproject you pass, but onthis one, if you signedup, see it through.
  26. 26. Luke 9:62 KJV(62) And Jesus saidunto him, No man,having put his handto the plough, andlooking back, is fit forthe kingdom of God.
  27. 27. QuittingQuitting is the deadliest of allsuccess killers and it is ahabit. Avoid quitting at allcosts! Success, like quitting,is a habit.That’s why I love TheStrangest Secret, Think andGrow Rich, and PersonalPower II…they are all aboutsetting and achieving goals,building one day on the daybefore, one 30 day challengeupon the last…until you havecreated a habit and a lifetimeof success!
  28. 28. Proverbs 24:16 KJV(16) For a justman falleth seventimes, and riseth upagain: but thewicked shall fallinto mischief.
  29. 29. 4: CARE• And lastly, life isworthwhile if you CARE.• If you care at all, youwill get some results.• If you care enough, youcan get incredible results.• Care enough to make adifference.
  30. 30. Matthew 9:36 KJV(36) But when he sawthe multitudes, he wasmoved with compassionon them, because theyfainted, and werescattered abroad, assheep having noshepherd.
  31. 31. 4: CARE• Care enough to turnsomebody around.• Care enough to starta new enterprise.• Care enough to change itall.• Care enough to be thehighest producer.• Care enough to set somerecords.• Care enough to win.
  32. 32. Finally…Four powerful littlewords: Learn, Try,Stay And Care.What difference canyou make in yourlife today by puttingthese words towork?
  33. 33. Paul Zane Pilzer• The trick is you have to bealert to what is new andemerging— because onceeveryone else hasnoticed, it will no longerbe new and emerging.• How well do you explorethe area you don’t knowabout yet, and howregularly and rigorouslydo you explore it?• Your business success andyour greatest potentialfor growth are defined byyour technology gap.
  34. 34. Paul Zane PilzerOne way to assess whetheryour business is still viableis by putting yourself in theposition of your customers.Would you buy your ownproduct or try yourservice? Would you chooseyour business over yourcompetitors’?Can customers find yourbusiness—are yourecognized in your industryfor your expertise? Or doyou have too manycompetitors?