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Jonas, the animated series


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Jonas is an only child in a humble
family in a humble neighbourhood. He
hasn´t got many toys and the ones he
has aren´t very good and he lives in a
tiny flat.
What he lacks in material things, he
makes up for with his imagination:
his bed is a spaceship, the bathtub is a
ravenous monster, his teddy bear is a
magic oracle, the stairs... the stairs are a
galaxy waiting to be explored!

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Jonas, the animated series

  1. 1. The animated Series w w w . j o n a s e r i es . c o m
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. Introd u c t i o n Childhood isn´t always a succession of colourful snapshots of happy families gathered round the fireplace. That´s why Jonas doesn´t live in a perfect world, even he is far from perfection, but that doesn´t stop him from being happy. Sometimes he has to make use of his imagination to get on with things. Isn´t that something that we´d like to get across to children? A vision of childhood closer to the real life of many children who watch the TV in Spain and in Europe, it can also be constructive and fun. 4
  4. 4. G ENERAL C HA R AC TE R I STI C S Title: Jonas Format: 26 x 5’ Animation: 2D Flash Target Audience: 6-10 Languajes available: No dialogues 5
  5. 5. WHO I S JO N A S? He´s ugly, clumsy, nervous and a bit grumpy, but we love him anyway! Jonas has got his faults, but he has two fundamental virtues: he never gives up and he´s always ready to learn new things. Jonas is an only child in a humble family in a humble neighbourhood. He hasn´t got many toys and the ones he has aren´t very good and he lives in a tiny flat. What he lacks in material things, he makes up for with his imagination: his bed is a spaceship, the bathtub is a ravenous monster, his teddy bear is a magic oracle, the stairs... the stairs are a galaxy waiting to be explored! 6
  6. 6. WHERE D O E S JO N A S L I V E ? Like many young Spanish television viewers, Jonas lives in one of the many typical working class neighbourhoods so common on the outskirts of Spanish and European cities. A scenario like this may not seem very light-hearted, but to Jonas it´s a universe, full of friends, magical corners and treasures to be discovered. Of course, it´s also the place where he will learn that sometimes, a child will do well to be careful. 7
  7. 7. M AIN C HA R AC TE R S 8
  8. 8. Our little star. The boy that few of us could admire, but one who we can all identify with. Like so many of us in our childhood, whatever Jonas can´t understand, he integrates into his fantasy world. Jonas isn´t always clever or brave, but his alter-egos are. That´s why we´ll see him as an intrepid space explorer, an epic warrior or a brave fireman. Above all else, he thinks the world of his grandmother (which doesn´t mean that he will do everything she tells him to) and his teddy bear. 9
  9. 9. H uan Huan is the only member of the gang who doesn´t live in the building. He´s always happy and he´s a friend you can always count on. Huan is a bit clumsy, but he always thinks things through with a cool head 10
  10. 10. SA iD Jonas´ best friend is a neighbour from their block of flats. Jonas´ grandma and Saïd´s mother don´t get on very well, but that doesn´t bother the boys. In the series we´ll see their first encounters and their first games together. Saïd isn´t such a daydreamer as Jonas, but he is much more practical. He´s braver, but he doesn´t do so many silly things. 11
  11. 11. TITAN He´s like Jonas: ugly and clumsy (and as if that wasn´t enough the poor thing´s got a limp), but we love him. Katy´s dog Titan is affectionate and really loves Jonas, but he isn´t exactly the most intelligent dog in the world. 12
  12. 12. KATY Pretty on the outside … and hell on earth on the inside! Jonas knows all about pain thanks to his neighbour, a little girl who enjoys making others suffer, especially Jonas! The question is: why is it that this girl is so well-behaved in front of everyone except Jonas? Maybe it´s because Jonas deserves it... 13
  13. 13. Seconda ry C ha r ac te r s 14
  14. 14. THE TEDDY BEAR To us he could seem like a plain old teddy bear that time hasn´t treated well, but to Jonas he is the most loyal of friends, the one who never lets him down, the perfect confidant. By just snuggling up next to him and smelling his familiar old smell, all Jonas´ problems seem much smaller. 15
  15. 15. JENNY Poor Jenny always dreamed of becoming a princess, now she has to make do with being a single mother in a working class neighbourhood. Perhaps that´s why she spoils her daughter Katy so much. After all she wants her to believe that she is a princess for as long as possible. Is Jenny superficial? No, she just thinks that if problems are on their way, it´s better if they catch you with your make- up on and wearing your best clothes and that it´s best not to take life too seriously. 16
