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Sample Work TV Ad 2)

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Sample Work TV Ad 2)

  1. 1. SFX: UPBEAT HAPPY MUSIC UP AND UNDER ANNCR: Do you want to go out for a treat with your friends, but can’t decide on a place that everyone enjoys? Check out the Frozen Yogurt Shoppe downtown Whitewater, where they have combinations that satisfy everyone’s cravings.
  2. 2. With over ten different yogurt choices per week, this family-owned frozen yogurt shop will definitely impress you!
  3. 3. They have healthy options for the friends on a diet, and delicious naughty toppings for the ones who caved in! HOURS: 10am- 11pm 7 DAYS A WEEK! PHONE: 920-796-0086 Located at one fifty-nine West Main Street downtown Whitewater, right across from Rosa’s pizza Open from eleven am to ten pm, seven days a week! SFX: UPBEAT HAPPY MUSIC OUT