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LinkedIn Boot Camp | Macalester College | 2.10.14


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LinkedIn for beginners. Created for college students and recent grads.

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LinkedIn Boot Camp | Macalester College | 2.10.14

  1. 1. Lisa  Ray    @lisa_ray     Career  Development  Center   Macalester  College   LinkedIn Boot Camp
  2. 2. Pick two: Amanda Roll-Kuhne Executive Assistant at Hamline University Curt Shi Evangelist of Skateboarding and Entrepreneurship Mary Montgomery The Luxury Home Realtor in Las Vegas Will Ficken Associate Consultant at Bain & Company What do you notice?
  3. 3. 98% 97% recruiters using social media for recruiting in 2012 of those, using LinkedIn What will your profile say about you? Bullhorn  Research,  North  American  Staffing  and  RecruiDng  Trends  Report,  2013  
  4. 4. Photo Headline Summary Sections Skills & Recommendations Privacy Settings  
  6. 6. A word about skills, endorsements, and recommendations.
  7. 7. I  am  skilled  at   Online  Research   I’ve  known  Arthur  Reed  blah  blah  blah  uniquely   qualified  blah  blah  research  online  blah  blah  blah     presenta:ons  blah  blah  I’ve  reviewed  blah  blah   blah  blah  excellent  blah  blah    .  .  .     Yep.     He  sure  is.   Skill   Endorsement   RecommendaDon  
  8. 8.   m/alumni  
  9. 9. You would like to gain experience in ______________ while you spend job  or  skill   the summer in _______________. city   Find a Mac alum to contact for advice.
  10. 10.   m/alumni