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Baila Presentation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Baila Presentation

  1. 1. Probablythe best party games ever!
  2. 2. What BAILA fans say?
  3. 3. Successstory Facebook main platform to: advertise raise awareness introduce new games get new fansSynergygames advertise one another: Businessalready existing games games are sold:new upcoming smartphone games in web storesnew upcoming physical games in retail stores to distributorsp2pstatistics show that:main popularity is gained by word of mouth marketingbaila games are also chosen as special occasion presents
  4. 4. Facts about BAILA First release - december 13, 2008 Facebook page (Estonia) 8930+ fans and growing Active age group (Facebook insights) 18-35 (69,9%) “Green” BAILA (our most popular game) is translated into more than 10 languages BAILA games are sold more than Monopoly, Alias, Risk, Uno in Estonia (crossings from major game sellers - Apollo and Rahva Raamat) “Green” BAILA 2010 best selling game (*Apollo) 2011 Ranked on 2nd place (*Apollo) BAILA is sold in 70 shops (in 22 bigger towns in Estonia) and in 10 web shops
  5. 5. www.bailagames.comFacebook/BailaGames Or contact us