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My proposal

  1. 1. MY PROPOSALWhere’s The Elephant
  2. 2. IDEA SUMMERY Detective Hunter is put on the case of tracking down the smooth psycho killer, known only by his alias “The Elephant”Seemingly Unprovoked and meticulous in his spotless crime scenes, The only thing we have on the elephant is his name, and a small gift cactus which he leaves on the doorstep of his next victim. It is Hunters Job to find The Elephant and put a stop to his wild, gruesome killings, as the cacti begin to be left closer and closer to his own doorstep.It’s your typical film noir thriller, just based on a modern day computer game with bad graphics and an awesome soundtrack (The game, not the film)
  3. 3. GROUP ROLESAs the general idea and script are both products of my mind, I am going to direct it, so as to be sure that it gives of the right kind of vibe that I had envisioned. Alex’s editing skills, as proved in our audience research task and his ownprelim, are superb. So seeing as editing is his forte, it seems only fair that that is the role Alex plays in the production of the film. Silent but deadly, the mighty Geoffrey will be most suited to sound and camera. So that is what he will be doing.
  4. 4. CHARACTERSDetective HunterHunter’s Girlfriend The Elephant Elephant’s Wife Banks The milkman Press CSICurious onlookers
  5. 5. INFLUENCESOur film idea is based on the terrible online computer game called where’s the elephant. The game consists of finding an elephant on a screen full of sand, with a cactus the only object it can hide behind, which it rarely does. The game issimple, yet it still takes people a while on first playing it to realise that’s all it is. Part of the game that also influenced our film idea (Apart from the Hunter vs. Elephant thing) was the soundtrack. We will incorporate this by having the elephant whistle this.
  6. 6. LOCATIONS The only locations we will need are: A woodland area (Night) A Shed (Day) A house for the elephant (Day) A house for Hunter (Day) A front doorstep (Day)A front garden for the crime scene (Day)
  7. 7. COSTUMES & PROPS. Elephant: Grey suit, Gloves, Hat/Mask, white shirt, Black shoes and tie.Knife, Framed photo of real elephant, Statue of Hindu elephant god. Hunter: Scruffy blazer and trousers, old black tie, hat. Toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, phone. Elephants wife: White blouse, Long blue skirt, Light ballet pumps, Cross pendant. Flowers, mirror, breakfast things on a table.
  8. 8. COSTUMES AND PROPS CONTINUED… Hunter’s Girlfriend: Old baggy t-shirt, Slippers, pyjama shorts. Sheets to sort in the background. Milkman: White coat, white hat, casual trousers and top. Milk bottles & bum bag. Banks: Long trench coat, smart clothing (Somewhat officey) Press/ Curious onlookers/ CSIWhatever they turn up in costume wise apart from CSI who’ll need suits or overalls & onlookers may be in Pyjamas. Cameras
  9. 9. SOUNDTRACKIncorporating the soundtrack of the game here and there may be good, But will be difficult to fit in appropriately. I would like to involve a child singing “Where’s the elephant?, Where’s the elephant?” which could work, I would like to figure out a way in which it would sound like its going round the killers head.
  10. 10. EFFECTSSmooth transitions and continuity editing. Low camera angles High camera angles Sound Bridging