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cerebral palsy malpractice


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Duffy & Duffy Firm – Leading Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Long island, New York handling cases such as medical malpractice, misdiagnosis, medical negligence, accidents and personal injury. Call 516-394-4200 today for assistance.

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cerebral palsy malpractice

  1. 1. Erb’s Palsy Attorney Call Duffy & Duffy for a free consultation 516.394.4200Duffy & Duffy provides legal counsel to victims of Erb’s Palsy, medicalmalpractice and negligence with unparalleled results. The Erb’s Palsy Attorneyrepresents victims of medical malpractice throughout the Nassau County, LongIsland and five boroughs of New York City and New York State. The attorneysunderstand the difficulties that people face following an injury and it is reassuringto know that trusted legal assistance is available while victims can concentrateon the healing process.
  2. 2. What is Erb’s Palsy? Erb’s Palsy occurs as the result of a physical trauma during birth, and is usually caused by the hospital staff’s negligence in delivering the baby. Erb’s Palsy is a preventable condition, which would not occur but for the health care provider’s deviation from the acceptable standard of care. If you feel that you child suffers from this condition, you need to contact an Erb’s Palsy attorney to protect your rights.
  3. 3. The condition can bemanifested in the followingways: Stunted growth of arms or hands Inability to master fine motor skills Lack of feeling in the shoulder Inability to have control over the shoulder’s movement Inability to hold weights in the injured arm
  4. 4. Treatment in Erb’s Palsy This condition may be treated with therapy andthe child can get better with time. However, thereare instances where occupational or rehabilitationtherapy fails and surgery has to be resorted to.Long and painful recovery may lead to the childexperiencing depression due to lack ofimprovement, which results in psychotherapytreatment, medications and of course, moremoney spent on medical care. Erb’s Palsyattorneys understand the high cost of medicalcare a child with Erb’s Palsy requires and seekdamages for past and future medical expenses inthe family’s lawsuit against the negligent
  5. 5. Why Choose Duffy & Duffy OverOther Firms: Medical malpractice is a highly specialized field. It is important to contact a law firm you can trust. At Duffy & Duffy our Erbs palsy lawyers see all types of birth injures. When you compare us to other medical malpractice law firms you will see that our expertise and professionalism know no equal.
  6. 6. For More Details AndPersonalized Information ContactUs Here: Duffy & Duffy 1370 RXR Plaza Uniondale, New York 11556 Ph. : 516.394.4200 Fax: 516.394.4229