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Target Segment Selection Framework


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Most businesses that need to select a target segment of the market will need this kind of elementary analysis in the first place. The framework also gives the highlights of each segment and the strategy that needs to be employed for winning in that segment. The framework and the strategy are given in a very concise manner. The user may apply it differently based on the particular strategic needs of the organization or the business.

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Target Segment Selection Framework

  1. 1. A Strategy & Marketing Framework
  2. 2. 0240 2 4B U S I N E S S N E E DHAVESOLUTIONSA t t a c kA t t e m p tI n n ov a t eI g n o reSize of the circle indicates the relative size of opportunity in that segment
  3. 3. A t t a c k This is a ripe market segment with few established players A first mover or fast-second can have distinct advantage here Strategy: enter fast and capture max market share possibleA t t e m p t This is a mature market with several established players Significant value addition is needed to target this segment Strategy: Same value of other players,but lower costI n n ov a t e This is an under-served market with very few players overall Typically,first-movers may be at a disadvantage here Strategy: Innovate to create new needs and radical solutionsI g n o re This is an uncertain market, which is not supposed to exist This may be an outcome of innovations done for the previoussegment, wherein,solutions were created without proper needidentification and only a small set of early adopters bought them
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