Pandemic Preparedness Checklist


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Preparing your business for a flu outbreak makes good business sense and VaxAmerica can help.

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Pandemic Preparedness Checklist

  1. 1. Pandemic Preparedness Checklist: Why Bracing Your Business for a Flu Outbreak Makes Good Business Sense Workplace Feature | June 2009 A lmost three weeks ago the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the H1N1 virus a pandemic, and yet only 41% of employers R Absenteeism A pandemic could affect as many as 40 percent of the workforce during periods of peak illness. still don’t have a business contingency plan in place Employees could be absent because they are when it comes to a major flu outbreak or other health sick, they must care for sick family members or emergencies in the workplace. for children if schools or day care centers are Employers play a very key role when it comes closed, or they are afraid to come to work. to limiting the large scale impact of an influenza pandemic. Unlike a natural disaster or terrorist attack, R Presenteeism an influenza pandemic would affect multiple areas Presenteeism is the opposite of absenteeism, of the country – and the world - simultaneously, and encompasses all of the problems faced stretching resources very thin. Also, flu outbreaks when employees come to work in spite of tend to come in waves lasting six weeks or more, and illness. Presenteeism can have catastrophic might be sustained for over 12 months. It doesn’t effects on a company’s output and present take much to imagine how disruptive that could be hidden long-term costs and even wider social companies in virtually every business sector. With problems. An employee who arrives at work the unpredictability of the upcoming flu season, your despite illness may only operate at a fraction of company should plan for: his or her normal capacity, be more prone to mistakes, and in the case of contagious diseases like influenza, may transmit the illness to fellow employees, causing even larger fallout. R Change in patterns of commerce During a pandemic, consumer demand for items related to infection control is likely to increase dramatically, while consumer interest in other goods and methods for obtaining those goods may change and decline. R Interrupted supply/delivery Shipments of items from those geographic areas severely affected by a pandemic may be delayed or cancelled altogether.
  2. 2. Along with your evacuation and disaster preparedness To plan a flu clinic for your company, or for other tips plan, having a contingency plan for a major flu on keeping employees healthy and productive during outbreak is essential. Is your company prepared for a the flu season, call VaxAmerica at (888) 444-8522. stormy flu season? Here’s how your business can keep productive during flu season: About VaxAmerica VaxAmerica, a program of FFF Enterprises, Inc., is a R Manage communication to employees nationwide network of care sites enabling the safe, If you have not done so already, make sure your easy and convenient administration of preventive HR department has a communicable disease vaccines—even those hard-to-get—to individuals policy in place. The policy should make it or groups at a convenient location near to them. Known clear that those with the flu should stay away or its national reach and local touch, VaxAmerica from the workplace. It should also emphasize has simplified the vaccination process to create that if an employee’s child or spouse becomes ill cost-effective solutions for patients, healthcare providers with influenza, the employee should stay home, and health plans. For more information about VaxAmerica, even if they are not displaying symptoms. The call (888) 444-8522 or visit flu is highly contagious for at least 48 hours before the first sniffle. About FFF Enterprises, Inc. FFF Enterprises, Inc., a privately held corporation, R Actively promote good workplace hygiene is the largest and most trusted distributor of plasma Promote hand washing, discourage contact with products, vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals sick workers, and keep doorknobs, desks, in the U.S. Founded in 1988, FFF is celebrating its 21st phones, keyboards, and computer and office year with more than a billion dollars in annual sales machines clean with disinfectant wipes. Here’s and a flawless safety track record. FFF’s Guaranteed a thought-provoking fact worth posting: Channel Integrity™ ensures that products are University of Arizona researchers tracked purchased only from the manufacturer and shipped disease-causing bacteria and germs in the only to healthcare providers, protecting patients and office and found that there are 400 times more manufacturers from counterfeit risks and pricing germs present at a workplace desk than on a irregularities inherent in secondary and gray market toilet seat in the bathroom down the hall. channels. FFF’s proprietary technologies, Verified Electronic Pedigree™ and Lot-Track™, provide R a flu shot clinic Plan verification of this secure channel. FFF’s MyFluVaccine With flu on the forefront of everyone’s mind, ( has revolutionized the now is a good time to consider planning your flu marketplace, offering a dedicated flu vaccine regular flu clinic. Flu shots have been proven supply, delivered to customers on the date of their to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, choosing, and offering certainty in a volatile market and reduce health costs in the workplace. segment. FFF’s ability to move rapidly in a dynamically According to the Centers for Disease Control changing marketplace allows the creation of new and Prevention (CDC) the single best way to opportunities for customers through innovative prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccination each vehicles for distribution. year. Vaccination is still the best first line of defense against seasonal flu.