Non profitsm4 presentation final


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This is the PowerPoint of the Team Teaching for #NonProfitSM4 #NewhouseSM4. Check it out!

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Non profitsm4 presentation final

  1. 1. Nonprofits and Social Media LaShunda Campbell Tandameshia Hastings Madelyn Perez
  2. 2. #NonProfitSM4 EngagementTweet 1: Which nonprofit do you volunteer with? What is your connection to it? Please tweet your response to our hashtag now! #NonprofitSM4
  3. 3. Advantages of Using Social Media It builds global awareness of cause It increases donor support It aids in advocacy intiatives which ask supporters It is economical because there are no fees Social Media keeps supporters of nonprofits in the loop and keeps them up to date on the mission of the nonprofit, according to Zach Halper, Web Assistant of @nonprofittimes #NonprofitSM4
  4. 4. Disadvantages of Using Social Media Increases vulnerability to defamation attacks Decreases the effectiveness of organizations communications (if online profiles are not managed and monitored) #NonprofitSM4
  5. 5. National Statistics For Nonprofits: Facebook Pages Nine out of 10 nonprofits report having a presence on Facebook in 2011. In the last three years Facebook usage has grown from 74% to 89%, with the largest chunk of this adoption occurring between 2009 and 2010 – a 16% jump from 2009 to 2010, and just 3% from 2010 to 2011. Courtesy of 3rd Annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report #NonprofitSM4
  6. 6. Best Practice Example #NonprofitSM4
  7. 7. American Cancer Society Reasons for Using Social Media Increase its public perception and revenue Developed for the purpose of connecting cancer victims, supporters and medical professionals and creating a community where they are able to interact over the Internet #NonprofitSM4
  8. 8. Social Media Platforms Used By ACS Facebook Youtube Blog for Hope Dr.Lens Cancer Blog Twitter #NonprofitSM4
  9. 9. Groups Provide information Make new connections Create discussion about the American Cancer Society Help ACS accomplish its mission #NonprofitSM4
  10. 10. Cancer Action Network Incorporates elements from all of the ACS’s existing sites, creating an online environment that attracts supporters, volunteers and donors Creates connections with cancer advocates around the country by encouraging them to register on the ACS CAN  Users create a personally customized “I CAN Page” Engages users by presenting a wide variety of information and activities targeted to different publics #NonprofitSM4
  11. 11. Internal Social Networking The American Cancer Society launched its own social network,, in 2008 Employees  Can learn more about their coworkers and can collaborate with them by reading their profiles and blogs and viewing their posted pictures  Encouraged to create groups, share videos and create events as a way of communicating to create an effective team Get Connected Campaign #NonprofitSM4
  12. 12. Patients Using Social Media Individuals primarily shared news of a serious medical diagnosis through traditional means  Face-to-face conversations, telephone calls and handwritten letters 80 percent of U.S. Internet consumers seek health information online Those who go online to find health information are usually facing either their own or a family member’s serious medical crisis #NonprofitSM4
  13. 13. Health-Specific Networking Sites #NonprofitSM4
  14. 14. Platforms People Use to Disclose Illnesses #NonprofitSM4
  15. 15. What Healthcare Professionals Can Do Go where they are Care for the mind as well as the body Empower your support Network It’s what you say & how you say it #NonprofitSM4
  16. 16. Cancer Survivor Network Founded in 1996 by the American Cancer Society Online community of cancer survivors, families, and friends Members  Find other members  Chat with each other using the CSN private and secure internal e-mail service  Access chat rooms and post to discussion boards Create their own My CSN Space #NonprofitSM4
  17. 17. More Birthdays Campaign Every Birthday You Celebrate Is a Victory Usher - More Birthdays E-Card #NonprofitSM4
  18. 18. #NonprofitSM4 EngagementTweet 1: If you could start a nonprofit what would it be for? Please tweet your response to our hashtag now! #NonprofitSM4
  19. 19. Pinterest and Nonprofits Zach Halper, Web Assistant at @nonprofittimes says: “I personally think Pinterest is going to be huge for nonprofits in the future. I’m actually working on a story about that now, and I think Pinterest has the potential to provide a great platform for nonprofits to show their mission in a visual way.” #NonprofitSM4
  20. 20. Search “nonprofits” on Pinterest This infographic from Mashable alone has been pinned 418 times #NonprofitSM4
  21. 21. How do Nonprofits get fundraisingthrough social media? We asked Stephanie Dickard, Communications Mastermind who… #NonprofitSM4
  22. 22. Link to these sites through #SM #NonprofitSM4
  23. 23. Any Questions? #NonprofitSM4
  24. 24. Citations Russell Herder, How Patients Use Social Media to Disclose Medical Diagnoses Online Bette Weinstein Kaplan, Accessing helpful information and staying in touch: Social media for cancer survivors Carla Silvia, An Analysis of How the American Cancer Society Uses Social Media #NonprofitSM4