How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Photo And File From Hard Disk, Memory Card, Camera, Etc


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How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Photo And File From Hard Disk, Memory Card, Camera, Etc

  1. 1. How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Photo And File From Hard Disk,Memory Card, Camera, EtcDo you like taking pictures with digital camera and mobile phone? You may found that the photossaved in the memory card, computer hard disk or mobile phone are not so secure, you mightaccidentally delete pictures, formatted memory card, or damaged hard drive; all kinds of reasons canresult in photo lost, but theres critical photos. So the issue is: how to recover my photo, how torecover my files from memory card, or how to restore deleted pictures on computer? In theseoccasions, we need to have photo retrieval or picture recovery software tools to recover deletedpicture, pictures, and images. You can search for digital photo recovery or restore photos on internetand uncover too many results about picture retrieval tutorials, but most of them are complicatedhandle for newbies. In this report I will introduce an excellent photo recovery software and give a easyguide to show you how recover photos.iDisksoft Photo Retrieval is a professional photo recovery software which can recover lost photo andrecover deleted pictures. Moreover, it could also retrieve photo that lost as a result of virus infection,system crashed, improper operation, unexpected power failure, as well as other unknown reasons.This useful photo recovery software can recover photo and files from most devices:(1) Hard drive recovery and partition recovery including:NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, etc..(2) Supported card recovery : Memory Card Recovery, SD card recovery and CF card, MMC card,Pictures card recovery, etc..(3) Most digital camera and mobile phone: Android recovery, Nokia recovery, Samsung photorecovery, Canon pictures recovery, Nikon photo retrieval, etc..Moreover, this photo retrieval program supports to restore files formats including photo and videoformat: JPG, JPEG, BMP, MP4, FLV, AVI, etc.. And document format: word, excel, pdf, ppt,etc..iDisksoft Photo Retrieval could work on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 with high speed. Beneath isan example of how recover deleted photos from Memory Card.Please 1st connect the card reader to the Pc USB port, insert your SD card, itll display as a portablestorage device in the laptop.Step1, Free Download iDisksoft Photo Retrieval setup on below webpage: install it and start up.Step2, The photo recovery supplies 3 file recover modes: Deleted Recovery, Formatted Recovery,Advanced Recovery. Here we suggest Advanced Recovery. Click Memory card name and click nextstep to scan, According to the capacity of the card, it may take some minutes for the software to fullyscan your SD memory card.Step3, When finish scanning, select the deleted pictures which you desire to recover. Click "Recover"button to restore photos.This really is a easy guide of how restore photos from memeory card, youll be able to use the sameway to recover deleted files from hard drive, mobile phone or other devices.Some Helpful Suggestions:
  2. 2. 1, Please save the recovered files into a different folder.2, Backup your data regularly, so that you may still restore critical files, even when they cant berecovered using a file recovery program.3, Just after youve lost the picture, dont save any extra pictures on the memory card, as writing newdata on the card lowers your probabilities of recovering the picture.4, There is certainly no data recovery tool is perfect, recovering rate will not be 100% guaranteed, buttheres a good opportunity your picture is going to be recovered.In addition, iDisksoft Photo Retrieval can not only recover pictures, images, photos but also supportsvideo recovery, audio recovery, office files recovery and any other file retrieval. IDisksoft Studiosupplies the professional data recovery and file retrieve software, files lost wont be a problem if youhave this effective data recovery tool, and iDisksoft Studio also supplies Mac data recovery softwarewhich can enable you to recover all lost files on Mac OS, whatever lost as a result of deleted,formatted disk, or virus attack memory card. And you can pay a visit to official website: to acquire more information about data recovery tech and tutorial on howrecover files quickly and efficiently.Article source: http://www.idisksoft.comdata recovery software