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Climate and Health at DPHHS


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"Climate and Health at DPHHS" presented by Laura Williamson.

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Climate and Health at DPHHS

  1. 1. Climate & Health at DPHHS Laura Williamson, MPH State Epidemiologist Public Health & Safety Division, DPHHS February 27, 2019
  2. 2. Public Health Response to Weather-related Events: Wildfires Statewide Coordination • DEQ, DPHHS, Office of Public Instruction, Office of Tourism and Business Development • American Lung Association • Climate Smart Missoula • MT Coaches Association
  3. 3. Public Health Response to Weather-related Events: Wildfires Communication Goal: Montanans know how to protect themselves during poor air quality • Wildfire Smoke and Your Health • Today’s Air • Social media • Recommendations for outdoor activities for schools and childcare facilities • Communication toolkit for local health departments
  4. 4. Public Health Response to Weather-related Events: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Climate change & HABS • Warmer water temps = more toxic blue green algae • More drought = changes in water salinity = more marine algae What are HABs? • Toxic blue-green algae • Can be harmful to animals and humans • Seen in all 50 states • MT water bodies: Hebgen Lake, Canyon Ferry Lake, and others
  5. 5. Public Health Response to Weather-related Events: Harmful Algal Blooms • Public reporting of suspected HABs sightings • Guidance for water- body owners • Warnings for public water use (caution, danger, closure) Statewide Coordination • DEQ, DPHHS, Fish Wildlife and Park • Local Health Departments • Water-body owners
  6. 6. Public Health Data Montana Hospital Discharge Data System • Inpatient hospitalizations • Emergency Department visits Syndromic Surveillance System • Emergency Department chief complaints • Data transmitted to DPHHS every 24 hrs HI.pdf
  7. 7. Public Health Data: Montana Indicator Based Information System (MT-IBIS) • Data Queries • Birth • Death • Cancer registry • Hospital discharge data • BRFSS • Community Snapshot Reports • Topic Pages