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Marketing Automation 101


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The Basics of Marketing Automation

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  • Marketing Automation works best for:

    1. Complex buying processes where prospects must be educated. Emails, Webinars and White Papers help move leads down the sales pipeline.

    2. Long buying cycles where a purchase takes time to be approved and often different decision makers are involved. Leads must be nurtured through the buying process and content must be catered towards for all decision makers

    Marketing Automation is a middle of the sales funnel activity. Leads are selected and moved down the funnel. Inquires are transformed in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), and then into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) before sales takes over.

    How the Marketing Automation Cycle Works?

    A typical automation cycle involves a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Organizations have a brand, products and/or services they want to promote to their audience. This can be their existing customers, a list of leads or new contacts they want to engage with. A single marketing automation systems will allow them to use different marketing tactics such as email, webinars, social media, white papers, blog posts and articles. The content is targeted and segmented with specific messages personalized for everyone.

    As people interact with the marketing activities of the organization their level of engagement and behaviour is monitored and logged. A lead score is created to index the attractiveness of a lead. All this information is pushed into the CRM system where sales Reps can see full history of marketing interactions and understand the specific interest for the leads generated.
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Marketing Automation 101

  1. 1. MarketingAutomation 101 Macromator
  2. 2. What it isThe streamline and automationof marketing tasks so companiescan increase operationalefficiency and grow revenuefaster.
  3. 3. Works Best For• Complex Buying Processes –• Long Buying Cycles –
  4. 4. Middle of the Funnel Inbound Marketing Marketing Automation Sales
  5. 5. How it Works CRMYOU CUSTOMERS
  6. 6. The Point is• Generation of Leads• Tracking Marketing ROI• Automation or Processes
  7. 7. Benefits• Agencies – –• Small Medium Size Businesses – – – – –
  8. 8. Contact UsMacromator