  16. 16. T he D i no s aur In Jonas´ mind, it´s impossible that his grandmother and the ogre that tells him off and makes him do things that he doesn´t like doing are the same person. That´s why his grandmother sometimes transforms into the terrible dinosaur, a voracious and merciless monster who never hesitates to drag him through the house and make him have a bath. The dinosaur is fearsome, but in Jonas´ world which is loaded with symbolism, it´s often necessary. 17
  17. 17. GRANDMA Is Jonas an orphan? Or is it that his parents can´t be at home as much as they´d like to be? Or they don´t want to be. Perhaps we will never know. What we do know is that the one who looks after Jonas is grandma. She doesn´t always get it right, she isn´t always sweet and affectionate, but she does the best she can. It isn´t easy to take care of a naughty boy whose head is always in the clouds! 18
  18. 18. ¡The greatest Hero in humankind’s History! Well, this is the way Jonas sees Gigaman. He never misses his favorite animated TV show. Gigaman is bold, is brave, is invincible, never stops smiling. Jonas’s dream is to have every bit of merchandising realting Gigaman: DVDs, games, action figures, towels, comic-books... But, of course Granny can’t afford them. 19
  19. 19. THE ORACLE When Jonas feels a bit lost, the bear turns into a personal oracle, which makes us think that, we are probably seeing the representation his mind makes of his own common sense and his sense of moral principles. Of course we could be wrong. In Jonas´ imagination, the bear can be a giant statue in the jungle, the computer in a spaceship or a monk on the top of a column, but the Idol always appears to help our little star. 20
  20. 20. STORYLINES 21
  21. 21. EP. 01: T HE BATHTU B The dinosaur tries to take Jonas, the intrepid space explorer, to the lair that is the bathtub, a terrible child-eating monster. Jonas escapes and asks the Idol for more powerful weapons to kill the monsters, but the Idol suggests that he surrenders unless he wants to smell bad. Jonas isn´t sure about it, but he takes the advice. He takes out his flag and surrenders. In spite of the terror he feels he allows himself to be taken to the bathtub... and discovers that it´s great fun! 22
  22. 22. EP. 02 :T HE DOCTO R Jonas has got a temperature, but he tries to put the thermometer in cold water so that it doesn´t E P. 03: THE D ARK show. He´s scared of the doctor who he sees as a When the light goes out, terrible shadow- kind of alien who wants to experiment with him. monsters come out from under the It´s impossible to trick Grandma, who finally bed and surround him threateningly. calls the doctor. Seeing that he´s in a corner, Jonas asks his little bear for advice, Jonas decides to run away “Great Escape” who suggests that he enters the shadow- style. He lets his teddy bear in on the plan, monsters world. and explains how he´s going to make a tunnel leading out of the house. Armed with a torch, like a brave explorer, The bear tries to make Jonas see sense. With a Jonas goes under the bed and sees how cold like that he´s not going to get very far. He the shadow-monsters back away scared. has to get better first. They are just shadow children like him! Jonas doesn´t want to swallow the medicine, but they make him do it in the end. To his surprise, Jonas sleeps, surrounded by smiling he discovers that it tastes like strawberries. shadows. Besides, now he feels better and bit by bit his symptoms start to clear up. 23
  23. 23. E P. 04 : FAT HER CHRISTMA S It´s Christmas Eve and Jonas is excited because E P. 05: THE E N E M Y Father Christmas is coming. Jonas confesses to the bear that he has decided to stay awake, see Father Christmas and take a photo of him with his camera. The bear tries to convince him to go to bed, but Jonas doesn´t listen. Grandma is arguing on the landing Jonas hides and waits for the right moment as if with a neighbour. Jonas goes to the door he were a spy. Grandma tells Jonah off and then and sees the neighbour´s son who looks makes him go to bed. at him menacingly. Jonas stays awake. He hears a noise which comes from the street. He gets his camera out again but In the shop, buying bread, Jonas takes he discovers that it´s the neighbour´s dog. Jonas a baguette and uses it as a sword to falls asleep and dreams that Father Christmas fight off a few ogres. Suddenly, his asks him to go for a ride in his sleigh and feed neighbour appears from behind. the reindeers. The dream ends. Now it´s daytime and when The neighbour takes a baguette too Jonas wakes up Father Christmas has already and joins in the fight with the ogres. been and left him a wonderful present. Amazed, Grandma takes Jonas away, who waves Jonas discovers that there are some blades of goodbye to his neighbour. grass in his room like the ones he fed to the reindeer. Jonas smiles. Perhaps it wasn´t a dream after all. 24
  24. 24. E P. 06 : THE TO O TH R AT Jonas discovers that he´s got a wobbly tooth. When his grandma tells him about a rat called Perez who comes to collect the teeth, in Jonas´ mind he adopts the form of a gigantic rodent who comes to rob teeth. Jonas does everything he can to keep the tooth in its place, but the tooth falls out. Jonas can´t sleep. He hears a noise, and shuts his eyes tightly. He goes off to sleep. When he opens his eyes, the tooth isn´t there anymore. In its place the tooth rat has left him a coin! 25
  25. 25. EP. 07: T HE SHOES Jonas´ grandma has bought him some new shoes. Jonas imagines them to be some designer E p. 08: The P o stma n trainers and he imagines himself doing some Jonas is looking through a window when he impossibe slam-dunks. But they are exactly the sees a stranger walking to the building. It’s same shoes as the ones he had. the postman, but in Jonas’ mind it’s an alien invader bringing bad news. The new shoes make a noise when he walks. Jonas stops, but the noise continues. Jonas Jonas runs to the door. The postman rings the notices that his shoes are whispering to him. bell. Jonas tries to avoid grandma notice the Conspiring. bell. Jonas tries to run, but the shoes stay in exactly Grandma approaches the door. Jonas panics and the same place. The shoes race off, taking him tries to stop grandma, but he fails. Grandma through the house at full speed; defying the laws opens the door, say hello to the postman and of gravity, Jonas discovers that if he pulls the get the mail. shoelaces he can steer them. They are wild shoes which need to be tamed. There’s a postcard for Jonas. We don’t know ho’s sent it, but the child is very happy. Jonas look Grandma comes out of her room to see what´s at the postman, now a bright bringer of good going on. The shoes stop in their tracks. They news. are on the ceiling so she can´t see Jonas who is looking at everything upside down. When grandma goes, Jonas continues the race. 26
  26. 26. E P. 09 :THE O C E A N Sitting on the sofa, Jonas watches his favourite cartoon series: Gigaman! But he drops the remote control and the TV goes off. He´s about to get off the sofa to pick it up when he remembers that his grandmother has told him not to move because she has just mopped the floor. At that moment a crocodile appears. The floor has become a river and the living room is a jungle. He is no longer Jonas the boy, but Jonas the explorer. Jonas throws a bit of chewing gum at the crocodile who snaps it up in his jaws. The crocodile chews, but when he goes to open his mouth he blows a bubble which reaches the armchair. The force of the impact activates the mechanism which reclines the armchair and a footrest lifts up. Jonas moves along it and stretches to get the remote control. 27
  27. 27. E P. 10: THE WARDROB E E P. 1 1 : THE TA N TR U M The wind blows the wardrobe doors wide open. In Jonas is angry. There was only one strawberry Jonas´ imagination there are creatures which sweet left in the shop and the evil Katy snatched live in the wardrobe who are setting up a trap to it off him. Jonas tells the bear about his plans to catch him. get revenge. In the end his curiosity gets the better of him The bear explains to Jonas that revenge isn´t and sound judgement aside, Jonas goes over to good. But Jonas gets angry, gives the bear a the wardrobe and even gets into it. At precisely shove and goes off. When he returns to his room that moment, a gust of wind shuts the doors. he is horrified to discover that the bear is no longer there. Jonas starts to investigate like a The clothes come to life and suddenly he seems detective. Ideas start flashing through his mind. to be walking through a forest of shirts, trousers Some extraterrestrials have kidnapped the bear. and sheets. Jonas plucks up courage and decides The bear has decided to leave home. The bear has to become an errant knight who, wooden sword gone to live with Katy. in hand, battles against all of the creatures in the wardrobe. Jonas is sad because he has lost his friend. Tears run down his cheeks. He decides to go to the While he continues to push on through the bathroom to get some paper to blow his nose when magical kingdom of the wardrobe, Jonas even he receives a lovely surprise: the bear is there, enjoys facing up to the dangers and magical hanging up by some pegs! His grandmother creatures which he kills with his sword. had decided to wash him because he was dirty. The door opens again. Jonas feels that he has Jonas hugs his bear. won. Now he is the King of wardrobe land. 28
