MMM Consulting company presentation 2013


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MMM Consulting company presentation 2013

  1. 1. MMM Consulting, companypresentation
  2. 2. MMM Consulting Intl, Short company presentationMMM Consulting acts as one of the top companies in Romanian market since 2003. Wehave developed programs in Romania and other 9 markets acting consistently refiningand improving our approach and solutions. Employs 6 senior consultants and 2 backoffice personnel.MMM Consulting is partnering Persona Global Inc. USA since 2008, covering Romanianmarket and coordinating business in the CEE.MMM Consulting develops solutions for learning and development, customized programsfor managers at different levels, approximately 30% of our total business consisting inprojects addressed to top management teams, including Executive coaching (in the last 2years)We have developed general expertise for managerial skills and capabilities, soft skills,change management skills but also in assessment of the capabilities using specific toolsand techniques.Industry expertise: our projects are mainly addressed to automotive industry,pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical and energy, retail industry and other projectsaddressed to managers in IT industry.
  3. 3. Copyright © 2001, 2008, 2011. Persona GLOBAL,Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3Persona Global Methodologies and Tools availablethrough MMM Consulting••••••••••••••••••••••
  4. 4. Personal & ProfessionalDevelopmentGLOBAL’s Solution For:Copyright © 2001, 2008, 2011. Persona GLOBAL,Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4LeadershipManagementAction Profile™ProfessionalManagerTeam Work & UnityM@GICCooperation &BeyondProductivity & EmployeeDevelopmentEmotionalCapabilityProfileTalentManagementProcessMentoring &CoachingTransition toManagementTeam Building PerformanceLeadershipProfileSalesCompetencyAssessment
  5. 5. Profitability & ChangeManagementRetention, Employee Satisfaction,Advocacy, ProfitabilityProductivityGLOBAL’s Solution For:Copyright © 2001, 2008, 2011. Persona GLOBAL,Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5OrganizationalAlignmentSurveyThe PersuasiveCommunicator™The PersuasiveSalespersonBreakthroughAccount Analysis™One-to-One SellingSelling YourTechnologicalSolutionsSuccessfulNegotiatorOrganizationalEngagementAssessment™InnovativeDecisionMakingManagingPerformance
  6. 6. Short description of projectsFull list of clients onwww.mmmconsulting.roExperience in different consultingprojects in Romania and abroad(Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary,Serbia, Austria, Italy, Luxemburg,Ukraine, Moldova,FYRoMacedonia.)– 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 Cefin Romania,Cefin Holding Italia, Cefin Bulgaria,Cefin Ungaria, top management teams,4 countries– 2005 Syngenta Romania, top andmiddle management, multicultural, 3countries– 2006, E.ON Romania, top and middlemanagement team, multicultural, 2countries– 2007 Kraft Foods Romania, topmanagement, multicultural, 2countries– 2007 Romcon, top and middlemanagement– 2008, 2012, 2013 Biofarm, topmanagement team– 2008, 2010, 2011 Pirelli, top andmiddle management team– 2008, 2012 Tarom, top managementteam– 2008, Timken Romania, topmanagement team, multicultural 2countries– 2008, 2011 Wurth Romania, middlemanagement team– 2009 Farmexpert, top managementteam– 2010 Ulker Romania, top managementteam– 2010 Zentiva Romania, topmanagement team, multicultural 4countries– 2011, Smith International Romania,top management team– 2011, 2013 Calsonic Kansei Romania,multicultural team, 3 countries– 2011, 2012, 2013 Plastipak, Italia,Luxemburg (9 country managers, HRmanagers from 6 countries)– 2011, 2013 Novartis Pharma Romania,Top management team– 2012, 2013 Petrom, top managementteams Division Gas and Power, BUPower– 2013, Sanofi, Top managementmeeting, 75 managersMMM Consulting developedinternal trainers teams for over80 companies, over 800 trainersin 5 years, over 500 consultingand training days:– BCR-45, Tarom-26, Pirelli-22,Interbrands-15, Nestle-15, Bancpost-20, Romstal-38, Unicredit-18, ApaNova-16, Saint Gobain-14, Carrefour-75, RZB – 7, Metro – 11 (inclusivexpati), Deloitte – 10 (inclusiv expati).Prutul – 28, Raiffesien Bank - 16, Prutul- 46 and others.
  7. 7. Top management development programs, last 10yearsAt top management level main areas for development we have approachedare:– Ability of top managers to define and share vision to their teams, objectives alignment,translating vision into reality: conceptual approach combined with facilitation techniques:Cefin, Petrom, Calsonic– Understanding changes, challenges and how to prepare the teams they lead for changes(structural, process, mergers and acquisitions, management changes etc. – systemic changes,personal changes, impact in performance, change management roles, tools and abilities,conceptual approach, diagnosis and analysis, transfer of tools for managers, facilitation, Cefin,Sanofi, Petrom, E.ON, Syngenta, Plastipak, Timken, Tarom– Developing a trust climate, understanding peers, overcoming barriers in steering teams, topmanagement teams. Conceptual approach, profiling, facilitation, Ulker, Calsonic, Novartis,Timken, Biofarm, Zentiva, Farmexpert, Smith– Performance management, role of top managers, deploying performance managementsystems, challenges in implementation: conceptual approach, approaching customizedperformance management systems (technical training and soft skills training): Pirelli, Tarom,– Presenting professionally, creating impact, persuading for results: Pirelli, Plastipak, Cefin,
  8. 8. Tools and methodologies used for programsFacilitation techniques such as: Open space technology, World Café, StoryBoard, Post-it techniques etc.Interactive training methodologies: over 20 years of experience as a trainer,endorsed by Business Edu Romania as one of Top 5 Trainers in Romania (2010)Behavioral profiling tools (such as Social Interpersonal styles profile and manyothers – Persona Global)Questionnaires and other surveys for diagnostic and training supportVisual techniques to create room for analysis and creating big pictures, creatinglinks, associations etc.Organizational projects with support for implementation, contests, newsletters,internal communication projects through posters or other means, designingfollow-up materials, working agendas customized with conceptsExecutive coaching
  9. 9. Echipa MMM Consulting, complementaritate,expertiza, flexibilitateMadi RadulescuManaging PartnerSenior TrainerConsultant strategieExecutive CoachDiana VoicuPartner, seniorTrainerFlavia TiocSenior Trainer,Consultant HRAlexandru BucoiSenior Trainer,Consultnat strategieMirela SingerSenior Trainer,Consultnat strategieViviana AndoneTrainer,Consultant HRCatalin ChirilescuTrainer,Specialist Dezvoltare
  10. 10. Contact us…MMM Consulting InternationalOffice:Bitolia 6, Bucharest, Sector