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Location recce

  1. 1. LOCATION RECCE For the Elephant
  2. 2. LOCATION 1 Location: My Shed Date and Time: Any day from what I know, For optimum lighting film any time before half three to be on the safe side. Access: Easily accessible with lots of space around it to film from. Lighting: Natural lighting up til around four-ish, then dark. Will only need Natural lighting.Hazards: It is winter and the shed is outside (as most sheds are) If the weather is rainy it may mess up the electrical equipment. Suitability: Fairly suitable, sets the scene for the first scene, easily accessible and the weather can be worked around.
  3. 3. LOCATION 2 Location: Inside the Shed Date and time: Again, there’s no man made lighting, So any time before half three will be fine, any day. Access: It’s my shed, in my back garden, so there is pretty much constantaccess to it. It is quite small though, so may be a little difficult to film in unless I take the bikes out of it first. Lighting: Only natural, so may need to film early in the day. Hazards: There are a few tools in there, like saws and drills, but as long asnobody waves their arms about too much and nobody touches them, that’ll be fine. Suitability: Not perfect location, but its what we need and all errors can be worked around.
  4. 4. LOCATION 3 Location: My Bathroom Date and time: Any Access: Again, it’s in my home, so we can get there whenever. There may bean issue in that my sister might do her best to get in the way of filming, so we may have to attempt at filming whilst she’s out of the house. Lighting: We have lighting in the bathroom already, so we’re all good there. Hazards: It’s fairly small so people may trip on the equipment, solving that is just a case of being careful. Suitability: It fits in with what we need, has the right layout for our filming and stuff like that. It’s the best we.,ve got, so it’ll have to do.
  5. 5. LOCATION 4 Location: My Dining roomDate and time: Any day apart from Thursday of Tuesday, when my dad uses it as an office. Access: It’s a large space with plenty of room to film from various different angles. Lighting: Plenty of natural lighting, electric too. Hazards: The kittens are allowed to roam free there, so it’ll just be a case of keeping them from the equipment. Suitability: I reckon it is the most suitable place to film.
  6. 6. LOCATION 5 Location: My front door Date and time: anytime before half three Access: It’s just off a main road, so it may be best to film there during workhours, so traffic noise is at a minimum. Easy to get there though and plenty of space to film. Lighting: Natural and street lights, but the street lights won’t really cut the mustard as far as lighting goes. Hazards: Just off a main road, so we do get the occasional speeding maniacracing down my road. It’s just a case of staying on the path and not filming on the road, which is fine. Suitability: 8/10?
  7. 7. LOCATION 6 Location: Crime scene (Mel’s Front Garden)Date and time: This will have to be arranged at a later date, as we have yet to ask Mel’s permission. Access: Easy to get there as it’s just a short walk away from school, just enough space to film. Lighting: Natural, so it would be best to film during daytime.Hazards: There is a road right in front of it, not a busy one as she lives in a close, but accidents can happen. Suitability: Again, it’s not perfect, but it’s the best we have for now.