  28. 28. E P. 1 2: GR E Y R A I N Jonas gets everything ready to watch Gigaman! but there is interference and he can only see an annoying grey rain on the TV. Gigaman! appears running onto the screen and tries to get away, but a tentacle of grey rain wraps around the super hero. Jonas finds himself with Gigaman´s power wristband in his hand. He puts it on as if it were a belt. He takes a few felt-tip pens and enters the television screen. The monster is visible, enormous and full of tentacles. Gigaman! is caught up in one of them. Jonas presses a button, but the only thing to happen is that music, typical of that which you´d hear in a lift, starts to play. The monster catches Jonas, who manages to pull his stomach in and drop the wristband. Gigaman! gets his wristband back and frees himself, he rescues Jonas and escapes with him. The picture returns to the television screen. Jonas has drawn the whole scene in his childlike way with the felt-tip pens. The episode of Gigaman! has finished. The superhero flies on screen, turns and winks at Jonas. 29
  29. 29. E P. 13: THE L EAK E P. 1 4: THE B I R THD AY It´s Jonas´ birthday. The table is ready and Jonas is asleep one night while there is heavy waiting to receive his friends. In a flashback rain outside. A drop on the ceiling starts to take we see how one of his friends gives him a video shape in the middle of a damp patch. The drop game. His neighbour was given a talking doll falls. He wakes up. Jonas gets out of bed and etc. runs to get a beach bucket. He puts it on the bed to catch the drips. Happy, he looks at the damp But when his grandmother gives him his patch and laughs at it. present, Jonas discovers a remote-controlled car. Jonas gets angry and puts the car to one side. The damp patch becomes a gigantic spaceship. His friend, the bear, then convinces him to take The drops are rays which aim at a base, and he another look at the car. Jonas realizes that it has imagines himself in a control centre, checking turned into a Formula 1 racing car. that the shield will deflect each new ambush. Suddenly he is a racing driver competing on Really, he is arranging different toys so that a track full of obstacles. The room becomes a the water falls on them. His teddy bear has circuit in which there are thousands of dangers turned into a computer and Jonas is asking to avoid. Jonas drives the car and ends up him for a plan. The bear explains that there is an laughing loudly to himself. underground ship. Jonas gets in a lift and goes to the ship which is his potty. He steers it to add When his friends arrive at his home, they all his shield to that of the asteroid. Outside in the fight over who is going to play with the magic street, it stops raining. The spaceship-stain loses car which is proving to be so much fun for power and stops shooting rays. Jonas goes back the little boy. Jonas hugs his grandmother, to sleep and dreams about the stars. knowing that she has given him the best present possible. It´s the best birthday he has ever had. 30
  30. 30. E P. 1 5: THE N E I GHB O UR There´s a visitor in Jonas´ house: it´s Katy, Jenny´s little, angelical daughter. When grandma leaves her on her own with Jonas, Katy becomes a terrifying being who enjoys terrorising Jonas. She rummages through the drawers, breaks Jonas´ toys and throws the contents of the shelves on the floor. When grandma comes to see what´s going on, Katy becomes the little angel she always is and it seems that Jonas is to blame. The dinosaur- grandmother scolds the boy. Grandma pops out for a moment to do the shopping, leaving the two children alone. Jonas runs away from Katy. He tries to hide himself in the wardrobe, but she always finds him. His evil neighbour takes his teddy bear. Jonas plucks up courage and fights for his friend. In the scuffle they break a vase. When his grandmother sees the broken vase she transforms into the dinosaur, but then Katy admits that it was her. And as she puts her angelic face on again, grandma forgets about the incident. The little girl goes home leaving Jonas confused. 31
  31. 31. E P. 16: PUNISHED Jonas finishes a biscuit and asks his grandmother for another. Grandma tells him he can´t have one. Jonas doesn´t see his grandmother walk away, instead he sees a sour-faced monster and he has E P. 1 7 :I N SPAC E turned into an intrepid explorer. Jonas opens the doors of the kitchen dresser and uses them as a ladder to get to the sink. When he gets to the jar of biscuits, a mechanism is activated and the whole An immense, intricately designed temple starts to shake. spaceship, almost like a cathedral. Jonas looks at the ship stuffed into in a Really, he has leaned on the shelf holding the jar, claustrophobic spacesuit. It´s his first causing it to give way. The jar starts to roll, and day at school! He turns around and Jonas escapes “chased” by a great big ball. The jar falls and smashes into pieces. His grandmother says goodbye to his grandmother. Jonas looks at him from the kitchen doorway with her is scared. Suddenly a girl with flowers hands on her hips. in her hair passes by. She smiles. Jonas has been punished without television. Jonas Jonas imagines himself to be on the protests: Gigaman! is about to start and it´s the episode where he comes face to face with a giant bridge of a spaceship with clean, dragon. Jonas asks his teddy bear for advice, pleasant lines. He gives an order. The but the bear doesn´t answer. Jonas watches his elegant ship enters into hiperspace. shadow on the wall. He takes a Gigaman! action figure with one hand and makes the shape of the dragon´s mouth with the other and recreates the episode he has missed with shadows on the wall. 32
  32. 32. E P. 1 8: THE KI TE Jonas and his neighbours Katy, Said and Huan play in the park. Suddenly, an enormous kite with no apparent owner glides towards the park. The kite falls on the top of the castle, a structure made of tubes, nets, boards and ropes. Jonas no longer sees his friends but two pirates. He carries on walking pretending that he hasn´t noticed, approaching the castle. Katy orders Huan to hold him back. In Jonas´ imagination, he nimbly avoids the pirate´s lunges. Jonas runs towards the castle, to where Katy has already arrived. Each of them taking a different route, they manage to get to the upper part of the castle/boat, but they hinder each other and, in the end, the kite soars up and lands on an even higher place. They realize that if they work together they can get the kite. Katy and Huan join hands to help Jonas up, who manages to hold on to the kite´s tail by his finger tips. In the end, the children run around the park playing with the kite. 33
  33. 33. E P. 19: THE SPIDER E P. 20: THE GL A SSE S Jonas´ room has got a new occupant: a spider Grandma asks Jonas to go and fetch her glasses which has spun a web in one of the corners of from her room. Grandma´s sinister room can his room. Jonas does everything possible to get be seen from the living room with its door the spider out of his room and breaks the web half-open. Old, wooden furniture which is over thinking that the problem´s been solved. elaborate and heavy adorns the room, presided by an enormous bed. Jonas goes cautiously But the next day he discovers that the spider towards the glasses which are on the bedside has spun a new web. Jonas prepares all kinds table. It seems to him that bats are coming out of tricks to get rid of his annoying room mate. of the wardrobe, and that there are dark tentacles Suddenly a fly comes into the room and under the bed and strange shadows are moving doesn´t stop annoying Jonas who tries to get rid around him. of it to no avail. He gets the glasses and starts to leave with them The fly makes the mistake of going too close to but when he sees his reflection in the mirror, the spider´s web and is attacked by the spider. he drops the glasses which fly in slow-motion Jonas watches the spectacle enthusiastically, towards the floor. He jumps through the air to which in his imagination turns into a gigantic catch them, but he deflects them and they land fight between a spaceship (the fly) and an army on the mattress, bouncing onto Jonas´ face, of robots and laser beams. Finally the spider landing on his nose. Suddenly, Jonas sees the wins and the fly is defeated. room through his grandmother´s eyes. It is then that Jonas changes his opinion of the It´s well-lit, clean, and the furniture is lovely. spider and starts to consider it to be a valuable Then, he sees himself in the mirror and sees ally instead of an enemy. And instead of a good-looking, smiling boy. Jonas returns destroying the spider´s web he decides to protect it. Now Jonas and the spider are friends. to the living room, gives the glasses to his grandmother along with a kiss. 34
  34. 34. E P. 21 : THE D O G Jonas is waiting for the lift with his grandmother. Jenny comes along with his dog Titan which has wheels in the place of its hind legs. To Jonas he seems to be a ferocious wolf with a flea collar and wooden wheels with sharp blades. The trip to the fourteenth floor seems to take forever. Jonas doesn´t stop screaming, terrified the whole way, whilst his grandmother, Janny and Titan completely ignore him. When they finally reach the fourteenth floor, Jenny and Titan are first to get out and go towards the door to his house. Grandmother leaves Jonas on the floor while she looks for her keys. Jenny lets go of the lead and takes out her keys. Jonas hears a noise which comes from Titan´s wheels and he stops, turns around and sees the dog behind him. He imagines the ferocious dog is going to eat him up, but all he does is to give him a loud lick. After that he turns around and goes back to his owner. Jonas enters his house. At night, in bed, he smiles and touches his cheek just before he drops off to sleep. And he dreams that he rides on Titan´s back through magical lands. 35
