Mobile marketing awards program 2009


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Mobile marketing awards program 2009

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Awards Program 20 09 Joshua Maa Founding Member and Board Director of MMA APAC Co-Chairman of Global Mobile Advertising Committee
  2. 2. Each year, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recognizes leaders and innovators in the mobile marketing industry and honors them at their Annual Awards Dinner & Ceremony. The winners, judged on strategy, execution, creativity and results, highlight mobile marketing industry successes from around the globe.
  3. 3. Trident Fresh Best Mobile Display Campaign You can “freeze” the screen of your iPhone! Simply blow into the microphone of the device. The screen will get a "cold end". Thereafter, the user can use their imagination to create the design you want. To delete, simply shake the unit until it returns to normal.
  4. 4. Besides the default application, you can freeze the photos stored on the device and then play with them. The application takes advantage of all the options that the iPhone offers: integration with photo album, touch screen to draw, erase and accelerometer to blow into the microphone.
  5. 5. Pizza Hut iPhone App Best Mobile Display Campaign Best Emerging Technology Campaign ORDER PIZZA ON YOUR IPHONE!
  6. 7. <ul><li>SMS Delivery + Text Response Comments </li></ul>Obama SMS Speech Excerpts Sent to Cairo and Ghana Regions Best Mobile Messaging Campaign <ul><ul><li>&quot;In addition to blogging, tweeting, and other forms of social media, people in all corners of the world can take out their cell phone and be 'heard' while these events are taking place. </li></ul></ul>150+ Countries Represented in First-of-its-Kind SMS Campaign for President Obama Speech Highlights &quot;Good evening! Thanks for an sms of Obama speech. In my opinion its good speech if he will take it into action, especial to solve the problems of the Middle-East.&quot; Tanzania Mobile Town Hall Without Borders open, two-way mobile communications from global audiences Connects Thousands Around the World during Live Obama Cairo Speech
  7. 8. 42Below: Because We Can Best Mobile Messaging Campaign <ul><li>SMS + Live Show </li></ul>
  8. 9. Carefree Best Mobile Messaging Campaign
  9. 10. UPS jobs -Problem Solved Best Cross-Media Integration Campaign Best Mobile Campaign Overall <ul><li>UPS jobs “Problem Solved” reached 4 million job seekers in one year, giving them an opportunity to see and hear what it’s like to work at UPS from actual UPSers, and the career opportunities awaiting them. It included employee videos of UPS employees, email, retention marketing, college recruitment, search engine </li></ul>Optimization, job boards, search engine marketing, social media sites, radio, cable television, text messaging, mobile marketing, and the newspaper. 30,000 responses came from mobile marketing alone.
  10. 11. <ul><li>R esult </li></ul><ul><li>- Over 345,000 interested job seekers have submitted applications since January 2009, greatly reducing online recruitment marketing media costs. </li></ul><ul><li>- In the week of August 17 – August 23, 2009, a typically slow time to attract recruits, there were still over 80,000 page views of the UPSjobs-Problem Solved videos and there is no slowdown in sight. </li></ul>
  11. 12. TIM Father's Day: Gift Express Best Cross-Media Integration Campaign Best Mobile Campaign Overall
  12. 14. Pepsi Makes Your Day Best Multi-Channel Mobile Campaign MMA Industry Award for Innovation: Creativity
  13. 16. ESPN ScoreCenter MMA Industry Award for Innovation: Reach ESPN ScoreCenter brings you - real time scores from over 500 sports leagues around the world. Stay on top of all the results you care about with one-tap access to your personalized set of scores. Never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown or wicket. - the fastest and most reliable game details like plays, key stats, leaderboards, boxscores and scoring summaries. Whether you follow the NFL or the Premier League, the ICC Champions League or MLB, NASCAR or Formula One, ScoreCenter offers the most comprehensive sports coverage available on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  14. 17. Personalized scoreboards and live game details Follow all your favorite teams across sports with the new myTeams card Stay on top of the most important events with exclusive ESPN programming on the Top Events card
  15. 18. Text ALIVE Mobile Donations MMA Industry Award for Innovation: Social Impact <ul><li>Raise Money From TEXT Message Donations </li></ul>The Text ALIVE Challenge,the first nationwide, primetime mobile giving initiative for the organization and the U.S. wireless market, call to action during Keys' May 13 appearance on &quot;American Idol&quot; raised $450,000 in $5 donations within minutes from more than 90,000 mobile donors contributing via cell phone. In total, the campaign raised $660,000 in micro-donations.
  16. 19. In a first for American Idol, and a departure from traditional fundraising methods, Keys asked &quot;American Idol&quot; viewers to use their mobile phones to give $5 by sending the text message &quot;ALIVE&quot; to 90999.Seconds after texting in, donors received a return message asking for confirmation. Mobile donors confirmed by replying &quot;YES&quot; via text message, adding a $5 donation to their next phone bill. The Text ALIVE Challenge targeted a younger demographic online, using various social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Ning, etc) to engage supporters and solicit donations, giving users the ability to donate in ten seconds without having to deal with credit cards.
  17. 20. Fanta Stealth Sound System MMA Award for Overall Excellence Fanta’s Stealth Sound System is based on a controversial technology known colloquially as Mosquito Teen Repellent, which was developed by Howard Stapleton a few years ago to deter teens from loitering outside London shops.
  18. 21. The idea was inspired by the ulta-sonic alarms used to stop teenage groups gathering - these play high-pitch sounds which only young people can hear. When you get older you can't hear these sounds as your hearing naturally gets worse. It includes wolf-whistles, warnings, pssts and sound tags for phrases like &quot;cool&quot;, &quot;uncool&quot;, and &quot;let’s get out of here&quot;.  Ogilvy turned the technology upside down. The mobile application invented, The Fanta Stealth Sound System, allows the same teenagers to communicate between themselves using frequencies adults cannot hear.
  19. 22. THANK YOU !