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Overview of the work of Greater Manchester Social Value Network tom wilde - gmsvn steering group


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Presentation by Tom Wilde, member of GMSVN Steering Group at Greater Manchester Social Value Network Conference held on 26th June, 2017.

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Overview of the work of Greater Manchester Social Value Network tom wilde - gmsvn steering group

  1. 1. Tom Wilde – Social Value Advisor, Trafford Housing Trust Steering Group Member, GMSVN @GMSocialValue #gmsvn Greater Manchester Social Value Network Conference Welcome and Introduction to work of GMSVN
  2. 2. Why we formed? A need for social value to be a consideration of Public, Social AND Commercial sectors Lots going on around social value but little awareness or promotion Exciting policy times and a recognition that social value should drive it Limited impact of Public Services (Social Value) Act A need for a voice to push social value in Greater Manchester
  3. 3. Our purpose The core purpose of GMSVN is to influence stakeholders, policy and strategy at the Greater Manchester level, and to ensure that all intervention whether that be through the behaviour of business, the devolution agenda, commissioning and procurement, or the delivery of projects and services, brings maximum social value.
  4. 4. GMSVN Steering Group Matthew Jackson – CLES (Chair) Nigel Rose – MACC (Facilitator) Anne Lythgoe – Salford City Council Alison Page – Salford CVS Colette Humphrey – Wythenshawe Community Housing Group Marie Graham – GMCVO Peter Schofield – AGMA Procurement Hub Todd Holden – Business Growth Hub Tom Wilde – Trafford Housing Trust Vicki Ramsden – Bolton at Home Meets bi-monthly to make the network thrive through: visioning, influencing, planning, co-ordinating and evaluating.
  5. 5. Achieving our purpose 1.Collect – information, evidence and examples from across GM Gathering and promoting case studies and an evidence base for social value. 2.Support – to deliver more effective social value policy, practice + outcomes developing a collective training offer supporting implementation of the GM Social Value Procurement Framework 3. Influence – behaviour of those with a stake Sharing GM Social Value Procurement Framework Seeking to embed social value into Health and Social Care Devolution Discussing social value with the Mayor, LEP and others with political influence
  6. 6. GMSVN Website Information about the network Case studies GMSVN events Links to news and resources
  7. 7. Case Studies BAM Construct New Charter Homes Tier One We are looking for more case studies! Please submit any that you have and we can promote them.
  8. 8. Social Media @GMSocialValue
  9. 9. GMSVN Training Making the Most Difference – ½ day workshop Designed to help participants develop a practical understanding of social value. By the end, participants will have begun to design an organisational roadmap to starting or continuing the journey in creating more social value. Designed by GMSVN Training Sub-Group. Free to use (based on limited set of conditions) Relevant to anybody from a voluntary, private or public sector organisation who wants to improve their social impact.
  10. 10. How do you get involved? Aim to maximise your own social value, and spread the message to others across GM. Support the work of the network through: Sharing case studies / blogs / news items. Providing venues and receptions for future events Helping with conference administration in the future Facilitating workshops at future conferences Contact our facilitator Nigel Rose: