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Workshop Bucharest Business Days


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Published in: Career
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Workshop Bucharest Business Days

  1. 1. TehniciDeMotivare Decembrie 2012 Bucharest Business Days
  2. 2. MOTIVATIE =Dorinta de a depune maximum deefortpentru a-si realiza proiectele
  3. 3. Motivatie si muncaEra industrialaEra industriala Dan Pink versus Era actuala Era actuala Motivatia 1.0 Supravietuire Motivatia 2.0 Rasplata si pedeapsa Motivatia 3.0 Autonomie, excelenta, sens
  4. 4. Motivatie si muncaSeth Godin -- Seth Godin Triburi Triburi 60% turnover pozitii 60% turnover pozitii cheie cheie
  5. 5. THE ELEMENTCe ne place = ce facemChestionarea PRECONCEPTIIILORNe uitam la viitor cu ENTUZIASMTe simti liber sa VISEZIIti gasesti TRIBUL“The Element” – Sir Ken Robinson
  6. 6. “Everything can be taken from a manbut the last of human freedoms – theability to choose ones attitude in agiven set of circumstances, to chooseones way.”- Viktor Frankl, Mans Search forMeaning
  7. 7. Auto MotivareIncredere in sine si eficienta → Realizarile mele → Punctele mele forte si abilitatile cheie (perspectiva proprie) → Punctele mele forte si abilitatile cheie (perspectiva celorlalti) → Valorile si modelele mele
  8. 8. Auto Motivare Gandire pozitiva si orientata → Gandurile melecatre viitor → Gandurile negative → Vizualizare realizari → Motivatori (fraze, oameni, contexte) → Inlocuirea partii negative cu o abordare pozitiva
  9. 9. Fiecare problema are in ea semintelepropriei solutii. Daca nu ai probleme, nu ai seminte. “Norman Vincent Peale