Madeline Schroeder Marketing Portfolio


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Madeline Schroeder Marketing Portfolio

  1. 1. Madeline Schroeder Marketing and Advertising Portfolio
  2. 2. What is in this portfolio? Who is Madeline Schroeder? What does she want to do? What experience does she have? What is Madeline passionate about? How can I get ahold of Madeline Schroeder? Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio
  3. 3. Who is Madeline Schroeder? Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio • Hard Working • Quick Learner • Dedicated • Professional • Creative • Good Sense of Humor • Snowboarder • Swimmer • Conservationist • Active DECA Competitor
  4. 4. What Does She Want to Do? Work in a cutting edge, creative, integrated marketing agency Get exposure and experience with advertising, branding, PR, creative and social marketing Use the marketing and advertising skills in real life situations to help create extraordinary outcomes for advertisements and products Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio
  5. 5. What experience does she have? Advertising Campaign – Complete Nutrition Storefront Design – LoveCulture Marketing Plan – Shoe Advertisment On site Promotion – Adrenalin Cycles Marketing Strategy – Pechakucha Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio
  6. 6. Advertising Campaign – Complete Nutrition Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio Advertising Campaign Description: • Created a multichannel ad campaign for Complete Nutrition targeted towards existing and potential clients • Leveraged social media and QR codes • Presented at DECA State Competition Goal: • Expand brand awareness and increase sales volume over a 12 month period
  7. 7. Storefront Design – LoveCulture Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio Storefront Design Description: • Created a storefront design that the company would (realistically) use for the upcoming season Goal: • Professional, realistic, and cost effective design Outcome: • Selected as one of the examples for the upcoming business marketing classes
  8. 8. Marketing Plan – Shoes Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio Marketing Plan Description: • Designed a new running shoe • Professionally advertised the shoe for a magazine page • Identified cost of expenses, and evaluate potential profit Goal: • Create a written version of the advertisement in a marketing plan
  9. 9. On Site Promotion – Adrenalin Cycles Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio On Site Promotion Description: • Organized an upcoming cyclo- cross race sponsored by Adrenalin Cycles • Created a marketing plan for Adrenalin Cycles to help organize a team of 30+ people throughout promoting, advertising and selling the race. Goal: • Promote the cyclo- cross race in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  10. 10. Marketing Strategy – Pechakucha Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio Marketing Strategy Description: • 20 slides of cue images to speak about marketing strategy for 20 seconds a slide Goal: • Create a memorable and professional lesson to be used at lower level marketing classes
  11. 11. Contact Madeline Schroeder - Marketing Portfolio