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Bolton 2030 - David Herne and Darren Knight


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Presentation at Greater Manchester Social Value Network (GMSVN) Conference on Thurs 20th July in Bolton.

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Bolton 2030 - David Herne and Darren Knight

  1. 1. David Herne, Director of Public Health Darren Knight, Chief Officer, Bolton CVS
  2. 2. Bolton 2030 – setting the scene • Bolton 2030 – ‘our strategy for Bolton’ • 6 key outcomes – starting well, living well, ageing well, prosperous, clean and green, and strong and distinctive. • Strategic fit with developments at GM on social value • Starting a journey to develop a ‘social value’ movement in Bolton in support of these outcomes. • Bolton Social Value Partnership – council; CVS; CCG; Bolton at Home; NHS FT
  3. 3. Where are we now,? • In Bolton there is already lots happening around Social Value e.g.: – vast majority of council spend is with suppliers or branched suppliers in GM and about a third of spend is with local SMEs. – vast majority of spend with these local suppliers results in permanent local jobs – 2/3 of Bolton suppliers have an active environmental management strategy and half of them actively measure carbon emissions – 1/3 of suppliers actively encourage employees to undertake voluntary and community activities But we can do better if we have a joined up social value pledge
  4. 4. Social value in Bolton now… Keoghs working closely with the Team Bolton Partnership: •Demystify the legal profession amongst all residents and inspire young people from all backgrounds to enter the profession •Broadened recruitment drives to diversify workforce to be representative of Bolton community Social value outcomes: • Since January 2017, recruited 21 local unemployed residents and looking to do more; a resident who had previously been out of work for 3 years said: • One resident had been out of work for 3 years and could see no way out but now feels valued, respected and is contributing: •
  5. 5. Social value in Bolton now… “Work is going great! I am thoroughly enjoying it. The company is amazing and I'm really proud to work for them. I am exceeding my targets and I am receiving high praise for my contribution. Since I started, I have remained at the top of the leader board out of the 5 people on my team. I am super chuffed with myself”
  6. 6. A call to action … develop a Social Value Pledge for Bolton? • Bolton’s Social Value Partnership will lead our pledge to embed, deliver and demonstrate social in Bolton: – Need to revisit and understand our baseline; set ambitious targets that can be evidenced and which will create more social value. – Ensure that leaders in all our key ‘anchor’ institutions understand and sign up to this pledge. – Commit to learning from our colleagues in GM who may be at different stages in their journey. – Commit to raise the profile of social value in Bolton and actively celebrate where it helps us to realise our Bolton 2030 ambitions.
  7. 7. Social value delivers! Light Cinema, worked with Team Bolton Partnership: •Ring fenced vacancies to local unemployed residents prior to the opening of their new cinema Social value outcomes: •19 of the 30 new employees at the Light Cinema were taken on through the Team Bolton Partnership. The majority of the employees were customer service assistants – 2 have now progressed to supervisor roles, and other members of staff have been promoted to projectionist and barista roles. •Ashley had been in and out of work and had not managed to settle in a role– through this process he got a permanent job in an area he was really interested in:
  8. 8. “The Open Day and training allowed my confidence to build- getting to know what my employer expected from me and them to know what I was like before we started work. The course offered transferable skills and knowledge that would be needed in employment.” Ashley, who has now been promoted to supervisor, said: “If it wasn't for this opportunity I can honestly say I wouldn't know where my life would be right now. It has been a bit of a blessing.”
  9. 9. Proper progress. Proper intent.
  10. 10. Social Value ‘pumps up’ the tyres of the commissioning cycle…
  11. 11. Some cracking examples… …and the next steps!