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Genre powerpoint


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Genre powerpoint

  1. 1. GENREApplying the concept of genre to my teaser trailer
  2. 2. WHY WAS IT IS USEFUL TO CONSIDER YOURWORK IN RELATION TO GENRE?It was useful to consider genre in relation to my teasertrailer and ancillary texts because then we could determinewho our target audience was going to be and what wouldbe the best way to successfully market our film to ourselected audience; for instance our film ‘Young, Ruthlessand Useless’ is a teen drama, we used a ‘like us onFacebook’ logo on our poster as most people aged 15-25are on a social networking site, we also used lots of genresignifiers such as young actors, narrative themes such asdrugs, romance and conflict so it has a realistic subjectmatter which our audience can relate to, all of these pointshelps to attract our potential target audience.
  3. 3. Neale states ‘Genres are instances of repetition anddifference’ meaning that films of a specific genre sayWestern films for instance, are similar in the way that thesetting is usually a desert like wasteland, and there is usuallya good guy versus bad guy scenario, where good will alwaysovercome evil in some way or another. I think what Neale istrying to say is that although films of the same genre havedifferent storylines and plot, the key conventions of thatgenre will still be there so the audience can familiarise withthe conventional elements but are excited to see the newparts.
  4. 4. LACEY’S REPERTOIRE OF ELEMENTSLacey usessetting, character, narrative, iconography and style to help to figure out whichmedia text belongs to which genre.
  5. 5. ‘Young, Ruthless and Useless’ – Teen DramaSetting- The college setting suggests that is it a teen film as it is a typical teenagesetting. Later you are shown the pub which is a conventional teenage rebellionsetting which suggests that it has elements of drama.Character – All of the characters shown in the teaser trailer are teenagers noolder than 18 which implies that the genre is a teenage film, directed at a teenageaudience. The audience are shown a boy and a girl who appear to be theprotagonists of the film, which suggests that there is also an element of romancewithin the film but it is not heavily featured so it doesn’t appear to be part of theoverall genre.Narrative - There is a clear narrativeIconography – It is evident that this is a teen drama film by the use of youngcharacters aged 17 – 18, the college location is also a key setting for a teendramaStyle – The editing is quick cut so that there is a fast pace which fits the film well.
  6. 6. TO WHAT EXTENT YOU FEEL GENRE HAS BEEN USED IN THE MARKETING OF YOUR FILM?Genre has been a useful marketing toolbecause we have been able to make itinteresting and relatable for target audience(15-24) 55% female, 45% male (this isbecause our main protagonist is a female) byusing typical conventions of a teen drama.However, other elements have been used inour marketing, such as the realistic subjectmatter, the storyline of ‘Young, Ruthless andUseless’ is quite realistic with theexperimenting of drugs and alcohol, romanticrelationships, bullying and peer pressure.