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GDPR: What Marketing Operations Need to Know


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Quick Wins and Full Actions which marketing operations departments using Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Marketing Cloud or Act-On and Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing automation need to be aware of.

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GDPR: What Marketing Operations Need to Know

  1. 1. Dan Radu President Macromator Inc. +1 647 760 8629 Any information provided here is not legal advice; it is designed to highlight tools, techniques, and services that can help you with your compliance programs. For legal advice, you should consult with your own legal counsel. GDPR Compliance What Marketing Operations Needs to Know
  2. 2. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) © Macromator Inc. 2 • What: Replaces Data Protection Directive (DPD) • When: May 25, 2018 • Who is Protected: EU Citizens and Visitors in EU Premise • Why: 4% of Global Revenue or €20M Penalties
  3. 3. Our Perspective © Macromator Inc. 3 • GDPR is massive and difficult to understand • Its not game over for marketers • Think of the changes needed as a trust building exercise • Marketing operations plays a key role
  4. 4. What You Should Do (Quick Wins) © Macromator Inc. 4  Audit Your Database to Identify EU Data  Update Preference Communications Center  Update Forms Non Required Opt-in Checkbox Link to Privacy Policy  Update Cookies to Request Explicit Consent  Document Origin of Records Lead Source, Created Date, Opt-in Language Verify Location  Update Your Privacy Policy
  5. 5. What You Should Do (Full Action) © Macromator Inc. 5  Data Protection by Design and Default  Lawfulness of Processing  Conditions for Consent  Security of Processing  Data Subject Rights & Information  Data Inventory  Data Protection Impact Assessments  Data Protection Officer  Controller-Processor Relationships  Data Breach Reporting
  6. 6. References © Macromator Inc. 6 GDPR – – Full GDPR Lex – GDPR FAQ Assessments – Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Self Assessment – ITTRUST.EU Certifications: – Certification Europe – The Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM)
  7. 7. Dan Radu Principal Consultant +1 647 760 8629 © Macromator Inc.  Marketing Operations Support  Marketing Database Management  Marketing Automation Implementation  CRM Consulting MOps.Agency The Marketing Operations Experts