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Madeline's Portfolio 2019 - B2B Marketing Manager, expert in digital


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Please find here 5 marketing projects I handled and realized with success at my previous job.

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Madeline's Portfolio 2019 - B2B Marketing Manager, expert in digital

  1. 1. Madeline Issenhart B2B Marketing Manager and expert in digital
  2. 2. ABOUT ME After 9 years of experience in marketing in the B2B sector, I am now looking for a new opportunity as Marketing Manager in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am passionate about creating and coordinated marketing campaigns. I define strategies to attract, connect with our customers and provide them the best customer experience. In parallel, I am driven by the development of digital services that can facilitate the life of people and reinforce their interaction with the brand. With strong management and communication skills, I recently occupied the position of Digital Marketing Manager within the KUHN Group, an international manufacturer employing 5,000 people worldwide with a turnover of $ 1.5 billion.
  3. 3. My EXPERIENCE01 02 03 04 2010 (6 months) Event Assistant Venue West Conferences - Vancouver, Canada 2011-2012 (10 months) Communication Officer HIG - Strasbourg, France 2012-2014 (18 months) Webmaster KUHN North America - Wisconsin, USA 2014 (6 months) Web Marketing Specialist KUHN Italy - Milan, Italy
  4. 4. My last JOB POSITION Digital Marketing Manager KUHN Group ● Managed a 6-persons team (developers, designers, project managers…) ● Define and coordinated the overall web marketing strategy ● Undertook digital marketing projects like development of web & mobile applications, new customer portal, redesign of websites and acquisition of a marketing automation system ● Defined the marketing plan in order to promote products and services with SEO and SEA strategy ● Organized several shows, trainings and seminars every year 2016-2019 (3 years)
  5. 5. My EDUCATION & COMMUNICATION SKILLS 01 02 2008-2010 Master's degree in International Management and Marketing 2006 - 2008 Bachelor's degree in Business Administration English German COMMUNICATION SKILLS Mother tongue Other languages ● French Professional training ● Master Data Management, data governance ● “Perfect your techniques in management” ● Become a SCRUM Product Owner ● Excel 2013 - TOSA Certification ● Interpersonal communication ● Speaking out: How to convince EDUCATION
  6. 6. My PROFILE Traffic Acquisition Specialist (SEO – SEA) Project Manager & SCRUM Product Owner for agile development Team Manager Leader and Facilitator
  7. 7. My PORTFOLIO Redesign of websites Creation of mobile applications Innovative visitor experience at an international event Promotion of a new online customer portal Marketing Seminars Organization > Click here > Click here > Click here > Click here > Click here Home | Next
  8. 8. Creation of settings & sales applications Product selection tool app KUHN Click&Mix • Goal: Help dealers to find the right model for farmers. • Actions: Build the specifications guide, train salesmen and promote the application • Online and offline • Launched in 2017 • Results in 2019: 6,000+ downloads on iOs & Google Play Product setting app KUHN SpreadSet • Goal: Help farmers to set up their KUHN spreader • Actions: Specification documents, benchmark, workshops, coordination between IT & Product Managers, test, promotion & training • 100% offline • Launched in 2015 • Results in 2019: 15,000+ downloads on iOs & Google Play < Back to the portfolio
  9. 9. Redesign of websites 8%+ of visitors 11%+ of new visitors 2,5%+ of sessions 75 contacts collected by month Make the product navigation more flexible and intuitive. Show product information complete and consistent by interfacing with a PIM system. Encourage, reinforce and measure interactions. Expand conversion opportunities with the new customer portal and marketing campaigns Objectives Results (comparing the previous year) Systems used: LINK TO THE WEBSITE < Back to the portfolio
  10. 10. Innovative visitor experience at an international event Goals: • Introduce new digital solutions to our customers thanks to a demonstration area on the KUHN booth. • Promotion of our digital solutions with digital & print supports: event website, demo screens, videos, flyers, goodies and bags. • 300+ customers have pre-subscribed to MyKuhn portal on the booth in 4 days. EVENT WEBSITE < Back to the portfolio
  11. 11. Promotion of a new online customer portal After these multiple actions online and on the show, 1 200+ farmers subscribed to the portal the first 4 months in France. Material supports: videos, banners, roll-up, web key, shirts, goodies < Back to the portfolio
  12. 12. Marketing Seminars Organization I organized 2 international events in 2018 and 2019 dedicated to KUHN marketing managers and webmasters, representing 9 markets (European, North American and Australian markets). Duration: 4 days with marketing managers & 3 days with webmasters Topics: Experience sharing, acquisition & loyalty strategies, digital projects, e-mailing & social-media strategies, CRM, data management services, e-reputation, marketing budget strategies, web analytics Results: ʺBest marketing seminar ever!ʺ A.C. from Italy ʺIt was really interesting, great job!ʺ S.L. from Ukraine ʺI personally found the mix of workshops and presentations to be effective.ʺ D.K. from United-States < Back to the portfolio
  13. 13. CONTACT ADDRESS 2141 Stephens St, Vancouver, BC V6K 3W4 CELL PHONE 236-334-0312 SKYPE made-line1 EMAIL PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE LINKEDIN
  14. 14. THANKS!