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Sample Work (Client Campaign)

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Sample Work (Client Campaign)

  1. 1. Dig Panici Classic CLIENT: UWW Volleyball Campaign Project: Electronic Media Copywriting Spring 2015 By: Mackenzie Jordan
  2. 2. My Client UWW Volleyball Program Division Three My Third Year Season Fall August-November
  3. 3. Background 2010 Graduate of Peotone High School (IL) UWW Freshman Fall 2010 Incredible drive to compete Pride in Warhawk Athletics “I love to sweat” Stage four brain cancer  1st semester Extensive physical therapy  Learned to walk and move arm again Supported volleyball team Passed away Wed. December 26, 2012 Survived by  Mother (Mary)  Father (Michael)  Brothers (Alec & Michael)  Sister (Leslie)Lisa Panici 2010
  4. 4. Lisa Panici Locker Room Dedication
  5. 5. Campaign DIG PANICI CLASSIC 3rd annual event Match at 7pm Opponent: St. Catherine’s University All proceeds go to Scholarship Fund Lisa Panici Locker Room open to public for viewing Appearance by Panici Family
  6. 6. Radio Ad Emotional appeal • Sad music Announcers • Teammates
  7. 7. TelevisionAd
  8. 8. Television Ad SFX: CROUD CHEERING SOFTLY UP AND UNDER FEMALE 1: On October twenty third the UWW Warhawks will take on the St. Catherine’s University Wildcats in an epic volleyball match, marking the third year anniversary of the Dig Panici Classic. SFX: CROWD CHEERING SOFTLY OUT
  9. 9. FEMALE 2: This match honors former teammate, Lisa Panici, whose life was taken by brain cancer in December, two thousand twelve. FEMALE 1: All proceeds go directly to the Lisa Panici Scholarship Fund set up by her parents to help a student come back to school after overcoming and adversity.
  10. 10. SFX: CROWD CHEERING UP AND UNDER FEMALE 2: Come out and support the Warhawks as they raise awareness for brain cancer in Lisa’s honor, at seven pm on October twenty third at the Williams Center. SFX: CROWD CHEERING OUT UWW VOLLEYBALL DIG PANICI CLASSIC OCTOBER 23RD 2015 7PM WILLIAMS CENTER
  11. 11. Working With the Client CHALLENGES: • Emotional • Very invested • High expectations Associate Head Coach: BEN STAUPE
  12. 12. Meeting Client Needs Main Focus Points From Client •Scholarship Funds •Reach Whitewater Community •Third Annual Event How Points Were Covered in Ads Ads would be aired on local Whitewater/ Janesville/ Milton radio and television stations to reach WW community.
  13. 13. What have you learned? What would you do differently? What worked well?

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