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Brochure Minor The Business Of Sports And Events


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Creating valuable learning experiences for students by building partnerships and connecting with the sport and event industry.

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Brochure Minor The Business Of Sports And Events

  1. 1. Minor the Business of Sports and Events The Minor the Business of Sports and Events is part of the School for Economics and Management, Hogeschool van Amsterdam / University of Applied Sciences.
  2. 2. 2 The Minor the Business of Sports and Events focuses on sport and entertainment events on a global scale. During this minor you will receive in-depth information on global sport events from various angles and we will take you into the world of live music and dance events. We have a high standard line-up of guest speakers who will motivate and inspire you with their stories and vision on their area of expertise. We will visit and experience a few events first hand. In one semester we hope to inspire you and add knowledge and experiences which will last you a lifetime. students the experience of working as a Junior Consultant with real life clients and exiting assignments. The client portfolio of STUDENCY consists of companies such as Right to Play, ID&T, Olympic Ambition Holland / NOC*NSF, EC BMX 2011 as well as a few international clients such as USTA, dance4life, EC Lacrosse 2012 and others. As a Junior Consultant you will work in a team on a assignment for one of our clients. You will meet with the client, interact with the people involved and together with your team you are responsible for delivering the objectives related to the assignment. Your project team will be coached by one of the Senior Consultants (lecturers) who all bring experiences related to the work field. The Minor the Business of Sports and Events consist of two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part of this minor offers the students theoretical courses in Sports Sponsoring, Sports and Media, CSR and International Sports and Events. The majority of these courses are part of the International Timetable of the School for Economics and Management, Hogeschool van Amsterdam / University of Applied Sciences, and as such will be in English. The practical part is an innovative practical environment called STUDENCY (a student consultancy company) which offers the
  3. 3. 3 The theoretical courses which are offered during this Minor are Sports Sponsoring, Media and Sports, Corporate Social Responsibility and International Sports and Events. Besides these courses we will have workshops during the semester related to Consultancy skills. Sport Sponsoring & Media The international sport industry is developing rapidly. Major companies such as Coca Cola and Vodafone spend major budgets on sponsoring worldwide sport events, such as Olympic Games and World Championships, as a part of their company goals and strategies as well local sport events. There are, however large differences between countries, differences in types of sports but also in company goals and strategies. The industry is influenced by economic developments, also the increasing influence of internet plays an important role. Standard sponsor contracts no longer meet the expectations of sponsors. The sports marketing manager of today needs to understand these mechanisms and incorporate them within the company strategies. The course Sponsoring & Media introduces the student in this complex market. Corporate Social Responsibility The Sports and Events Business operates in a globalised world with specific new challenges. The theme CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is about the fact that companies have a responsibility towards society and to their environment. Today every company or organization has to find a balance between the 3 P’s: People, Planet and Profit. But how can they do that? Is it possible to build stadiums green? How can we organize a green event? And how can sponsors use that concept in their exposure? We will also pay attention to Fundraising and Sports for Development with organizations such as Right to Play and Dance4life.
  4. 4. 4 International Sport Events This course focuses on large global sport events. Whether single sport or multi sport, World Championship or Grand Slam, the impact of large scale sport events is something which attracts millions of dollars in sponsoring, attracting high attention value through various kinds of media and have a big impact on our society. Metropolitan cities and emerging countries use global sport events as a means to rejuvenate cities and/or fast-track the implementation of changes needed to bring a country forward. The bidding process related to large global event is an industry by itself, having ‘leaving a lasting legacy’ as leverage for millions of dollars needed for investments. What are these legacies and do legitimize those investments. During the course ‘International Sport Events’ we will take a closer look at global events such as World Cup Soccer and the process of the bid for the World Cup Soccer 2018/2022 Holland/Belgium. We will look at the London 2012 Olympic Games, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and we will look into the Dutch Olympic Ambitions for 2028. Other events such as the Grand Slams of tennis, the US Open and/or Roland Garros, will also be examined. Live Music & Dance events The event part of the lecture series is dedicated both to the live music sector as to the dance business. It will cover characteristics and structure of both domains. No prior or specialized knowledge is required to enter this course. Lectures are structured around the following themes. I.Why do we like events? In this introductory meeting we will look into the sociological and psychological background of the striking popularity and commercial success of events in the Netherlands. II. Mapping the international scene. A closer look at the live entertainment industry will not do without considering role and position of agencies and artists, changing business models and some traits of touring. III. The business of Dance. This class offers a treaty of scope and depth of dance as a field of enterprise in the Netherlands. IV. Branding, Identity & Event Marketing. Within this topic we will be profiling some of the major Dutch events by alternately switching from birds-eye-view to looking-glass-view. Literature All courses have their own literature via presentation and slides and specific document files which are created. These will be accessible through our intranet and available during the Minor. The following book by Simon Chadwick and Dave Arthur is used in courses: - International cases in the business of sport. Sport Sponsoring Sports and Media Corporate Social Responsibility Live music and Dance events International Sport Events The Courses
  5. 5. 5 About the minor “My experiences are in line with my expectations. This minor is very active and I am very pleased that we visit events outside school. We have interesting guest lectures and lessons. I also have an interesting assignment, where you have to think out of the box, which makes the minor more interesting.” About the assignment “Our team works for Dance4Life. This is a charity to prevent aids. Our assignment is to create and execute a communications strategy to collect used mobile phones. At the moment we are developing a Dance4Life Week.” Jorinde Hehanussa, current student Minor the Business of Sports and Events. About the minor “The whole minor is breathing sports, and that is what I like about this minor. We have courses about sponsoring, media & sports and International music & sport events. The lecturers that lead this minor are trying to organize a lot of guest lectures for us”. The assignment “For Right to Play, a worldwide fundraising organization, we are analyzing how to raise funds within the fitness industry”. Aschwin Wijnands, current student Minor the Business of Sports and Events. About the minor “Even though we had more than 2 days of classes which I didn’t expect, and the fact that we had to make exams, after the first day I was enthusiastic.” About the assignment “I liked the method of conducting project teams by strengths and interests of the students”. About events “I got a kick out of the Sponsor Conference. 2 students were selected, because of their work attitude, to visit the yearly ‘Sponsorcongress’. In business clothing and together with people from the business I had a very interesting day.” Marieke Houtsma, former student Minor the Business of Sports and Events (2009). Graduated Sports marketing September 2010. About the minor “I chose for this Minor because of two reasons: 1: We would do a project that is real. All the projects that I did so far were fictive. In this minor we work with real companies and those companies would use our plan. 2: There is a possibility to work with international companies and that was something that attracted me very much”. About the assignment “Our assignment is to write a marketing plan for the European Championship Lacross 2012 in Amsterdam. The objective of our marketing plan: is to set up a strategy that will make the European Championship Lacross 2012 in Amsterdam the biggest lacrosse event ever on the mainland of Europe.” Philipp van Benthem, current student Minor the Business of Sports and Events. Read what students say about the Minor the Business of Sports and Events.
  6. 6. These lecturers are involved in the Minor the Business of Sports and Events: Marjolein van Vlaanderen Hermine Aarnink Milica Zolak Eric Boot Peter de Baare Tinie Denton Rob Spierings Contact information: For further inquiries about this Minor please send an email to Mrs Tinie Denton: Hogeschool van Amsterdam / University of Applied Sciences   School for Economics and Management   Fraijlemaborg 133   1102 CV Amsterdam Zuidoost, The Netherlands Minor the Business of Sports and Events