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What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media

  1. What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media! What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media! Pic via Flickr user Mack Collier, Social Media Consultant Twitter - @MackCollier email -
  2. Why Do Rockstars Have ‘Fans’ and Companies Have ‘Customers’?
  3. 4 Reasons
  4. 1 – Rockstars are fans themselves
  6. I work with these people to create quality content that we hope connects with our readers and helps underscore the fact that the people behind the products at Graco are on the same journey our consumers are on or are headed on. -Lindsay Lebresco, Graco’s Social Media Manager
  7. 18 months after the blog’s launch, online mentions had almost doubled … … and positive mentions had increased from 68% to 83%
  8. 2 – Rockstars look for ways to shift control to fans
  10. “ We want our fans to get into the music and also support us by buying our records. We trust that our fans won't abuse the availability and that makes for a great relationship .” - Molly Neuman, manager for The Donnas
  11. Fiskars lets their evangelists speak for them… … so their message is more relevant and in a voice customers can relate to.
  12. 3 – Rockstars find the ‘Bigger Idea’
  17. “ I wanted a video that wasn’t about me and wasn’t preachy, but one that would help shine a light on the tragedy and turmoil in the world and also show the beauty and strength of the human spirit . ” Sarah McLachlan
  18. So what does the Bigger Idea mean for social media?
  19. Find the ‘bigger idea’… … that makes your content valuable and relevant to others.
  20. Kodak doesn’t blog about their cameras, they blog about photography
  21. Instead of posting about How to Use LinkedIn… … this post shows readers how to use LinkedIn to get a job .
  22. Even Rockstars Screw Up Sometimes…
  23. 4 – Rockstars embrace their fans
  26. #LOFNOTC netted Amanda $11,000 in two hours on Twitter
  27. “ The irony is that I just made more money in one night making a joke on Twitter , than I have made the entire year on record royalties.” -Amanda Palmer
  28. Wow they use Twitter just like we do!
  30. “ The ROI for our social media outreach has been better than for any other form of advertising for us .” - Jessica Berlin, Cirque du Soleil’s social media manager
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