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Oracle Coherence Monitoring using EM12cR2

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  1. 1. racle-co herence-mo nito ring-using-enterprise-manager-12cr2/Oracle Coherence Monitoring using Enterprise Manager 12cR2Using EM 12CR2, coherence cluster,nodes and caches can be managed and monitored.Oracle Coherence Monitoring using Enterprise Manager 12cR2 on a high level: below steps are involved inhooking up coherence cluster to EM12CR2. Setup standalone JMX management node Update the classpath,Server Start Arguments of the coherence & WLS JVM members Add Coherence cluster to EM12CR2 Ensure “Management Pack for Coherence” is checked on EM12CR2Install the JMX Management node on the same host where OEM agent is installed.You also should install OEM agent on all the coherence nodes if EM is used to stop / start the nodes.T he f ollowing properties should be present in the script which is used to start the JMX management Node.
  2. 2. JVMD_HOST=myEMhost JVMD_PORT=3800 JVMD_POOL=mycacheclust er JAM_PARAMS="jamagent .jamrun jamconshost =$JVMD_HOST jamconsport =$JVMD_PORT jampool=$JVMD_POOL" ORACLE_HOME="/pat h/t o/oracle_common" COHERENCE_HOME="pat h/t o/coherence_inst all_folder" PLUGIN_HOME="/opt /oracle/oem/plugins/oracle.sysman.emas.agent .plugin_12. LOG_HOME="pat h/t o/log_folder" JAVA_HOME="pat h/t o/java_inst all_folder" DOMAIN_HOME="pat h/t o/WLS_Domain" MEMORY=512m JMXPROPERTIES=" .jmxremot e -Dt =all - Dt .remot e=t rue .jmxremot e.ssl=false - .jmxremot e.aut hent icat e=false .jmxremot e.port =3000" JAVA_OPTS="-Xms$MEMORY -Xmx$MEMORY $JMXPROPERTIES" CLASSPATH=$COHERENCE_HOME/lib/coherence.jar CLASSPATH=$COHERENCE_HOME/jamagent .war:$PLUGIN_HOME/coherenceEMInt g.jar:/$PLUGIN_HOME/bulkoperat ionsmbean.jar $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $CLASSPATH $JAVA_OPTS $JAM_PARAMS jamjvmid=mycacheclust er/EM_Node1 - Dt angosol.coherence.mode=prod -Dt angosol.coherence.member=EM_Node1 - Doracle.coherence.jamjvmid=mycacheclust er/EM_Node1 -Dt angosol.coherence.clust er=mycacheclust er - Dt angosol.coherence.machine=myTest - Doracle.coherence.machine=myTest - Dt angosol.coherence.override=$DOMAIN_HOME/coherence/my_cache_clust er/t angosol-coherence-override.xml - Dt angosol.coherence.dist ribut ed.localst orage=false egrat ion.coherence.EMInt egrat ionServer >> $LOG_HOME/mgmt node.log 2>&1 &(We have turned of f SSL & authentication on JMX and will cover these topics in f uture)Download jamagent.war f rom the EM server.Select Setup –> Application Perf ormance ManagementHighlight JVM Diagnostics Engine and select Conf igureJVMs and Pools –> Downloads.Select the JVMD Component as JVMD agent and click OK
  3. 3. On the below screen, Click on Download and save the jamagent.war.Copy the f ile to the JMX managementNode. On my test server, the f ile is copiedover to $COHERENCE_HOME.Start the JMX management Node bycreating a script using the above properties. We can verif y if the Management Node isstarted as below, $ ps -ef|grep EMInt egrat ionServerLogin to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR2console to add the coherence cluster as atarget.Setup –> Add Target –> Add TargetsManuallySelect option 2 f rom below and OracleCoherence Cluster Discovery f rom theTarget Types drop down menu.
  4. 4. On the next screen below, enter,Management Node Host : (This can be any server, in my case, it is same asthe AdminServer of the weblogic Domain)JMX Port : 3000 (def ault port)Select def ault options on next two screens and you will be able to see all the targets discovered successf ully.Click close to f inish.On this screen below you will see the summary of Oracle Coherence targets successf ully added in EnterpriseManager. Click Ok.We can now f ind the Oracle Coherence Cluster and associated JVM Pool as Middleware Targets. T hesetargets can be conf igured with various metrics f or real time monitoring and Cache Data Management. However,since, I have created the Coherence cluster within Weblogic domain, it would have been nicer to see thisCoherence cluster hooked up to the Weblogic domain.
  5. 5. Here is a sample Oracle Coherence cache perf ormance view.