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Let the Journey Begin


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American Express Final Presentation

Published in: Marketing
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Let the Journey Begin

  1. 1. American Express' Ultimate Digital Marketing Campaign “Let the Journey Begin” Maddy Mulroy
  2. 2. Business to Business Strategy - Making Travel Easier Reward traveling members with special American Express perks Airport Fast Lines Lounges Special Flight Service Easily Accessed Hotel Deals Easy Hotel Check-In
  3. 3. Millennial Marketing Utilize Social Media Hire Brand Ambassadors Be creative Use Guerrilla Marketing techniques Above: The winning illustration for an American Express Customer Campaign
  4. 4. Website
  5. 5. Mobile App Utilize technology Zip through airports and hotel check-ins with one, simple app
  6. 6. Social Media Instagram- Hire brand ambassadors to promote the product Youtube- Start a series called “Where You Might Go,” featuring exciting restaurants and shops that take American Express Facebook- Feature a “Member of the Week” Twitter- Start the hashtag, #LetTheJourneyBegin allowing members to share their travel experiences LinkedIn- Keep members informed of all the major business happenings of the company
  7. 7. Email Marketing Send “Rewards of the Week” Emails Hotel, flight, and restaurant deals will be featured in one, weekly email including promo codes to access these deals
  8. 8. Display Ads Location- Google Keyword Optimization- American, Express, Credit, Card, Journey, Travel Sample Ad: American Express - Let the Journey Begin CU=us-BU=ccsg-SE=google- SKW=_American_Express_Exact_RLSA_VC_A
  9. 9. Key Performance Indicators Cost Per Budget $300k Month Cost per Click $10 25K Clicks Time on Page $10 2 Minutes at 50k Minutes
  10. 10. Summary Total Budget- $12,360,000 per year Estimated New Customers- 700,000 per year Estimated Revenue per Customer- $850 per year Estimated First Year Revenue- $595,000,000 Estimated Raw Profit- 582,640,000