Museums and the Web Florence 2014: #museumsalon project


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#musemsalon project was presented during Museum and the Web conference in Florence.

This project was started by the State Historical Museum (Moscow, Russia), follow us on Twitter @1stHistorical :)

The idea of the project is to bring together museum curators and the audience and discuss one particular topic.We usually do that session during the weekend in the evening, when most people are at home and ready to spend some time following the conversation.

Join our project and share your stories with the Russian audience!

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Museums and the Web Florence 2014: #museumsalon project

  1. 1. Museums and the Web Florence 2014 #музейнаягостиная #museumsalon Anna Mikhaylova The State Historical Museum Moscow, Russia
  2. 2. 1, Red Square, Moscow @1stHistorical the State Historical Museum
  3. 3. ❖ St Basil’s Cathedral
  4. 4. The museum was founded in 1872 Russian history from Ancient times till 1917
  5. 5. Social media channels (since 2010) historyRF shm_official 1stHistorical Mediaonshm state_historical_museum
  6. 6. @1stHistorical
  7. 7. #AskACurator #AskACurator, September 18th, 2013 6 Russian museums took part
  8. 8. @1stHistorical Since September 2013 #музейнаягостиная #museumsalon #museumsalon ● To build a friendly and comfortable Twitter environment where people can discuss museum collections. ● To encourage museum curators to share their professional expertise and knowledge. ● To invite other Russian museums to collaborate and, as a result, enhance professional networking.
  9. 9. #museumsalon #музейнаягостиная How does it work? ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ One curator One topic One social media manager 1-2 hours session during the weekend
  10. 10. @1stHistorical December 29th, 2013 #музейнаягостиная the State Museum of the History of Religion, St Petersburg @Museum_Religion
  11. 11. @1stHistorical February 15th, 2014 #музейнаягостиная the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg @state_hermitage
  12. 12. #музейнаягостиная with the Hermitage
  13. 13. February 15th, 2014 #museumsalon
  14. 14. Results • The number of Twitter followers has increased dramatically; • The hash tag has become visible among our audience and other Russian museums. • Some curators realized the potential of using social media for promoting their research • Other Russian museums started doing their own projects on Twitter; • Two museums joined us for #музейнаягостиная
  15. 15. Russian Museums on Twitter
  16. 16. What did we learn? ● having a personal touch, not trying to sound too official; ● regular posting, sometimes - during the weekends (uhh….); ● for those who run museum Twitter account: deep, sincere interest in the subject.
  17. 17. What’s next? Photo by G. Sapozhnikov (c) State Historical Museum
  18. 18. Italia e Russia hanno dichiarato il 2013-2014 l’Anno del Turismo Incrociato italo-russo, con l’obiettivo di aumentare i flussi turistici nelle due direzioni. State Historical Museum Photo by G. Sapozhnikov
  19. 19. #museumsalon @1stHistorical Anna Mikhaylova @Madlena_P Photo by G. Sapozhnikov (c) State Historical Museum