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Bag It Powerpoint

  1. 1. Plastic is EVERYWHERE so… Bag It The Movie
  2. 2. Film Summary • Plastic is: – Mostly single use – Impacting marine life and our ocean – Impacting human health (BPA, phthalates) – Political Bag It Trailer
  3. 3. Single Use Plastic Use for Minutes, Last for Years
  4. 4. Marine life and our ocean -Plastic pieces out-number food for marine life -80% of trash from land ends up in the ocean -Over 260 species are affected "The ocean is the blue heart of the planet, we should take care of our heart." Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer
  5. 5. Our Health In the US a chemical has to be proven harmful before it’s NOT sold to the public. BPA and phthalates are found in plastic. Can cause (to name only a few): -various cancers -infertility -heart disease
  6. 6. Plastic Gets Political 102 cities and countries have banned plastic bags These include: -Germany, South Africa, India, South Korea and Australia This does not include: -The United States
  7. 7. So what is the message? Live Simply! Use Less Plastic (it will be here a while)
  8. 8. Sources Used • Interviews: everyday people and researchers • Health trials (doctors): to test BPA and Phthalates in body • Statistics
  9. 9. Audience Response • Feeling alarmed • Make simple changes in everyday life • Be informed • Pass on the information
  10. 10. What are viewers saying? • "A powerful and deceptively simple movie that is sure to change the way you look at every day objects. I didn't expect a movie about plastic bags to change my life in such a deep and profound way.” • “Gripping, funny, intelligent and sure to change your life.” • “See BAG IT – and Bag all of the useless, toxic and ugly plastic cluttering up YOUR life.”
  11. 11. So was it Effective? Partly No: individuals who do not see plastic as a problem are not drawn to see Bag It in the first place.
  12. 12. So was it Effective? Mostly Yes: individuals who know plastic is a problem are now better informed. The film is both personal and informational.
  13. 13. Post film questions: How long does it take for a plastic bag to decompose? What type of plastic is actually recycled? What are the steps to banning plastic bags?
  14. 14. Now What? Our roles as an individual: 1. Be simpleBe simple and reduce waste.
  15. 15. Now what?
  16. 16. Now What?
  17. 17. • If the Unites States is supposed to be a global leader, why haven’t we banned plastic bags? • Why do we continue to use harmful chemicals that impact our health and the health of our children both born and unborn?
  18. 18. Further Research Movie Information: Plastic Bag Free: Environmental: Ocean Health
  19. 19. Thank you. Reuse. recycle. REDUCE