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There's No I In Campaign: How To Make Your Emails Work Together


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What distinguishes a successful email campaign from a series of emails? A story. As a content strategist and a digital marketer working together, we've developed a set of best practices that go beyond the typical email campaign set up. We've designed an integrated process for connecting with target audiences and telling them a story: One where they are the main character. In this talk, we'll walk through a case study of how one client went from unassociated emails to a successful marketing campaign. Then we'll share takeaways and steps for participants to do it themselves.

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There's No I In Campaign: How To Make Your Emails Work Together

  1. 1. Litmus Live 2017 1 @marsinthestars @nhmackin THERE’S NO I IN CAMPAIGN August 4, 2017 DATE Marli Mesibov – VP, Content Strategy Jon Mackin – Digital Marketing Director PREPARED BY #LitmusLive
  2. 2. Litmus Live 2017 2 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Expert in marketing tactics, user tracking, & analytics focused on meet business outcomes via iterative data- driven UX improvements. WHO ARE WE? Specializing in improving communication in healthcare, finance, and education to create better user and business outcomes. Jon Mackin, Digital Marketing Director Marli Mesibov, VP of Content Strategy
  3. 3. Litmus Live 2017 3 @marsinthestars @nhmackin • Tell a client story about turning unassociated emails into a successful marketing campaign using: • Share takeaways and steps you can use for your next campaign > Email Technology > Segmentation > Messaging > Testing & Conversion Optimization WHY ARE WE HERE?
  4. 4. Litmus Live 2017 4 LITMUS LIVE: CASE STUDY
  5. 5. Litmus Live 2017 5 @marsinthestars @nhmackin The Client Ask Question: How do you tell a story, and engage the audience, through a series of emails to positive business outcomes? THE STORY: WHAT WE DID
  6. 6. Litmus Live 2017 6 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Started with Research: Mad*Pow worked to understand the current B2B lead gen process, and then supplemented that knowledge with external research within the field of email marketing and lead gen capture. Stakeholder Interviews List Management Lead Gen Audit Heuristic Evaluation THE STORY: WHAT WE DID
  7. 7. Litmus Live 2017 7 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Applied Our Process: When a health care client wanted to improve their email marketing campaigns via impactful messaging they called upon us to help them using this process: RESEARCH FINDINGS STRATEGY Process TESTING OPTIMIZATION Repeat THE STORY: WHAT WE DID
  8. 8. Litmus Live 2017 8 LITMUS LIVE: THE STRATEGY
  9. 9. Litmus Live 2017 9 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Testing & Tracking Components that need to be defined: Technology List Management Message Architecture & Landing Pages 1 2 3/4 5 STRATEGY PREP: AUDIT & DEFINE GAPS
  10. 10. Litmus Live 2017 10 @marsinthestars @nhmackin • Optimize standard tool set • Utilize automation • Optimize auto-response feature • Utilize dynamic content feature • Define user flows Campaign Management Features You Should Leverage STEP 1: TECHNOLOGY
  11. 11. Litmus Live 2017 11 @marsinthestars @nhmackin List Management –Triggers & User Flows Establish a benchmark of past campaigns Create segments based on benchmarks Define campaign flows & segmented streams Leverage Targeting & Segmentation features Define KPIs for each segment to validate STEP 2: LIST MANAGEMENT
  12. 12. Litmus Live 2017 12 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Goal Measurement Tracking Results Craft an Overarching Strategy • What is the final goal of the campaign? • What are secondary goals or learnings? • What do you want users to do after click email? • How will we measure the success? KPIs? STEP 3: MESSAGE ARCHITECTURE
  13. 13. Litmus Live 2017 13 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Campaign Goal: Increase Newsletter Sign Ups by 3% Sub-Goal Action Email #1 Alert people that newsletter exists Promote awareness of newsletter Email #2 Educate about benefits of staying informed Share reason #1 of 5 to sign up: You get access to the latest news! Email #3 Educate about benefits of staying informed Share reason #2 of 5 to sign up: You get connected to resources STEP 3: MESSAGE ARCHITECTURE
  14. 14. Litmus Live 2017 14 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Conversions & Landing Pages (LPs) Connect emails to LPS Consider where the LPs live Leverage auto-response features Only display form fields that are necessary STEP 4: LANDING PAGES
  15. 15. Litmus Live 2017 15 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Create a testing plan and target these element(s): • Isolate one component to test • Focus on creative then test messaging and content Testing Sender Cadence Frequency Subject Lines Email Layout CTAs Buttons Imagery Offers Landing Pages STEP 5: TESTING & TRACKING
  16. 16. Litmus Live 2017 16 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Tracking & Monitoring Delivery Email Engagement Post Click Sales Transfer Delivery Rates Opens Clicks Forwards Unsubscribe, Spam Reporting Content Consumption Conversions New Leads Generated Quotes Created • Hard & soft bounce rates • Details the quality of the purchased or rented list. • Opens (total and unique) • Defines quality of the subject line and sender address • CTR defines the value of the content and strength of the CTAs • Forwards really showcase content value • Track these two rates to see if they increase over time. That will show you are emailing these prospects too much • Measure Time On Site to determine if content is being consumed • Total conversions detail the value presented • Follow leads from conversion to new quote to see what content sparked interest STEP 5: TESTING & TRACKING
  17. 17. Litmus Live 2017 17 LITMUS LIVE: TAKEAWAYS & BEST PRACTICES
  18. 18. Litmus Live 2017 18 @marsinthestars @nhmackin • Leverage lead scoring • Send an introductory email • Don’t resend them the same content in each email • Leverage drip campaigns to nurture leads Best Practices for List Management BEST PRACTICES: LIST MANAGEMENT
  19. 19. Litmus Live 2017 19 @marsinthestars @nhmackin Consider the persona for content Best Practices for Crafting Emails: Messaging Actionable and specific subject lines Be personal, to increase trust CTAs should be complete sentences 1 2 3 4 BEST PRACTICES: EMAIL MESSAGING
  20. 20. Litmus Live 2017 20 @marsinthestars @nhmackin • Main messaging and CTA above the fold • Creative size to no more than 650 pixels • Use responsive web design (RWD) • Present images that reflect the goal • Use bullet points and/or bolded text • Keep font size for body copy at or above 14 pixels, and titles at or above 22 pixels Best Practices for Crafting Emails: Design BEST PRACTICES: EMAIL DESIGN
  21. 21. Litmus Live 2017 21 @marsinthestars @nhmackin • Identify one or more assumptions to test • Map KPIs to that test • Decide whether this is an A/B test across segments or general email components Test Assumptions and Building a Set of Findings BEST PRACTICES: TESTING & TRACKING
  22. 22. Litmus Live 2017 22 THANK YOU Litmus Live 2017 Marli Mesibov nhmackin Jon Mackin marsinthestars Mad*Pow