Pluri Consultants Corporate Brochure 2010


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Pluri Consultants Corporate Brochure 2010

  1. 1. Strategic Partner for Romania
  2. 2. stability n: firmness in position, permanence; constancy, as of character or purpose; steadiness syn: soundness, vitality, solidity, strength agility n: the state or quality of being agile; quick, well-coordinated movement; the ability to think quickly syn: nimbleness, quickness, adaptability Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 2
  3. 3. Much has changed. Much hasn’t. Pluri Consultants enables businesses… to transform the way they work… Businesses are about many things. But most of all, they We help our clients manage change, costs, complexity are about people. So changing—transforming—business and growth. We assist them in attracting, retaining, to increase speed, seize new opportunities, and grow inspiring, and rewarding the talent they depend on for begins with changing the way in which business success. manages people. Pluri Consultants makes change work. As a major player We enable our clients to reduce the time, money, and in human capital management, our mission is to help energy they spend on human resources processes, companies and the people who work for them succeed— functions, plans, and programs so they can devote more together. of all three to doing what they do best. And soar to new heights. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 3
  4. 4. Our longstanding leadership is based on well-established strengths. We provide clients with the greatest depth, breadth, and experience of any human resources organization. We’re adding to our lead. People go farther when they all pull together. Pluri Consultants applies that simple truth to the business of We’re not resting on our oars. We have added new people. products, like engagement surveys, HR outsourced administration or payroll services. Our human resources consulting services and outsourcing help companies manage some of the most important issues they face today—issues that affect their Now, Pluri Consultants is one of the few companies that performance and the lives of their employees. integrate the full range of learning, coaching, training and development, assessment, recruiting and staffing, We help companies attract, engage, develop and reward benefits, payroll, human resources information and other talent. We enable companies to reduce costs, focus on services with in-depth human resources consulting their core activities, and gain better results. We change expertise. So businesses can find the best—and the way businesses manage people, and we make those broadest—solution from a single source, and keep changes work. pulling ahead. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 4
  5. 5. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 5
  6. 6. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 6
  7. 7. Pluri Consultants’ only business is people. So we give it our undivided attention. We’re committed to helping our clients reach their business objectives. Our associates think beyond the conventional answers, to deliver measurable results. We’re adding to our strengths. Our organization works—because we work together. Our consultants help companies align their people and Our operations are integrated. their human resource policies and practices with their business objectives. We have proven our ability to help Consultants apply the vast amounts of experience we senior management address some of the most important gain on different markets, for different organizations to issues they face today, including the intensifying battle develop solutions that are based on facts, not hunches. for talent. Our experience in consulting assures that outsourcing Together, we have what it takes to take on complex tasks services can be implemented smoothly in the real world. and deliver results. Our “one-firm firm” approach helps us put all of our We do the HR work so our clients can concentrate on skills to work, for all of our clients, and creates real their core activities and benefit from the outstanding teamwork. support provided by our human resource professionals. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 7
  8. 8. At Pluri Consultants, business as usual means innovation. We’ve been pioneering new human resource ideas, services, and products for more than 17 years. We’re obsessed with the success of our clients. Our clients view us as a trusted, long-term partner, We stand by our clients, and it positions us for growth. because we are obsessed with their success. When our clients succeed, we succeed. Our scope benefits our clients. Our broader perspective helps us get to the root of important business issues and So we work hard to meet their evolving needs. We have lets us help our clients get the most from their total an integrated, strategic approach to client development human resource investments. that helps us establish deep, long-term client relationships based on trust and partnership. Our And rather than dealing with a number of systems and commitment builds strong relationships with clients, suppliers, they can develop an in-depth relationship with which in turn builds our own success. one organization that can offer a single point of accountability and efficient, cost effective service. By putting their concerns first, we earn our clients’ confidence, so we are right where we need to be to understand their challenges and deliver the best solutions.