  35. 35. E P. 22: THE ANT S Jonas is looking at a Gigaman! comic until a E P. 23: MAGI C C A R P ET small movement grabs his attention. A crumb from one of his biscuits seems to have come to life. Some small ants seem to be responsible. Jonas is in his living room, hypnotised He decides to observe them through a magnifying glass. He has now turned into by the TV. Bathed in the yellowy light Jonas the scientist. Jonas imagines a machine of the TV, the living room is uglier than which can reduce him in size. He gets a ever. Grandma switches the TV off. breadcrumb and joins the procession. The ants whistle a happy tune while they travel home. Jonas gets angry and grandma sends Suddenly, a teaspoon falls off a plate and the table shakes. To Jonas and his friends, it´s him to his room. Jonas asks the bear/ an earthquake. Jonas manages to hold on to a Idol for a TV to pass the time. The Idol drawing pin with one hand and hold out the recommends that he reads a book. other to an ant who is just about to fall. Jonas picks an old Gigaman! Comic There are guards at the entrance to the flowerpot. The guards arrest him and take him to the Ant which someone appears to have left in Queen´s throne. An ant enters the room. It´s his room. The comic turns into a magic the same ant whose life Jonas saved. The queen carpet. Jonas gets on the carpet and flies asks the guards to take off Jonas´ handcuffs out of the window. and signals to the orchestra to start to play. Jonas and the queen commence the dancing. Jonas´ grandmother enters the room and sees her grandson singing next to the flowerpot. 36
  36. 36. E P. 24: HA L L OW EEN Jonas asks grandma for a fancy dress costume. Grandma explains to him that they are very expensive, so she takes a bandage and dresses Jonas up as a mummy. Jonas goes out with Said and Katy, who are dressed as a witch and Frankenstein’s monster, but his bandage catches on his front door and his mummy costume starts to unravel. They tell him that he can´t continue trick or treating with them. Jonas goes home and finds the end of the bandage that was once his costume. He ties it to his waist and takes a run- up. Jonas comes flying out tied to the bandage. The bandages catches on an adornment on the ceiling and Jonas is left hanging there. A sheet falls out ending up covering Jonas from head to toe. Katy and Said appear, happy with all the sweets they have collected. When they see Jonas, they run away screaming leaving their bag of sweets behind. Jonas moves about so that the bandage gives way and he falls onto a mountain of sweets. 37
  37. 37. E P. 25: T HE PARK E P. 26: GI A N T RO B OT Grandma takes Jonas to the park so that he can Jonas carefully stacks his wooden blocks to play with his friends. However, she insists that construct a basic building. He adds all kinds of he stays in the same place and that he is very objects: a pen for a tower, a shoebox for the base of careful. another building... When the ball goes behind some bushes, In his mind it´s an immense city with everyone asks Jonas to go and get it, but towers that touch the sky and slides and remembering what his grandmother has told rollercoasters to get from building to building. him, Jonas refuses. When his neighbour starts Jonas contemplates his work from above, but to laugh at him and call him a chicken, Jonas something is missing... decides to go and get the ball. Jonas, now an explorer, goes into the bushes and finds the ball, Suddenly Jonas sees an old robot and a toy but he realises that he now doesn´t know how to gorilla under the bed. Jonas imagines himself get back to where the other children are. He feels inside the controls of the giant robot, in the like a castaway on a desert island. For want of middle of the city, fighting with a giant gorilla. his bear, he tries talking to the ball, but it just isn´t the same. A fight takes place during which they destroy everything until the giant bear appears and Suddenly, any noise becomes really terrifying. makes them stop. Jonas looks at his teddy bear The crickets, the sound of the wind... he hears who looks at him with disdain. Jonas realizes footsteps. Jonas thinks it must be a monster, that he has destroyed the city with his game. The which is why he decides to get in first and gorilla and the giant robot help to rebuild it. attack... But it´s his grandmother who has come to get him. She tells him off but Jonas doesn´t care. 38
  38. 38. w w w . j o n a s e r i es . c o m © & TM. Machango S.L. All rights reserved. Calle Faro, 114 bajo 35009 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain 0034 928 469 605