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What to expect from reporters


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A quick overview of what to expect from reporters, especially geared for those who may be dealing with the media for the first time. From

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What to expect from reporters

  1. 1. Mack Communications WHAT TO EXPECT FROM REPORTERS
  2. 2. If you’re preparing to face the media or engage in a one-on-one interview, you may be wondering what to expect. •What are reporters like? •What are they after? •What are they thinking? What to expect
  3. 3. The answers vary, depending on the subject and the reporter’s experience. But, overall, reporters are all after the same thing: A STORY! Reporters want…
  4. 4. GOAL The more you help the media tell their story, the more valuable you become. As a result, the better your chances of getting your own story across.
  5. 5. Life of a reporter It’s important to remember the life of a reporter: • Stretched thin • Working under tight deadlines • No time to chit chat Return their calls as promptly as possible.
  6. 6. Before you start DO…know what a reporter has written about your industry or organization. DON’T…assume the reporter is out to get you. Most reporters try to be fair.
  7. 7. BALANCE Be prepared and offer a compelling message. It’s more likely the story will be positive and put you in the best light possible. Most reporters want your side of the story.
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  9. 9. So you have a great story and you want it to drive more business … Mack Communications can help with that.
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