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Marketo vs Pardot Comparison


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Marketing Technology (MarTech) advisory services from Dan Radu, President at Macromator Inc.

A third party objectives review from hands-on experience in both marketing automation platforms. This guide is meant to help companies and marketing teams understand how the two platforms compare and contrast.

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Marketo vs Pardot Comparison

  1. 1. Marketo vs Pardot December 2017 An in-depth guide helping savvy marketers compare Marketo vs Pardot, especially what these marketing technologies (MarTech) can really do for you Dan Radu © Macromator Inc MarTech Advisory Services
  2. 2. Salesforce CRM Integration Marketo  Salesforce custom fields automatically show up in Marketo  The values of the custom fields show up in Marketo within minutes  You can run Marketo queries within minutes of adding your custom fields with no manual process What does it really mean?  Less hassle… more time marketing Pardot  Salesforce custom fields need to be manually mapped over into Pardot  Custom fields values need to be manually synced over to Pardot  Manual process is required to run your queries based on custom fields What does it really mean?  Hassle and manual processes © Macromator Inc 1
  3. 3. Marketing Channels and Data Sources Marketo Marketo LaunchPoint is a rich ecosystem where you can find a variety of MarTech working together with your Marketo marketing automation platform. Pardot Pardot Connectors are a limited number of MarTech which work together with your Pardot marketing automation platform. © Macromator Inc 2
  4. 4. Lifecycle Marketing Marketo Revenue Cycle Model (RCM) is a customizable process builder for lead management.  Stages and transitions are customizable How does this help you?  Tracking of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) can be very specific  Allows detour stages such as Recycle or Nurture or Disqualified  Takes longer to set-up and test Pardot Lifecycle Report is just a funnel report with no real lead management capabilities.  Stages and transitions are not customizable How does this help you?  Hard to identify and focus on your marketing qualified leads (MQLs)  No ability to track detours such as Recycle or Nurture or Disqualified  No set up time required © Macromator Inc 3
  5. 5. Lifecycle Marketing Marketo Pardot © Macromator Inc 4
  6. 6. Lead Nurture & Drip Marketing Marketo The Engagement Engine allows you organize your sequence of touch points in streams. These streams can be address messages at different lifecycle stages, personas, products. You have several flexible ways to:  transition between streams  use different channels as touch-points  add additional content or touch-points at the end of the sequence What does this mean?  More flexibility  Takes longer to set-up and test Pardot The Engagement Studio gives you a visual canvas to build a workflow which sends emails in a sequence or trigger other actions. You have:  limitation in the way you flow through the logic  only emails can be touch-points  no real ability to add additional touch-points at the end of the sequence What does this mean?  Less flexibility  Easier to set-up and test © Macromator Inc 5
  7. 7. Lead Nurture & Drip Marketing Marketo Pardot © Macromator Inc 6
  8. 8. Doing More Marketing Faster Marketo Pardot  Allows you to package your whole campaign into a Program  You can easily clone the Program and all the automation workflows What does it mean?  Marketing Programs can be easily reproduced  Allows you to create marketing templates  Faster to to set-up programs based on templates  Allows you tie all your marketing assets into a Campaign  You can not replicate all the marketing assets of a campaign in one-shot What does it mean?  Everything must be manually reproduced  Takes longer to build templates © Macromator Inc 7
  9. 9. Final Thoughts Marketo Marketo empowers marketers to do more marketing overall. More expensive overall More automations Better Salesforce CRM integration More marketing channels connected Supports you as your marketing becomes more sophisticated Pardot Great solutions for companies who are getting started with marketing automation. Lower cost More manual process Shortcomings in Salesforce CRM integration Good enough for basic marketing automation practices Hard to scale or grow marketing operations © Macromator Inc 8
  10. 10. Vocabulary © Macromator Inc. Private & Confidential 9 Marketo Salesforce Pardot Leads / Person Prospect Program Campaign Smart List Dynamic List Analytics Reports Engagement Engine Engagement Studio Sales Insights in Salesforce Pardot Activities in Salesforce Smart Campaign Trigger Automation Rules Analytics Reporting Revenue Cycle Modeler (RCM) Lifecycle Embedded Forms Form Handlers Design Studio Content Files
  11. 11. Dan Radu Founder & President Macromator Inc. Marketing Operations & MarTech Agency http://MOps.Agency +1 647 760 8629  Marketo Certified Expert  Certified Pardot Consultant © Macromator Inc 10