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Debugging JS - Leverage the power of Browser Dev Tools

Debug your javascript application with ease when you leverage the power of the browser dev tools.

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Debugging JS - Leverage the power of Browser Dev Tools

  2. 2. Why do people hate debugging JS
  3. 3. Debugging === Stress??  Why do people use ‘==‘ or ‘!=‘ . Lazy enough to add an extra ‘=‘ !!!  Here come dangling & circular references…welcome aboard !!  And to add to the woes…someone minified the code in development environment. #doomsday Com’on yar!!! Clean up your code!!!
  4. 4. Debugging ain’t a stress anymore!! Yo Bugs !!! Image Source
  5. 5. Leveraging JS Console ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH THE CONSOLE?
  6. 6. Oh Wait…it’s console.log() right? Yeah I am familiar with that.  Console.log / Console.debug   Console.table  Console.error / Console.exception / Console.warn  Console.count  Console.assert  Console.trace
  7. 7. Advanced Debugging Leverage the power of Browser Dev Tools
  8. 8.  Network Tab – server calls are expensive  Performance Tab – powerful profiling  Memory Tab – prevent memory leaks  Emulation – not all browse on the same phone  React Tab – great tool for debugging react applications
  9. 9. Developer Tools Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox
  10. 10. Do all browsers treat me the same? (Live Examples)  DOM Explorer  Edge has an edge over Chrome and Firefox owing to its ‘Changes’ subtab  Debugger Tab  Firefox has a ‘Font’ and ‘Animations’ subtab  Edge has a cool ‘Color picker’  Chrome lets you inspect tooltips as well  Emulation  Chrome has a variety of options compared to other two
  11. 11. Hey!! What about production? INTERESTING QUESTION !!! Image Source
  12. 12. TrackJS to your rescue  Monitor application in production environment  Fix bugs before users report them, hopefully  Simplified stack traces  Insightful graphs to monitor the health of application over time  Framework integration, ofcourse
  13. 13. And you get rolling…  Error Segregation  A timeline of events and actions leading up to an error  Trace state transitions  Get info of IP addresses to understand user behavior in a particular geography or organisation. …and much more
  14. 14. Thank You !!!