Issue 1, September 19, 2012Persona GLOBAL® NEWSLETTER                                                            Persona G...
Issue 1, September 19, 2012    Persona Gloabl® newsletter    Since 1980, Persona GLOBAL® has been both a direct management...
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Persona Global’s September newsletter


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Persona Global’s September newsletter

  1. 1. Issue 1, September 19, 2012Persona GLOBAL® NEWSLETTER Persona Gloabl® newsletter September, 2012 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW, of organizations that do not yet offer any such PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS VOLUME 1 LANDSCAPE & COMPETITION training represents our growth opportunity as UPDATES well. by: Jon Gornstein In overviewing the training industry, it may be SEPTEMBER 2012 Overview – Training Industry helpful to differentiate between the corporate training industry and the personal development • Gameplan Android phone Application According to the American Society of Training is in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), and Development’s 2011 Industry Report, segment of the industry. Dutch, English, French, German, corporate training is a $171.5 billion industry, of The training industry comprises organizations Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, which 26.6%, or approximately $45.5 billion, is that sell primarily to the corporate market, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian provided by external suppliers. non-profi ts, or governmental agencies. Their and is in Google Play Store. Please Training Industry Market Spending products or services are typically classroom download it. If you are interested courses or online courses intended to train in translating app, please contact -- Outsourced Spend -- Insourced Spend -- Total an entire employee population. The buyer Spend Source:, 12.29.2009 is typically a Human Resource director, line Overview -- Professional Skills and manager, or C-level executive who buys for a Performance Training staff of 100 to 100,000 employees. The training systems, products, services, or processes are Persona GLOBAL products and services scalable. That is, they can be sold and delivered largely fall under the Professional Skills and by anyone––once the content is created. The Performance Training Industry, which is defi ned owner/principal of the training vendor may or 4Industry Overview by IBIS World as fi rms which offer short courses may not be a published author and speaker. 4Performance Solutions Updates and seminars for management and professional Examples of such training companies include: 4Highlights from the 33rd AnnualPersona GLOBAL International Conference development. Training may be provided through Achieve Global, Forum Corporation, American public courses or through employers’ training Management Association, The Center for Round Table Recap programs, and courses may be customized or Creative Leadership, DDI, Franklin Covey, The AUGUST 2012 Newly Certified Trainers modifi ed. ASTD’s 2011 State of the Industry Ken Blanchard Companies, and IBM Learning New Workshops Report reveals that the per-employee spend Solutions. Such businesses are bought and sold • User interface and report text for in 2010 increased by 13.5 percent). The 2010 Performance Leadership are now 4Interview with Madi Radulescu routinely. available in Dutch. average expenditure represents the largest consolidated direct expenditure per employee The personal growth segment of the industry comprises individuals who are known as “gurus” • Project Management 360° is now ($1228) since ASTD began collecting the data. available in German-Swiss. in their subject matter and who have developed The most recent study (2010) in the corporate a personal following. Their product or products • Cooperation & Beyond (CB) Risk/ training industry suggests that some 70% of are typically books, videos, audios, and “boot Trust and Needs Awareness all organizations still use classroom instruction camps” are almost exclusively delivered by overall matrix for each workshop is versus online delivery as their primary method them personally in big public venues, on TV, or available to download by clicking of training delivery. In 2010, technology-based online. Their primary customer is the individual Generate Reports under “Generate delivery declined overall (from 36.3 percent in or occasionally the small business owner (1- Overall Reports” column on Manage 2009 to 29.1 percent). 