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Dream team panel session orchard management case studies - green field orchard - warren elvery


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Dream team panel session orchard management case studies - green field orchard - warren elvery

  1. 1. Dream team sessionWarren Elvery (Australia)
  2. 2.  Free draining – Red kraznozen Not too sandy and not too heavy clay Organic mater important Gently undulating
  3. 3.  Rainfall of 1,500 – 2,000mm per year  Avoid irrigation – expensive and high maintenance  Dry rainfall period during flowering Rainfall400350300250200150100 50 0
  4. 4.  dependant on cash flow ◦ 8m x 4m spacing = 312 trees/ha ◦ $15/tree = $4,680.00/ha ◦ 312 trees/ha over 100ha = 31,200 trees
  5. 5.  New Australian Breeding Program Variety with - ◦ High kernel yielding variety ◦ Husk spot tolerant ◦ Open canopy ◦ Precocious ◦ Heat and cold tolerant ◦ Short drop period Pollinators would be planted ◦ Compatibility with new varieties ◦ (508)
  6. 6.  North South where possible East/west if rows can be longer= more efficient Planted at – ◦ 7m x 4m to maximise early yield ◦ Year 12-14 move to 7m x 8m with 50% tree removal ◦ hedge every second row then remove that hedged row (phased row removal) ◦ Final spacing at year 20 = 14m x 8m Maximum length per row = 1km ◦ Consistent harvesting
  7. 7.  V drains and waterways established Rows would be mounded prior to planting Ground covers established ◦ Not specifically sweet smother minimal herbicide use
  8. 8.  Year 5 production target = 0.5t of SK/ha Year 10 production target = 1.5t of SK/ha Year 20 production target = 2t of SK/haYear trees per ha t SK/ha KR % t NIS/ha kgs/tree5 357 0.5 40% 1.25 / ha 3.510 357 1.5 40% 3.75 / ha 10.520 89 2.0 40% 5.00 /ha 56
  9. 9. Year Canopy Management1-3 Pruning for density4-8 Mechanical skirt where necessary f ff f l ll9- Selective limb removal l u ut tt u t u t tt t12 to phase out trees s ss rr s r r hh e h e e r e rr e r e h e e ee e e e ee e a aa a13- 25% tree removal n nr rr n r n dd o o o d o r rr oo r o14 - every second tree in d o www w www w every second row c cc c a aa a nn n n15- 50% tree removal oo o o16 - Every second tree in pp p p y yy y every row17- Hedge every 2nd row20 with view of removing that hedged row20 Remove every second row Year 12 13-14 17-20 20 YearYear Year Year 15-16
  10. 10.  Encourage open canopy trees Plant pest tolerant varieties Plant trap crops
  11. 11.  Large holding of one size of land is better than many of smaller parcels of land Fewer neighbours the better Focus on the long term returns Focus on sustainability