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Why Roundabouts? [Infographic]


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Roundabout are efficient and an extremely cost effective transportation intersection improvement. Of course, they aren't a one-size-fits-all solution, but they do help solve challenging intersection and road design problems. They also move traffic extremely well.

That being said, it often takes time for the public to warm up to them. No doubt you've been attended a public meeting and have heard from the naysayers. So, in an effort to help you sell the concept, we've put together the following infographic based on facts from the Washington State Department of Transportation and the US Department of Transportation.

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Why Roundabouts? [Infographic]

  1. 1. Why Roundabouts? Yes. They’re worth the dizziness! Studies show that roundabouts are safer and more efficient than stop sign or signal-controlled intersections Reduction in fatal collisions! Reduction in Collisions Graph shows reductions in collisions when traditional intersection controls are replaced by a roundabout Source: WSDOT Roundabout Benefits Why else do we love them? Reduces Delay Roundabouts reduce delays by as much as 89%. Total vehicle stops are reduced by 56%. LowerCost Although initial construction costs may be comparable, the long-term maintenance and operation costs of a roundabout are significantly cheaper. Smaller Footprint Although the footprint of a roundabout may be larger than a typical intersection, the total area needed for the approaches to the intersection are reduced because traffic moves through the intersection more smoothly. Where Should They Be Located? High crash rate locations Intersections with traffic delays Complex intersection geometry Frequent left-turn movements Sources: Washington State Department of Transportation US Department of Transportation