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Introduction to work of Greater Manchester Social Value Network


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Greater Manchester Social Value Network Conference, June 2nd, 2016
Matthew Jackson, Deputy Chief Executive, Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES)

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Introduction to work of Greater Manchester Social Value Network

  1. 1. Matthew Jackson Chair, GMSVN @mattjackson170 #gmsvn Greater Manchester Social Value Network Conference Welcome and Introduction to work of GMSVN
  2. 2. Agenda Plenary (10.00 – 11.10) Introduction to the work of GMSVN Overview of strategy, policy and practice in ‘social value’ in GM University of Manchester approach to maximising social value Workshops (11.10 – 11.45 and 11.45 – 12.15) Emerging trends in social accounting Maximising social value through procurement and business engagement Creating a legacy, Greater Manchester Talent Match
  3. 3. Why we formed? A need for social value to be a consideration of Public, Social AND Commercial sectors Lots going on around social value but little awareness or promotion Exciting policy times and a recognition that social value should drive it Limited impact of Public Services (Social Value) Act A need for a voice to push social value in Greater Manchester
  4. 4. Our vision? ‘To encourage organisations in every sector to seek relevant social, environmental and economic value from everything they do, including service delivery, commissioning and procurement. Social Value includes more than just the financial transaction and includes: happiness, well-being, health, inclusion, empowerment, poverty, and environment
  5. 5. Who is our core group? Matthew Jackson – CLES (Chair) Nigel Rose – MACC (Facilitator) Anne Lythgoe – Salford City Council Alison Page – Salford CVS Clare Ibbeson – Salford CVS Collette Humphreys – Wythenshawe Community Housing Group Marie Graham – GMCVO Tom Wilde – Trafford Housing Trust
  6. 6. What have we been up to? Collect - evidence Gathering case studies and information Support – to deliver more effective social value policy, practice + outcomes developing a collective training offer Advising commissioners and procurers Influence – behaviour of those with a stake Sharing Greater Manchester Social Value Procurement Framework Seeking to embed social value into Health and Social Care Devolution Discussing social value with the LEP and other economic development vehicles
  7. 7. How do we want you involved? Join our wider group. You will need to: Have commitment to the purpose of the Network and demonstrate a commitment to Greater Manchester Actively support the work of GMSVN Share information with other members of the network Work with others to champion the principles and practice of social value in their organisation and networks We will support you through: networking and learning opportunities advice, information and support News about the network
  8. 8. How do you get involved? Contact our facilitator Nigel Rose: Also contact Nigel about: Providing venues and receptions for future events Supporting us with conference administration in the future Facilitating workshops at future conferences