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Climate Change and Mental Health in Montana


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"Climate Change and Mental Health in Montana" presented by Dr. Jennifer S. Robohm

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Climate Change and Mental Health in Montana

  1. 1. Climate Change and Mental Health in Montana Jennifer S. Robohm, PhD Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana February 29, 2019
  2. 2. Climate Change and Mental Health (1) Acute and direct impacts (2) Indirect and incremental impacts (3) Overarching psychosocial impacts (4) Psychological defenses
  3. 3. Acute and Direct Impacts
  4. 4. Incremental or Indirect Impacts
  5. 5. Overarching Psychosocial Impacts
  6. 6. Psychological Defenses
  7. 7. Mounting an Effective Response
  8. 8. Thank you! Jennifer S. Robohm, Ph.D. (406) 370-7479
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