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Persuasive Presentations ~ Want To Make It Rock?


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Persuasive Presentation ~ Mash-ups can make can get the party moving. Design a PowerPoint with video that people will find awesome.

WARNING: this presentation contains footage of men in lederhosen and dancing Can Can girls!

NOTE: if you see this with out Youtube video after 1st slide - there is a glitch occurring and you can see the video at:

  • Persuasive Presentations ~ Can be made from a little of that video and a little of the other - and another - plus a still image. Today that artful style of pulling things together create what are called ’mash-ups,’ as collage-like you mash things together to create a new whole.

    And don’t think you need to stick with their original sound track or even just one. Blend is the word. Use part of theirs or none of theirs for example:

    This video has 3 sound tracks. None of which came with any of the videos you watch as it plays.
    1) Voice narration pieces.
    2) People at a party piece
    3) Part of a German Polka birthday song.
    The last two were made from cuts coming from two different wavs on a free sound project on the internet - downloaded - cut and placed.

    Have any questions? Just contact me on twitter - @MadelineHere
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Persuasive Presentations ~ Want To Make It Rock?

  1. 1. Want To Make It Rock? With a Mash-Up you can bring in the lederhosen and the Can Can girls.
  2. 2. Make Your Presentation a Party? It’s a piece of cake with a Mash-up .
  3. 3. This instant party in 130 secs was brought to you by: @MadelineHere Madeline Gutierrez
  4. 4. Let her throw a party for you sometime… Mash it up. @MadelineHere Madeline Gutierrez
  5. 5. Call in a creative marketing Rockstar. Mash it up. @MadelineHere Madeline Gutierrez