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The best time for making money on the internet~a flooded basement and 165 firefighters


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The best time for making money on the internet~a flooded basement and 165 firefighters

  1. 1. Published based on Seizing the Opportunity for Making Money on the Internet; Snapping the Enormous Tire Fire from Our Backyard… The Best Time for Making Money on the Internet; a Flooded Basement and 165 FirefightersA Flooded Basement and 165 FirefightersIt was March 21, 1998. We’d had a lot of snow the past winter, and the melt-off was happening reallyfast. I’m not really sure what happened, exactly, but I think the sump pump failed to kick in when thewater table started to rise.Anyway……we discovered over an inch of water covering our finished basement, which was crowded withpossessions and keepsakesstored in cardboard boxes on the floor, to make things worse.It took us days to clean up the mess, and sort through damaged items.Meanwhile……less than five miles away, 165 firefighters were battling a HUGE fire at a used tire processing plant.I’ve always been a photo-snapping nut, so when I happened to look out one of the upstairs windows andsaw that enormous cloud of billowing black smoke, I ran to my room……got my camera, ran outside, and…
  2. 2. That was no small fire!Over 300 tons of coal and old tires burned that day, costing the company$2,000,000 dollars!Some of you might say I was exploiting somebody else’s bad luck, and being a parasitic gawker by takingpictures like that.Honestly, though:I had to get back to work, helping my family clean up from our own disaster, and besides that—I helpedpreserve a little local history by seizing the moment.I was at the right place, at the right time.NOW is the Time for Making Money on the InternetYou’re in the right place at the right time, too!Maybe you’re wondering how to make money on the Internet……or, maybe you’re concerned about whether you really can make any money online at all.Well, let me tell you something:
  3. 3. Now, more than ever, you’ve got the greatest chance in the history of the Internet itself to generateincome online.Why?Because there’s a massive movement that’s exploding—and it’s only just getting started.As they say…Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.And the fire I’m talking about here is not tires and coal, it’s failures and old, useless marketing methods.An army of people is assembling right now:--people exactly like you and me who are fed up with gurus, grinding and just barely getting by;--people that want to build a business while having a life;--people who are just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired!They’ve individually decided that enough is enough, and that they’re going to take massive action tocreate massive incomes online.They command others to buy what they’re selling—and it happens! Prospects just want to join rightnow, without being chased around.How?They’ve learned the skills that only gurus used to have; now, those skills and secrets are available to us,the people.I’ve begun studying those marketing skills myself, and I’m beginning to see results, too. I’ve generatedthousands of views of my content—with free marketing (and WITHOUT SPAMMING, too). I’m buildingemail lists that will ultimately get me sales. I have a blog that ranks so high on Alexa, it’s ridiculous!And, this is just the beginning.--Josh “Mad Thrad” CampbellP.S. If you’re fed up with gurus, grinding and just barely getting by, then Tweet this! Leave a commentand tell me about your experiences with Internet marketing.P.P.S.If you’re REALLY fed up with gurus and grinding, then visit my blog, watch Dave Wood the Guru Slayertell his story, and join us as we march forward!
  4. 4. P.P.P.S.: Would you like some mashed potatoes with all these P’s? (Just kidding.)I just wanted to addsomething else.I have a vision for my team here (Team Take Massive Action): a vision of liberty. Making money on theInternet doesn’t have to be painful slavery, and with Empower Network, it’s not—it’s a pleasure!Free yourself from the marketing misery! Or, if you’ve just started considering Internet marketing, thenyou can learn from the mistakes of others: join us today!