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Kidney dialysis


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3/7 ppt for the test tom

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Kidney dialysis

  1. 1. Kidney DialysisCharles and Jason
  2. 2. What is a Dialysis??Dialysis is a treatment which replacesthe function of the kidneys, whichnormally serve as the bodys naturalfiltration system. The treatmentremoves waste products and excessfluids from the bloodstream, whilemaintaining the proper chemicalbalance of the blood.
  3. 3. It’s purpose??Dialysis is most commonly prescribedfor patients with temporary orpermanent kidney failure. Peoplewith end stage renal disease havekidneys that can’t remove fluids fromtheir body.
  4. 4. For these individuals, dialysis is theonly treatment option availableoutside of kidney transplantation .Also, dialysis may be used in thetreatment of patients suffering frompoisoning or overdose in order toquickly remove drugs from thebloodstream.
  5. 5. Two types of dialysis treatment a)Hemodialysis b)Peritoneal Dialysis
  6. 6. HemodialysisThe treatment involves circulatingthe patients blood outside of thebody through an extracorporealcircuit (ECC), or dialysis circuit. Twoneedles are inserted into thepatients vein, or access site, and areattached to the ECC.
  7. 7. Peritoneal DialysisIn peritoneal dialysis, the patientsperitoneum, or lining of theabdomen, acts as a blood filter. Acatheter is surgically inserted intothe patients abdomen. Duringtreatment, the catheter is used to fillthe abdominal cavity with dialysate.
  8. 8. The End……..