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Email Marketing for Fitness Professionals


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Loads of fitness professionals are striking out on their own. While these fitness pros know a thing or two about how to perform the perfect squat, many are newbies when it comes to marketing. Here are some tips for fitness pros to craft great email newsletters!

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Email Marketing for Fitness Professionals

  1. 1. What Email Marketing Can Do For Your Business C°"Vr"°e P"°5P8ctive clients to subscribe by offering tons of’ valuable 5liow cfi ' */ what y‘IZ’Z§5. of’ results you get / Keep current clients engaged, '"r°"'"8Ol. and encouraged 8 Things Fitness Pros can do to Create a Lean, Mean, Email Machine: 0 O O ’(‘ ‘ ’ >“‘/ ‘ ’ I. Make it easy to ioin your email list Include a signup form on your website and Facebook page. Add newly enrolled clients to your list. You can also automate this with a customer relationship management (CRM) software integration. 0 ® 62 2. Collect (and share) client testimonials There's no better way to promote your business than to let your clients do the talking! Ask current clients if they'd be willing to write a short testimonial for you. Then share a new testimonial in each newsletter. 3. Share a quick at-home workout Current and prospective clients alike will enjoy learning quick workouts they can do at home. Kristin from Take it Outside! Fitness in Portland, OR, does this in her newsletter: Kristin’: lllilllilll Wlrliillt c nut. (41. (L1 (at, man ruc. ‘uI (q 7). u'Iu (mfin. him). 0 innarlsailnals 0 sasal-saitnali-Dr IiC~oiuD11l&d&X jhjillqjfifld tcunlnfidooiflbuutn-Q2 ‘ D hnzaullofihnbocmupngqhc . ' nfi—I¢ . ' a and o-noun. -an-sue -nu -qua Ilgsiultiicvcrilaairmes _; _-3-_”_-‘ __~ -- ___- ~ . qljhhnnalhldfinlfiuhi I - 0 mum 6aIIccIcpp$0n. bIn&du&luIhc! .o0uOcI&l bjn0uuOoI; ~lap| Qdn: IQhvI@-@I. Idlbl Oi Ojhnlfijkj Ofisfl an----to-40-I-‘II In-. ann. .Iuupu-mu: -on-n-uclabouuqu. Aijbuthtlunhbfifihfitmuflilér . . fikfij. ftlflfilfi ""°"°'°*“"'-""""*‘°"“"""‘* 4. Give shout-outs to individual clients Just about everyone appreciates a pat on the back — especially when they're working their fall off! Tadda of Tadda's Fitness Center near Atlanta does a great job of this in her email newsletter. She uses fun photos of clients getting their sweat on: SNAPSHOTS OF THE WEEK Happy B-nhday / L sc 5 5. Share recipes and grocery shopping tips If your fitness business includes nutrition coaching, use your newsletter to share your expertise! Help your clients stay on track between coaching sessions with healthy recipes, grocery shopping tips, and advice about eating well away from home. 6. Be yourself! Finally, be sure to set yourself apart. Explain your unique approach to fitness training and coaching. Share a bit about your personality and outside interests. You might not be the best trainer for everyone, but you're the perfect trainer for the right people. And the goal of email marketing is to find — and hopefully work with — the right people! http: //wvvw. takeitoutsidefitness. com/ http: //www. taddasfitness. com/ http: //biog. madmimi. com/ email-marketing-for- fitness-professiona| s/ p oooo red by 'l'”" P'| t h T gi #5 I( OC O! ’ I_. - make information beautiful