  9. 9. Pluri Consultants at a Glance There’s a world of opportunity ahead Each of our businesses strengthens all of our services. of services—the most comprehensive solutions—in our Our consultants can leverage the knowledge and data we industry. gain through our HR consulting and outsourcing services to provide more effective, need-based solutions. Our So whether it is helping merged companies consolidate experience in consulting assures that outsourcing their workforces, improve employee commitment to the services can be implemented smoothly and cost- business and its goals, or streamline operations, we have effectively. the right tools to handle complex needs. We know human resources; we know the best practices, and we bring them to our clients to achieve their goals. Because we develop and own our tools, processes, technologies for all HR consulting and outsourcing From training or organizational audit to human resources services we put into the market, we can tailor our administration, we offer organizations the broadest range solutions to each client’s unique and evolving requirements. Outsourcing Consulting Our Outsourcing business applies our HR expertise Our HR Consulting business works with companies in through a broad range of HR BPO services including HR Romania and CEE to develop, implement, and Management, HR Administration, benefits (defined communicate people-related business strategies and benefit, defined contribution), payroll, recruitment , program designs for talent management, change outplacement, temporary placement, learning and management, performance management, training, development, compensation administration, performance compensation and total rewards, health care benefits, management, global mobility, and other HR services. commercial management, organizational audit and Using technology and process transformation, our model design, and that will help clients lower costs while replaces the resource intensive processes once required increasing their ability to meet business objectives, as to administer benefit plans and HR programs with more well as broader human resource programs. efficient, effective, and less costly solutions. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 10
  10. 10. integrated HR outsourcing and consulting services. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 11
  11. 11. Outsourcing Content and experience count We're at the top of the HR industry in Romania, with a track record of innovation spanning more than 17 years. Our clients trust us because HR is our only business and we offer the industry's most comprehensive and flexible HR service delivery model. Each company's unique starting point and specific priorities drive the search for the right outsourcing partner. Because we understand HR, we focus on how work gets done, not on HR processes. It's this proven approach—backed by a flexible, scalable technology platform—that ensures we're able to meet your company where you are, helping you migrate to leading HR practices at a pace that's right for your organization. We integrate our rich experience to deliver the following HR services: Recruitment , Talent Sourcing, Outplacement Finding, hiring, on-boarding and out placing talent to strategies and hiring decisions – and we enable these effectively meet your workforce requirements can improvements while lowering your overall costs. Our challenge the most efficient HR department. If you need solutions include: help ensuring that you have a steady stream of qualified candidates or feasible solutions, outsourcing may be an • Strategy and Consulting option. • Sourcing • Specialized Staffing Outsourcing processes such as candidate sourcing, • Selection screening, tracking and interview-scheduling to us frees • Hiring , On-boarding, Outplacing your organization to support the business with staffing Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 12
  12. 12. Compensation How can you ensure that your employees are motivated and rewarded through clear, consistent and equitable • Strategy compensation that is aligned with your rapidly evolving • Compensation administration services business strategy? • Compensation Planning • Job Analysis and Control At Pluri Consultants, we can help reduce costs and • Board Compensation lighten your HR department’s workload by streamlining • Benefits services and standardizing compensation planning and • Administration and Communications administration as part of an integrated HR strategy. Our Compensation solutions include: HR Administration Our HR solutions experts can optimize your HR insight into how to most quickly drive improved Administration through technology and process effectiveness into the full range of administrative innovations such as workflow technology, knowledge transactions. management tools, HR portals and self-service applications. Our solutions include: At Pluri Consultants, we transform your HR • Strategic Services Administration into harmonized, automated and highly • Data Administration efficient processes that support key management • Process Management decisions. Our extensive HR domain experience gives us Payroll With geographically dispersed employees, multiple Our Payroll Solutions include: systems, intricate regulations and an ever-changing • Strategic Services workforce, payroll can be a complex and labor-intensive • Workforce Management process. • Time and Attendance Administration • Data Management Services At Pluri Consultants, we offer powerful payroll • Process Management processing solutions linked to our HR capabilities that streamline your payroll while capturing critical business intelligence about the your workforce. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 13
  13. 13. The challenges are linked. So are our solutions Our Consulting Services For more than 17 years, we've focused exclusively on human capital business. And the knowledge we've shared with our clients—knowledge about how companies grow and succeed—has changed the way business manages people. Today, our consulting services enable companies to confront complex business challenges head-on. We support our clients with the most comprehensive and extended solution based HR services portfolio: Business Process Reengineering and Change Management Executive Search, Recruitment, Mass Staffing Recruitment, Organizational Development Commercial Boosters, Mystery Client Boosters Intelligence: Workforce Intelligence: remuneration, social Team Building, Organizational Culture Events Building, Event climate, engagement surveys HR Audit and Due Diligence Talent Management Assessment Centers and Direct Evaluation Active Redeployment Performance HR Performance and Effectivenes HR Audit and Due Diligence Career Management Training, Coaching, Training, Coaching, Mentoring We help you improve the performance of your workforce and solve the complex HR issues arising from organizational change, to attract, engage, develop and reward talent, to create and manage your succession plans and extract maximum value from your benefit program, to provide tailored employee communication services to help ensure that our solutions succeed. Therefore we support you to: • Align your business according to ever changing • Boost effective leadership in your teams in challenges; order to motivate and retain the high performers; • Adjust your processes aiming higher • Boost employees’ engagement and become one performance; of the best employers of your industry; • Spot talent through unique assessment or • Plan succession into your organization; evaluation processes; • Define and build a proper organizational culture • Develop talent through state-of-the art training, by emphasizing the values of your organization mentoring and coaching programs; • Create your organization’s unique events based • Manage organizational effectiveness through on our full support, including event scenarios effective performance management processes; conception, monitoring, delivery and logistics. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 14
  14. 14. Pluri Consultants Romania • Company Profile 16