50 employees). They may or may not have a Workshp screen of CB program. Approximately 60 percent of all corporations “manager,” “salesperson,” or “administrative offer communication training in some format— staff” behind them to handle the administrative either writing, oral presentations, or one of the part of the business while they travel and interpersonal skills topics (such as listening, speak. Their business is not scalable. Their confl ict resolution, negotiation, or general success is personality driven. Examples of such communication). These courses appeal to a personal-growth experts include Depak Chopra, broader group of people with a wide range of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfi eld. skills. Some of this training has been developed When these expert “gurus” retire or die, their internally and is woefully inadequate to businesses cease to exist. PG produce the desired outcomes. The one-third Persona GLOBAL® l September 2012 l
  2. 2. Issue 1, September 19, 2012 Persona Gloabl® newsletter Since 1980, Persona GLOBAL® has been both a direct management consultancy as well as the hub of a network of organizational development practitioners. We provide robust, field-tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation.  NEWLY CERTIFIED TRAINERS Highlights from 33rd Annual MADI RADULESCU’S INTERVIEW WITH MADI RADULESCU EXPERIENCE Persona GLOBAL International Conference TRAINERS PRODUCTS Earlier this Summer, we had Director of Business Development, Athens, Greece, August 31st - September 3rd, 2012 the pleasure of welcoming Abimbola Adebakin CSMC Central and Eastern Europe ROUND TABLE RECAP. Recommendation Madi Radulescu and her Persona GLOBAL, Inc Antti Erävaara CSMC family to our corporate One important benefit of Customers’ Pain: June 2010– Present headquarters in Sausalito, Apiwut Pimolsaengsuriya CSMC any conference is to share California. This was the • Difficult to differentiate between the experiences and learn from first time that Madi had Managing Partner Bill Chan CSMC, IDM, BHPT variety of solutions they receive each other. At this year’s visited the United States. MMM CONSULTING INT’L International Conference, Best Practices: We spent a few minutes February 2003– Present Hisham El Bakry CSMC Janusz Kamieński, Partner at • Include proofs and data from successful talking with Madi to learn János Serényi CSMC Persona GLOBAL Poland and projects from people in their business a little more about her. CEM consultant facilitated the Managing Director Janusz Kamieński CSMC first annual Best Practice Round Table. sector. Q: What is your professional background? Cefin Real estate A: I was trained a s Petrochemical Engineer. September 2003– April 2006 Jose Luis Cascallar CSMC Here are a few examples of what participants Delivery had to say: Customers’ Pain: Q: How did you get involved in training as a profession? Kiyun Kim CSMC A: In the mid 1990s I joined the Open University as a Training and Consulting Director Earning the Right • Overshooting timelines and budget lecturer and helped to develop an MBA Program. Koen Vanbesien CSMC CODECS Customers‘ Pain: Best Practices: Q: What do you enjoy most about you career? September 1999– March 2002 Paul Stuart CSMC, IDM, BHPT • Too many unsolicited sales calls • Best project management practices A: I like generating projects and working as part of Saranpas Kingkaew IDM (deliverables, timelines, check points, a team. MADI RADULESCU’S • Difficult to differentiate among the wide Susan Gao CSMC, IDM, BHPT array of similar offers gates, dates, budget…) Q: What are your impressions of the San Francisco CERTIFICATIONS Sustaining Relationships Bay Area? Tawfiq Algargoush CSMC, BHPT Best Practices: • Thomas International certified A: We are absolutely seduced by it. We visited Customers’ Pain: consultant Thilo Eckardt OAS • Keep your message in simple, clear, Fisherman’s Warf. The crab and the ‘original actionable terms. Offer demos. Talk of • Lack of new ideas, no next-steps, no cheeseburger’ were are favorite foods to eat so far. • Certified consultant Persona GLOBAL, other customers’ experiences recommendations PC, MAP, SCA, OEA, OAS, TM, SN  NEW WORKSHOPS To learn more about Madi and her company MMM Needs Analisys Best Practices: Consulting International visit • Certified Master Trainer for Persona Global Methodologies PC, MAP, SCA Cracking the Sales Management Code Customers’ Pain: • Recommend implementation plans to customers • Certified Consultant • The gap within the company; between HR & business unit or influencing persons • Certification, Executive Coaching Chronos Best Practices: • Meet the originator (HR) to clarify Building a High Performance Team • Have a focused group discussion; facilitate the group discussion to resolve the gap Persona GLOBAL® l September 2012 l