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http://a20q.info/rlNWY3 Choosing which iPad to Buy can be a tough choice. Do you go for 3G or WiFi only and is it really necessary to buy the 64GB model. When you have iCloud and the ability to sync only what you need you could save money when you buy an iPad buy getting one with less memory.

I do recommend the 3G if you are often away from the house or the office. When I buy the iPad 3 mine will have 3G connectivity

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Which iPad to buy

  1. 1. THE AMAZING IPADWhich iPad to BuyIt is a tough job to decide which one to get. With 3G or WiFiOnly? Then how much memory in it?
  2. 2. Mobile Computing With the iPad Needs Always On InternetYou will not believe how useful 3G is
  3. 3. Get the iPad 3GVersionIf you are going to use theiPad outside of the houseor office
  4. 4. Then Decide howmuch memoryyou needWith good mediamanagement in iTunes youcan get away with lessthan you think.
  5. 5. Save Money with a Refurb iPadYou can save as much as 15% by buying from the Apple Refurb Store
  6. 6. AppleOnlineStoreLook in here For the Bargains
  7. 7. AppleOnlineStoreLook in here For the Bargains
  8. 8. Buy an iPad 1From a Fan BoyThe Fan Boys look after theirtech toys and sometimes needto sell an older model to affordthe new and shiny
  9. 9. Buying an iPadsecondhandThere is Ebay and CraiglistYou will have to be carefulbuying from those sources.
  10. 10. iPad 1 or iPad 2Faster processor and theaddition of the cameras?
  11. 11. THE AMAZING IPAD http://amazing-ipad.com Getting the best from your iPad Tips and Tricks App Reviews