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Mobile Enterprise Apps and GPU Virtualization


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Bitfusion AMIs and GPU expertise in combination with AWS enabled Apposphere to quickly take their new Deep Learning powered Real-Time Leads Generation Platform AINGINE from prototype to production, and allow it to scale 60% month over month while keeping customer satisfaction high.

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Mobile Enterprise Apps and GPU Virtualization

  2. 2. 2 4PROBLEM VS SOLUTION PROBLEM • Spending too much time and money acquiring sales leads • Adwords across all industries (2016): • Click-through-rate = 1.91% on search / 0.35% on display • Cost-per-click = $2.32 on search / $0.58 on display • Insurance CPC = $54.91 • Attorney CPC = $47.12 • Cold Calling = Intrusive AINGINE • Real-Time Customer needs • Accuracy of sales leads is close to 90% • Additional details about the lead to make the sales process smooth (positive & negative sentiments) VS AINGINE SOLUTION
  3. 3. 3 3AINGINE - EXAMPLE EXAMPLE: AUTO DEALERS Real-Time Engagement Notify Capture Real Need AINGINE
  4. 4. 4 4AINGINE - EXAMPLE EXAMPLE: WELLNESS & FITNESS Capture Real Need Notify Real-Time Engagement AINGINE
  5. 5. 5 6AINGINE AINGINE • Social Media Lead Generator • Industry and Geography based • Real-time customer’s needs • Gain Insights with Sentiment Analysis on user brand perception (own or competitors) • AI-Based (NLP, Deep Learning & Machine Language) • Registered Trademark & Patent Pending AINGINE
  6. 6. 6 7APP MOBILE APP
  7. 7. 8 9INTERNALS Social Media Feed Aingine (Coming Soon) Web iOS Android Salesforce Third Party Platform Oracle Other CRM AingineServer EC2 RDS AppServer S3 Storage RDS EC2 Deep Learning AMI Deep Learning Service
  8. 8. Software Defined Machine Configs Speed TCO Ease of Use
  9. 9. Bitfusion App Specific AMIs We have optimized images for model training on AWS Marketplace + + Front-end dev in your browser *Many of our AMIs feature our proprietary Boost technology which allows for easy cluster configurations across multiple EC2 instances for large scale compute jobs. Production (Training) Prototyping (Dev) Scale (Inference)
  10. 10. Bitfusion Amazon Machine Images We have AMIs for easy deployment and interaction via RESTful APIs: Example: Bitfusion Mobile Deep Learning Service • Train a model using one of the AMIs on the pervious slide • We have a flow to package it as a Docker container • And Deploy it as a GPU accelerated service with a REST API *We also offer AMIs for developers in need of image manipulation, transcoding, and rendering services.
  11. 11. Getting Started All Bitfusion Amazon Machine Images are available on the AWS Marketplace and can be launched via one-click. Simply Search for Bitfusion in the search box: Interested in trying one of our Mobile Services AMIs? Simply email us at and we will get you started with $250 in AWS infrastructure credits.
  12. 12. 13 13CONCLUSION CONCLUSION • Next Gen Lead Generator: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & Machine Learning Logic • Provides ability to respond immediately to sales triggers • Built completely on AWS • Easily deployable instances • Highly scalable • Soon to be released in AWS Marketplace as stand alone solution for other technologies AINGINE