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Tips to Get More Out of Twitter


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Are you a small business owner that wants to get more out of your efforts on Twitter? Read on for tips and best practices to be more effective with your digital marketing strategy on Twitter. Don't forget to share via social media!

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Tips to Get More Out of Twitter

  1. 1. Tips to Get More Out of Twitter By Glen Rogers, Senior Consultant at MacGregor Consulting
  2. 2. Twitter is Not Dead Users As of fourth quarter of 2015, Twitter has 305 million monthly active users according to Statista. Current Events Twitter usage is becoming increasingly prominent during events. Live-tweeting cultural happenings such as sporting events or television airings has become a popular way for consumers to engage. Demographics 18-27 year old adults make up 37% of users as compared to 25% of adults 30-49. Finally, there are more men (24%) than women (21%) use the service.
  3. 3. Useful Twitter Features Twitter Lists Engagement ● Competitor Lists ● Industry Players ● Prospects ● Engaged Users ● Location-based Lists Twitter Cards Lead Generation Cards Twitter users can opt-in to your email list in just one click. Easy integration with email builders like MailChimp or others Advanced Search Power but Under Radar Find new customers, great blogs, monitor mentions or sentiment, research influencers, keep up with news or trends in your industry.
  4. 4. Build It and They will Come Getting More Followers 1. Twitter can increases brand awareness. Always a good idea! 2. Twitter can extending the reach of your content. This can help to improve your link building to your website. Which can improve your organic SEO, never a bad thing. 3. Twitter can drive traffic to your website. This can lead to more sales.
  5. 5. What Can a Small Business Do? To Get More Followers ● First, fill out the complete profile. The point it to attract followers in your niche. (more from sproutsocial) ● Second, Be active, follow people in your industry ● Next, retweet the content of influencers and let them know with @mention
  6. 6. ● Also, promote your Twitter account everywhere (blog, other social media accounts, email signatures, business cards, and in store or other promotional materials) ● Lastly, use hashtags in your post. Also, search hashtags within your niche and join in on the conversation.
  7. 7. Time Saving Tools Blog:
  8. 8. Scheduling Use Buffer or Hootsuite for scheduling post and getting metrics. Influencers Klout helps you get to know your influence score on all of your social networks. It is also a great tool for finding influencers. Tracking Social Mention allows you to track the mentions of your brand and products. Link Shortening Bitly is a tool to shorten your links and compare your results. Finding People Klear allows you to find relevant people to connect with.
  9. 9. The key for small businesses is to carve out regular time to educate yourself on how you can be efficient and effective on whatever social media channel you choose. Engaging your customers where they spend time online is essential to your success. Twitter Can Be an Effective Marketing Tool for a Small Business
  10. 10. Stay Connected to MacGregor Consulting Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google+ Contact us for a Service Request Blog: